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  1. Sometimes I wish all opinions were as cut and dry as "I'm (not) a fan of this" and it stopped at that without getting into the more colorful potshots and insults. It'd certainly keep my stomach from feeling like it's being repeatedly stomped on whenever the obligatory shitting on Forces happens daily.

    1. Dejimon11


      I'm guilty of doing this. My apologizes. 

    2. KHCast


      Would you say the same when it’s a game getting repeatedly praised that you don’t like? 

    3. Licensed Professional CC14

      Licensed Professional CC14

      @Dejimon11 It's not your fault. Just making your opinion known and me taking crap way too personally.

      @KHCast Not really. It's mostly the negative stuff that gets to me. Like there's no point in even having my positive opinion of something when it's a grain of sand in wave upon wave of hate and criticism. (Combined with the fact that my mind can't even form a single coherent argument in favor of my stance and even if it could, I'd be so afraid of getting slapped down by way smarter people arguing the opposite way more skillfully that there wouldn't be much of a point anyway. I can just say "I disagree" and let all of this slink into the back of my skull somewhere.)

    4. altum_dolorem


      It can be tiring. It's always worth remembering to not take it personally. You are allowed to like what you want and hate what you want.

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