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  1. (tweet) so i...ran into this somehow while playing the taxstealth version of sonic 1

    is...this supposed to happen...??

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      camera's locked in that shot btw


      also a thing: inanimate spindash dust...??

    2. OcelotBot


      Weird. Never encountered that before.

  2. i have only one question for all of you






    where the hell is dino time

  3. DDCRe9aXUAAMyyW?format=jpg

    (pic/art) happy 25th + 1 birthday senko the heggo

  4. considering that we have games for last year's anniversary coming out this year, i'm honestly just thinking we should call this the sonic 25th + 1 anniversary 

  5. oh, i just realized i've been here for four years (and three days)

    woohoo and all that noise

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Happy (late) anniversary! 

    2. Kiah


      Happy SSMB anniversary!

  6. my favorite thing about odyssey is how the 2d sections are more or less just that, but now it's completely 2d

    like, it's crazy how far technology has come, now that it's actually rendering the original super mario bros. sprites and gameplay on textures and everything, i'm just so amazed by it

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      and there's NO load times for this or anything, it's completely seamless 

      just, wow man

    2. Ferno


      the sonic series couldn't even dream of paying homage to it's classics like this

      *in a main series title, 1:1 physics and level design etc etc etc.

    3. RosaRosaRosalina


      well when there's literally no good way to transfer sonic into 3d without facing a problem, or a million problems hidden umder that one problem, why bother

  7. i find it ironic how modern entertainment basically became the copyright suing monster it was solely created to fight against

    1. Dejimon11
    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      you know, the whole thing with youtube and big companies like viacom copyrighting videos made for fun

    3. Dejimon11


      Oh right...sigh 

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Wasn't the original copyright suing monster you speak of itself created to fight an older copyright suing monster?

  8. i know it's definitely something unexpected to see shadow team up with the bad guys in forces

    but with a theme song literally named "all hail shadow", should we really be surprised?

    1. JovahexeonJunkoJoranvexeon


      "Heroes rise again!"

      Yep, he's definitely a mole or a brainwashed victim who will rise up to the challenge when freed of it!

  9. good people are out there making a living and achieving their dreams and i'm more or less just some nobody that has nothing better to do but complain on the internet

    i'm sorry i never started programming games when i was 12

    1. Ferno


      is programming a professional sport where you're pretty much done at 30 or something?

      no, programming is something you can do well into your 90's. you've got plenty of time.

      [/replace programming with art and this is pretty much what i have to tell myself every day when i feel like i'm getting too old to still feel like a rookie]

    2. Scott


      There's this weird Stigma that if you aren't achieving recognition at a young age then its too late.

      Look at me!, HEY! Look at me!

      "That's bullshit" Lets say again, but together! Alright!? Look at me...

      Together now...."THAT'S BULLSHIT"


      If you have a passion or a dream, start it immediately or ASAP and get good at it, passionately!!!

    3. Kiah


      You could change all of that, you know. Especially since complaining gets you absolutely nowhere. 

      Learning and achieving one's dreams is a lifelong process. Better late than never on making the latter happen especially. 

  10. please remember that the vast areas of space should not be used for a bed

    seriously how would you even live

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Why not? 

      I don't see anyone's name on this cold vacuum.

  11. here's a bit of trivia: for every portable nintendo console, there's been a select about of mario and luigi games on each, and they seem to match up well with the handheld they were released on 

    gba (1, 1 screen): superstar saga 

    ds (2, 2 screens): partners in time, bowser's inside story

    3ds (3, 3d views): dream team, paper jam, superstar saga dx (+bowser's minions)

    the next handheld (or presumably the switch) could be well on its way on getting four m&l games

    1. King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      I bet half of em will be a remasters like superstar saga dx

  12. I...don't know how to feel. I want to form some sort of opinion on this game because it's got positives that I do initially like, but negatives that I know isn't favored by many people here (this whole thread is one whopping example of it) that makes it offputting for them. I like where the story's going with Eggman taking over the world and am honestly surprised they haven't done this already, music's also good (i mean come on it's freakin' sonic), including Classic Sonic, while questionable, is definitely something I can get behind (because I suuuuuck at the boost formula, like, really really really suuuck) and I think the avatar creator is interesting and could be fun for the youngings! (Or maybe just people with nothing better to do.) Don't quite take these as negatives, but I'm a bit miffed on certain other things, like how everything seems to have taken a few steps...back? Doesn't seem like they're taking much initiative in fixing Classic's physics (not that I care, just needed to point it out which i also doubt no one else has) and the level design's a tad bit blocky. I'm also a bit let down by the fact that there's not much character interactivity excluding the Star Fox-esque communications (I can only dream of a modern Sonic title with multiple playable characters getting anything above a 7) and the fact that we're using the boost formula, rather than building on the Adventure like formula Lost World had going for it. At the end of the day I'm just trying my damn best to be positive and hopeful for this game. I really hope that something good comes out of this despite its currently polarized reception.
  13. oh god i just realized something 

    mario's hat can posssess things and spin, right?

    bowser's got a hat and it can do the spinning part, but what if HIS hat can possess shit too?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      What if Bowser ends up possessing Mario?

  14. what if: nintendo goes full throttle on turning mario into sonic and remix odyssey's theme song for the final boss 

    1. KHCast


      Have the vocals still there albeit in a new style since this is a new rendition, and I'll take it!

      Have the vocals still there albeit in a new style since this is a new rendition, and I'll take it!

    2. Celestia


      What if the lyrics were altered to be about Bowser

      Also after you beat him the song fades out...and as you approach Peach or whatever else the goal may be, the normal version of the theme gradually fades in