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  1. Honestly, I'm not really sure now. I can't recall any particular explanation of why they can't undo her Roboticization in this era of the comic.
  2. I'm not super familiar with the era of the comic where this will be brought up (I think #119?), but the issue with Bunnie is that since she's half-robot, the process is much more complicated; if they put her in it again, her robot parts would become organic again, but then her organic parts would turn mechanical. I guess Sonic's plan was to just place himself back in the Roboticizer that would transform him after he was done beating Robotnik. But if he accidentally destroyed it in the ensuing fight, then he'd basically be screwed.
  3. It's been a long time since I've read this era of the comics, but I think Roboticization can be undone by putting the victim in the same Roboticizer they were converted by. EDIT: I checked an earlier issue, where Sally decides to Roboticize herself when Dulcy steals a portable De-Roboticizer from Robotnik (which he just made a prototype for some reason?). But it burned out after one use, so it's not like they could reuse it.
  4. Forgive me if this was explained in a game, but why is Squall referred to as Leon in the Kingdom Hearts games?
  5. Certainly looks cool, but I'm hoping the combat is as varied as Bayonetta's was. The combat in Nier: Automata was too simplistic for me to fully enjoy the game.
  6. Wow, surprised they added Multiplayer support for the Spirit Board. I wonder if they adjusted the difficulty to account for the extra players. I still would've preferred if they focused on adding local multiplayer support for Online Arenas first, though. Seriously, why can we have a local partner for Quick Play against strangers but not for Arenas with friends?
  7. The small roster wouldn't be bothering me so much if they were putting more effort into each of the racers. It's been a while since I've seen the earlier gameplay videos, but I don't recall the character's having much personality in their animations and most of the character's karts just look pretty generic; it feels like they could've easily added in a couple more characters with how barebones every one has been so far.
  8. You're in luck, because we're getting two sequels.
  9. I loved this film. This might top Spider-Man 2 as my favorite Spider-man movie. The first trailer reignited my love for Spider-Man. Don't get me wrong, I liked the character growing up and watched the all of the previous films, but I wasn't super into it like most people. And all the constant release of superhero movies started making them all blend together in my head. But this trailer... I couldn't get over how awesome this looked. The visual style for this is just downright amazing and makes its stand out not just from the other superhero films, but nearly every animated film out there. The concept of having multiple Spider-people cross over with each other is something we'd probably never get in the live-action films. While I did enjoy Homecoming (I'll admit I'm kinda biased towards it because I have a crush on Tom Holland), this trailer got me way more excited than that entire movie ever did. I was sold. My excitement for this movie made me want to collect all of Ultimate Spider-Man (so like 210+ issues), which I actually managed to do, along with reading the main series once Nick Spencer took over in July So after that, I was ready for this movie to come out. And if it wasn't clear above, Spider-verse meet my expectations. I'm not too great at writing these kinds of things, but Wraith's post does a good job of summarizing the good stuff from this film. If you're a Spider-Man fan, you have to see this movie. I recall a bunch of posts in the MCU topic about people bringing their family members who normally ignore superhero movies to go see Infinity War because of how awesome it was; I highly recommend you all do the same here, because Spider-verse has something for everyone to love. Plus, you don't have to be familiar with 10 years worth of movies to enjoy it.
  10. I'm assuming those are Sonic's parents; maybe undoing Jule's roboticization would've been part of the plot for Pender's film. I have no idea why Sonic's mom is colored differently, though.
  11. I liked the idea of Custom moves, but the way they were handled was disappointing. It was really annoying you couldn't modify them on the character select, instead having to set them up before hand in the Custom Character section. And the game didn't tell you how many custom moves you'd unlocked for each character, so you'd had to check each one manually, which was such a slog with a huge cast. Unlocking them was completely random, and you could get duplicates of moves you'd already obtained, so not only could you get Customs for a character you never play, you could keeping getting those ones again. Not being able to use them in online play also reduced the incentive to get invested in a character's alternate moveset. I wasn't a fan of the equipment. A lot of them had a bunch of different effects that'd felt cheap to use in standard matches with friends (like getting healed with every attack you land on a opponent, Double Final Smashes, etc) and were only useful to counter the BS of going through Classic mode on harder difficulties. They also suffered from the aforementioned issues with setting up Custom Fighters before matches.
  12. Man, that's really disappointing. Hopefully Nintendo releases more boards through updates down the line. But even if they do, putting so few in the base game to begin with was a dumb move.
  13. The Drop mechanic is easily my least favorite aspect of DDD. But it only forces you to switch to the next character, so you won't be getting game overs. If I remember correctly, you should pick up at the same spot you left your character when the gauge runs out. Unfortunately, this won't apply to boss battles; the fight will restart if the gauge ran out mid-battle. It's best you start these battles with a full gauge (especially towards the end of the game); remember you can manually force the gauge to run out in case you don't feel like waiting around.
  14. It's been a while since I've played the game, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to skip it.
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