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  1. Been rewatching Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the Adult Swim app recently and this has become my new favorite clip:


  2. I also like the cute little detail on the outfits during the song sequence that the OG Titans have "03" on theirs, whereas the Go! Titans rock a "13."
  3. Jon Gray really outdid himself! Also, hello, Marine.
  4. I wonder if the Shield counterpart Galar evo will be a pure Ghost-type since I believe the only other version exclusive we've been previously aware of besides the obvious legendaries are the Shield-exclusive Ghost gym and the Sword-exclusive Fighting gym. Also, this is like the first thing that has me seriously tempted to go for Sword instead.
  5. Skimmed a summary of the film myself and you're really not missing much by pretending it doesn't exist as it's less of a sequel and more of a "hey, remember that?"
  6. I'm surprised we never got Incineroar. (Unless Torracat evolves helping to repel Guzzlord.)
  7. Oh nice, it's her Riders outfit! Neat reference to throw in there.
  8. Sakurai just shared the Direct announcement with a request to watch, so we're definitely getting SOMETHING tomorrow. (Even if it's just the lowdown on the Bear and Bird's release.)
  9. Spoilered for potential Challenger Pack 4 source company:
  10. Anybody notice the "Special Karts" customization option? Is that new? What's that all about? Edit: Oh, I guess it's probably the coded promotional Karts like Sour Patch Kids and whatnot.
  11. Trailer. Includes every version of the Virgin Aladdin and Lion King games plus extras and difficulty-easing features. Was more into the Capcom Aladdin, but it's still neat to see more of these old Disney games get rereleased. Hopefully it'll do well enough to warrant that Disney Classic Games banner sticking around.
  12. Bit strange that Ripto didn't make the cut considering his VA is credited.
  13. September slings up a wall with a Surveillance Suit Spider-Man theme! For those not in the know, the Surveillance Suit was a costume used by Spidey during the finale of the first run of Spider-Man/Deadpool as a means to finally put an end to the psychotic Spidey/Deadpool dual clone, Itsy Bitsy. As Peter came to the conclusion that the only way to stop her rampage was to betray his moral compass by killing her, his new Surveillance Suit featured a few more...Octavius-esque touches. I always thought the suit looked pretty sick and with me working my way through Spidey PS4 along with the Marvel's Spider-Man TV series FINALLY coming back from its last cliffhanger next month for a Superior Spider-Man arc, I thought it'd be an appropriate September choice. (I also decided to use this before crap hit the fan between Disney and Sony, so consider it conveniently morbid timing.)
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