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  1. Nobody: Literally not a single soul: The preview image for tomorrow's episode:
  2. New preview image for today's episode! Get ready, because Giorno is about to deliver a beat down!
  3. Another preview image for tomorrow's episode! Clean out your fridge and don't go downstairs because Ciccolata is back! Oh yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that. I don't know how David Productions plans to carry over the 7 page beatdown but it's sure to be glorious.
  4. New teaser image for the upcoming episode, the conclusion of the battle against Ciccolatta and Secco!
  5. God, this is such manipulate behavior and I'm so glad that everyone is taking Heidi's side and not falling for his shit. What a shameless asshole.
  6. I've watched PBG since I was 12. He was pretty much my first exposure to online content creators. I just really hope he wakes up and condemn's Jared's actions because seeing him getting dragged down for blindly defending him is seriously hurting my heart.
  7. I was never an avid follower of Game Grumps but honestly I'm so disappointed in Holly for not only willingly sleeping with a married man, but having the audacity to try to imply that Heidi is lying at first AND offer Jared sympathy. >"I'd never hurt anyone and only want the best and happiness for those around me." >sleeps with her best friend's husband
  8. Preview image for this Friday's episode. Destination: The Roman Colosseum! From tumblr user porunareff.
  9. my pictures of my art are too big to upload so i guess that's it for the idea of an art thread

    1. DanJ86


      Some image hosting websites can resize it automatically when it's uploaded.

  10. are art threads still a thing? i've improved alot over the years and was thinking of showing off some of my work

    1. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Yeah they're still around, feel free to create a thread in the Showcase!

  11. Sorry, I'm on mobile and it doesn't show the flags underneath the icons. But hey, I'm glad to know that the franchise is popular in Italy! It's actually what got me interested in alot of Italian culture and history. And yeah, Araki must've really loved the food if he named so many characters after various dishes.
  12. Not gonna lie that part about not liking Steel Ball Run hurt my heart a little. (jk, I'm just really emotionally attached to that part.) But anyways if I may ask, what country are you from? I only got into Jojo relatively recently (October of last year) and I assumed that the OVA and franchise in general was obscure outside of Japan until the anime.
  13. i leave for several years and NOT ONE of you bother to make a jjba thread you people need Jesus

    1. Teospooker


      Don't you mean Dio?

    2. Iggy


      no i mean Jesus you nerd read the manga 298fd930c26b48ed2dcc5aa0b5f700e9c1e9a810_hq.thumb.jpg.8cea23778bf44ecbbc3f5dbbdc36d4e6.jpg

  14. (I leave for several years and get into JJBA only to come back and find that there's STILL no active JJBA thread smh) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a long running manga series by Araki Hirohiko, with the first issue published in January 1987. In 2012, David Productions began adapting the work into an ongoing anime, with the current part at this time of writing being the long awaited and much loved Vento Aureo. In addition to manga and anime, JoJo has also been brought to other mediums such as spin off novels and video games. This thread is intended as a one stop hub for all discussions of the franchise. Jojo can get a bit graphic at times, so remember to keep it forum appropriate and try to avoid showing anything too bloody. If you're an anime only watcher, please browse this thread with caution as it may contain spoilers from those who have read the manga.
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