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  1. Zorator CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Gal Gadot joins the cast as a new game character, Shank from an online racing game called Slaughter Race! Also, brand new sneak peek featuring Slaughter Race and more Disney Princess goofiness:
  2. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    So I decided to look over the stage lists for each game and list the ones that are currently missing from Ultimate. (As well as hazard a guess as to why they may not be included.) There are a total of 16 (2 from 64, 4 from Melee, 3 from Brawl, 2 from 3DS, and 5 from Wii U): Planet Zebes (Possibly redundant because Brinstar.) Sector Z (Sakurai said in a Smash 4 DLC interview that he didn't pick this one as stage DLC because it was already in the game as Corneria, despite also noting the size difference.) Mute City Icicle Mountain Poke Floats Flat Zone (Redundant because X.) Rumble Falls (Between the immediate dropping of this one and Icicle Mountain plus the lack of any vertical-scrolling stages from Smash 4 onward, it might just not be a type of stage Sakurai has interest in developing anymore.) Flat Zone 2 (Same reason as the original.) PictoChat (Possibly made redundant by 2.) Rainbow Road Pac-Maze (Might have issues adapting gimmick.) Woolly World Jungle Hijinxs Pyrosphere (Ridley was the gimmick and he's playable, so...) Orbital Gate Assault Miiverse (Pointless because service shut down.) (There's also the Melee version of Mushroom Kingdom, but it's very similar to the N64 stage as far as its look and name go, so I didn't count it.) It's a pretty interesting selection. We'll see if any of these can make it into Ultimate by launch day or as possible future DLC.
  3. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Interesting to note is that currently Sonic is the only third-party franchise to have TWO stages in Ultimate. (Honestly wasn't expecting Windy Hill to make a comeback.) I'm guessing either they're still working on a way to make Pac-Maze's gimmick work for a single screen or they couldn't get it working. Also Mute City from 3DS is called "Mute City SNES" despite the Melee stage not being here. Hm.
  4. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    That EXCEEDED my expectations. I was literally only expecting Simon plus maybe an Echo Fighter and for the leak to take the wind out of this Direct's sails, but we got Simon, THREE ECHO FIGHTERS, AND MY SMASH BALLOT VOTE, KING F'IN K. ROOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! Plus, that's not even getting into all the confirmed stages and items and *pop* I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW.
  5. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Soooooooo, a Smash site update might've spoiled a showing from tomorrow. To see it for yourself, listen to the Galaga Medley on the Smash site and look in your YouTube history right after. SPOILAHZ YO!
  6. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. Zorator CC14

    The Avatar and Signature Topic

    Didn't really have anything special lined up for my birth month combo, so decided to go for something random and silly from The Brak Show! Said thing is an absurd parody of Zorak created by Brak named Zorator who, for some reason, has Skeletor's body and Lewis Black's voice. That's all there is to it.
  9. Zorator CC14

    Ducktales (2017)

    Character reveals for Season 2 from SDCC! Fethry Duck, John Rockerduck, Bubba Duck, Dijon, and the Three Caballeros are on the way!
  10. Zorator CC14

    Mega Man

    Or Fire Man's dub name in the English version of the Battle Network anime.
  11. Zorator CC14

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    Not only will Adeleine and Ribbon come in the next update, but if you play as them in Guest Star Mode, you can take on some reworked Kirby 64 stages!
  12. Zorator CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Thinking that Daisy's amiibo would be releasing alongside the game in December like Inkling and Ridley? CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT! Him and Ridley will ABSOLUTELY be on my radar this Christmas.
  13. Zorator CC14

    Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    Everyone's favorite painter and BITF co-star is back in action as the third Summer Dream Friend! (...and she's not alone.) Also, we have a date for the Summer update! (At least in Japan.) July 27th!
  14. Zorator CC14

    Mega Man

    New Robot Master revealed! Say hello to Blast Man! Click on his name to get a sneak preview of his stage and a few of MM11's new modes. Dude's lair is freakin' Universal Studios!
  15. Zorator CC14

    Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch) Coming March 2017 Can Konami Redeem Themselves!?

    Smash isn't the only place where Snake is making a comeback. Just released in an update today are two different Snake Bombers, both played by David Hayter. In addition, even more characters are included like Bomber versions of Bill and Lance from Contra, Raiden, Ebisumaru, and more. Plus, for Switch players, both their exclusive character and the Xavier Woods Bomber are available through this update, so needless to say, I gotta get to downloading this!

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