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  1. Guess we already have an idea of what Eskimo Nash is gonna look like thanks to the cameos from his Barinian brethren:
  2. Like, in regards to what, exactly? What new stuff you can do or wear or whether it's in the game period? Because it was confirmed for the game in the last Nintendo Direct. I don't think there's been any specific leaks of any choice customization options, or at least I haven't seen any.
  3. Very interesting that this seems to be the longest Fighter spotlight yet, at nearly 20 minutes longer than Banjo and Kazooie's. Unless he spends quite a while giving Neo-Geo history or Terry has some kinda interesting mechanic...methinks we'll have our Fighters Pass card completely filled out by the end.
  4. Yamask gets a pretty rad regional evolution: He haunts ruins instead of a sarcophagus!
  5. The pseudo-legendary line for the Gen. (Dragon/Ghost, by the looks of them.)
  7. Wasn't sure what to make of Inteleon (apparently it's just one "l") at first, but the spy motif details that @Dr Egg-Gin brought up that I didn't notice before (I was aware of the rumor of Sobble's final evo being spy-themed, but for whatever reason, my head pictured "Sam Fisher but a Lizard" rather than a James Bond or a jewel thief type when I thought spy) made me like him more. THE ABOVE HOWEVER CEMENTED MY ABSOLUTE LOVE. DUDE HAS FREAKING FINGER GUUUUUUUNS
  8. November comes in with probably the only explicitly Thanksgiving-themed combo I'll ever have, representing my favorite television special associated with said holiday, Aqua Teen Hunger Force's "The Dressing." If you haven't seen it, just know that it involves robot Turkeys supposedly from the future rebelling against evil Chickens using an array of laser-guided footwear kept safe in a plastic garbage bag. God, I love ATHF.
  9. I really love this exchange. Silver being awkward is kind of adorable.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Silver being socially dense is a great trait to give him. It works well with the idea that he's naïve.

  10. I really love the detail of the bags under his eyes. It's so rare to see Sonic so utterly disheveled and she's doing a really great job of capturing how run-down he's getting on the cover. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. Yeah, I had the same thought during the episode where she visited. Having Incineroar as Delia's overgrown housecat would be hilarious.
  12. The Wumpa Time change is fantastic! Now I can just hop on, grind a couple Tiny Arenas, and make bank without having to sit waiting for matches that don't immediately disconnect after they connect. Good on ya, Beenox. Also, it sounds like Tom Kenny is voicing Brio here. (Guess it was more economical to double-up roles on VAs they already had rather than bring in a unique one for a single character.)
  13. A peek at the remaining Grand Prixs for the year, including Karts, Tracks, and Racers. (Neon Circus shadowed racer is obviously Pasadena, but I wonder who the last guy is? I don't recognize him.) Kinda unreasonably jazzed for Christmas-themed content, not gonna lie. 😂
  14. Diddy, Larry, and Zazz are sticking to their Rio specialties of Rugby, Equestrian, and Table Tennis respectively.
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