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  1. Nobody: Literally not a single soul: The preview image for tomorrow's episode:
  2. New preview image for tomorrow's episode! Buccellati is off the shits!
  3. New preview image for today's episode! Get ready, because Giorno is about to deliver a beat down!
  4. Another preview image for tomorrow's episode! Clean out your fridge and don't go downstairs because Ciccolata is back! Oh yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that. I don't know how David Productions plans to carry over the 7 page beatdown but it's sure to be glorious.
  5. New teaser image for the upcoming episode, the conclusion of the battle against Ciccolatta and Secco!
  6. God, this is such manipulate behavior and I'm so glad that everyone is taking Heidi's side and not falling for his shit. What a shameless asshole.
  7. He hasn't been doing anything other than gameplay footage for a long time if a look at his two channels is anything to go by. The only video of his I watched was an Adventure of Link vid a few years back, and although it was alright after revisiting I must've not thought much of it at the time if I didn't watch anymore.
  8. I've watched PBG since I was 12. He was pretty much my first exposure to online content creators. I just really hope he wakes up and condemn's Jared's actions because seeing him getting dragged down for blindly defending him is seriously hurting my heart.
  9. I was never an avid follower of Game Grumps but honestly I'm so disappointed in Holly for not only willingly sleeping with a married man, but having the audacity to try to imply that Heidi is lying at first AND offer Jared sympathy. >"I'd never hurt anyone and only want the best and happiness for those around me." >sleeps with her best friend's husband
  10. Preview image for this Friday's episode. Destination: The Roman Colosseum! From tumblr user porunareff.
  11. my pictures of my art are too big to upload so i guess that's it for the idea of an art thread

    1. DanJ86


      Some image hosting websites can resize it automatically when it's uploaded.

  12. are art threads still a thing? i've improved alot over the years and was thinking of showing off some of my work

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Yeah they're still around, feel free to create a thread in the Showcase!

  13. Same, David Productions has really hit it out of the part with the OPs. Stand Proud is my favorite, but anything that Coda sings is great too.
  14. yo is there an ssmb discord? i know there was a skype group chat back in the day

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Nope. None of us really hang out outside of SSMB anymore, at least as far as I know.

    2. Kiah


      Actually we do have one: https://discord.gg/w43Z664

      Had to do some searching and I hope that’s the correct link. I don’t think it’s very active... I know I’m not active on it or on Discord in general for that matter. 

  15. I have a few friends that are Part 1 stans, but in the English speaking fandom it's hard to find. Apparently there's more love for it in the Japanese fanbase.
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