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  1. Gamefreak3525

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I wouldn't get my hopes up over Final Fantasy getting new music. I paused the video as the cursor was over the FF section in the music player, looks like it's still only 2 songs.
  2. Gamefreak3525

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Was this B story included in either of Sonic Saga Vol 5 or 6? Because I don't remember this story at all.
  3. Gamefreak3525

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree, it's been kinda disappointing that not much has actually happened in the comic so far. There's just been so little established that is supposed to give readers a reason to be invested; all we really have so far is guessing who this villain is, and even then the hints we've gotten for that is were practically nonexistent for the first four issues. Even for the early issues of the reboot, we had way more questions that would make us want to read the next issue: What's the deal with Nagus? What's everyone's new origins and redesigns? Who are these new characters? Why is the planet tearing itself apart? How do the game locations tie in to the new world map? Meanwhile, all we have so far for IDW is Tangle and villages A, B, C, D...you get the point. I loved what Flynn did for Archie Sonic (both pre- and post- reboot), so I do have faith he can make this comic great...I just wish he wasn't taking so long right now. Also, I'm pretty disappointed how lazy the "Previously..." and "Roll Call" pages are done this time around. The former's just random panels from the last issues stuck together while the latter is the same but with pictures of the characters. Really wished they took Archie's approach, at least so we don't have to waste a page for the Roll Call section. Was really hoping the issue would finally provide an excuse as to where Shadow was during Forces too.
  4. Gamefreak3525

    Sonic Lost World vs. Sonic Forces

    I'm fairly certain the file sizes are accurate, and both Generations and All-Stars Racing Transformed worked fine with my wired controller, so I'd expect Lost World and Forces to be the same. However, since you haven't listed your laptop's specs, I can only guess that the games can run on your laptop, but it may come at the cost of poor performance if it's not powerful enough to handle it; the games' Steam Pages should list the recommended requirements (Forces is recent so it'll probably be more demanding than Lost World; but if they're like the PC versions of Generations, there might be options to reduce graphical quality if performance is really an issue).
  5. BEST SCORE/BEST FILM: Baby Driver Simply put, I loved this movie. The best part about this film is easily how it handles the music; nearly every song is a winner in my book, but Baby Driver goes further by having choreography that has on-screen actions match up with the music in most scenes. It's like watching a perfect run of a rhythm game, making a complete joy to watch. Is it perfect? Not quite, the romantic subplot is pretty undeveloped but it's a minor flaw in my book. I want to give the best film award to Dunkirk (another stellar film), but Baby Driver is just plain fun to watch. If you haven't watched the film for yourself, I hope I've convinced you to check it out. MOST DISAPPOINTING/WORST FILM: Kingsman: The Golden Circle When I saw the trailer for The Golden Circle in theaters, I was sold on the film. I went out and bought a copy of the first film, loved it, and waited in anticipation for The Golden Circle to hit theaters. Unfortunately, life got busy and I wasn't able to get a chance to see it; however, once the Blu-Ray came out, I grabbed it and watched it the next day. I heard that the reviews called it worse than the first, but I figured it'd still be enjoyable. I was very wrong. The Golden Circle does nearly everything in the worst way possible. I'm probably being more harsh on this film than most, but I hyped myself up too much for the movie. That, and the only other "bad" movie I saw this year was Justice League, but that movie provided far more enjoyment than The Golden Circle did. MOST SURPRISING FILM: Star Wars: The Last Jedi I'm mostly putting this film since I didn't expect to be as divisive as it currently is. I personally enjoyed it far more than The Force Awakens, but I didn't grow up with the franchise like most (I binged the entire series about a month before episode VII) so I don't mind when they take big risks like in this film. Don't get me wrong, the film has plenty of flaws but I feel that people will be less harsh on the film once the trilogy is complete. COOLEST LOOKING MOVIE: The Lego Batman Movie I just love how everything is made from Legos, brings back so many childhood memories for me.
  6. It'd only be difficult to name any fire-themed Robot Masters, feels like they've used nearly every word possible at this point. i'm not really sure how I feel about the game so far. I mean, it's great that we're getting a new Mega Man title, but it doesn't look like it plays all that differently from previous entries. Don't get me wrong, I loved the games, but after 10 entries in the classic series and several of the X series, I want something more than just "jump and shoot;" there's a reason I vastly preferred playing as Zero in the later X titles.
  7. Gamefreak3525

    Final Fantasy XV [Formerly Versus XIII] (Xbox One, PS4)

    Well, I just beat the game this morning. I'm so conflicted right now. I knew this game wouldn't be able to live up to the hype and it certainly has many flaws, many of which are disappointing given how long Square Enix had to polish this game. But I still liked it. In spite of all of my grievances with the game, I liked it. I have no idea where I place this game on my list of Final Fantasy games, but I still enjoyed it. What did you all think of the game?
  8. Gamefreak3525

    Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    I wasn't really a fan of Competitive Mode, mainly because nearly every match had at least one person rage-quit, which made it pretty unfair for either side. I don't know if things improved later on, but those early days in the mode left a bad taste in my mouth so I never went back to it after the first week.
  9. Gamefreak3525

    Persona 5

    I hope you don't have plans for next Valentine's day. Persona 5 releases on Valentine's Day, with a new collector's edition! I've already pre-ordered the collector's edition, can't wait! But I'm kinda disappointed with the lack of the DLC outfits in the collector's edition.
  10. Gamefreak3525

    Your Christmas Haul 2015 (aka How's your Christmas?)

    I received a white PS4 controller, Xenoblade Chronicles X, two Star Wars shirts, and $100. I was hoping for a new jacket, but I'm still satisfied with what I got.
  11. I officially love Persona 4 Golden. I haven't had this much fun with an RPG in a while. 

  12. Gamefreak3525

    What you like to receive in this Christmas?

    I don't really have a big list since my parents typically buy me whatever I want throughout the year, but I'll probably just ask for another PS4 controller and Xenoblade Chronicles X. My cousin will most likely grab me an amiibo that I don't have yet, probably Ike. Not much I really want, I'll be content with the clothes and money my other relatives typically give.
  13. Gamefreak3525

    Bands and albums that you love!

    I tend to only listen to video game soundtracks but recently I've started to enjoy some music from actual bands. Rise Against: Endgame/Appeal to Reason/The Suffer and the Witness (I can't pick just one, I really like this band) The Megas: History Repeating Blue All-American Rejects: Move Along
  14. Gamefreak3525

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

    I use the Mii Brawler and Swordfighter, with a Waluigi Mii for both and Zero as the Swordfighter. But since you're not allowed to use them online with strangers, I don't use them as frequently as my other mains or purchase additional costumes.

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