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    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      WHAT?! O_o Can we PLEASE see Rattrap and Rhinox too?!

      Hell have Optimus and Cheetor been confirmed for the west yet? Shocked Hasbro has seemingly sat on them.

    2. Licensed Professional CC14

      Licensed Professional CC14

      Yeah, I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't said anything on them, especially considering BW's 20th Anniversary last year. I was hoping they'd release Primal as a TRU exclusive or whatever so I could get him for a slightly cheaper price.

    3. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Can we PLEASE just get Transtech or SOME kind of follow-up to Beast Machines?! I'd happily take a Dragon Ball Super-style retcon and just do a (proper) Beast Wars 2!

      And I fucking love Beast Machines.

      Funny enough I saw the Year of the Monkey BM Air Attack Optimus at a TRU (didn't see the price), I think that was supposed to be exclusive.

      Are you hopeful for ReBoot The Guardian Code? It's the closest we'll get. :(

      That was meant to be its own reply. XD

    4. Licensed Professional CC14

      Licensed Professional CC14

      Oh yeah, I'd definitely love a continuation to the Beast era in some way. (Closest we've ever come was the Universe and Wreckers comics.) Finally throw the Beast fans a bone after so many years of mostly G1 stuff, Hasbro! 

      I also agree that Beast Machines freaking rules. Thrust's reveal in particular is one of my favorite twists in fiction.

    5. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Bob Skir described it to perfection; it IS a 26 episode novel. I do wish it was longer (as BW was 52 episodes). What stings was that BW was GOING to have a 4th season, but they sort of crammed it into season 3 I heard, would explain why a LOT happens so quickly near the end.

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