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  1. Mine has arrived guys, so I expect MOST other Englishers will have received theirs too. Please refrain from pestering AAUK about it though; although his powers are great, they do not extend as far as international postal infrastructure. And he's poorly T
  2. Bloody hell, forgot about Going Live! I was on one of those phone-ins where you had to shout out commands for some animation to catch things - you won prizes depending on how many things you caught. I think it was a dog collecting bones when I was on...and I never did receive a prize...waaa! Parallel 9 anyone? T
  3. To be honest dude, I'm more honoured my name has a place in Sonic history. Plus, they had to BUY the game. We get it free! ^__^ T
  4. T-Bird

    Jobs (Debate)

    Yeah, this kind of fails on the basic level in that farmers will still need to raise cattle and grow crops, otherwise we'd be up shit creek for things like food. You know, the stuff that us domesticated robots eat. It's a continuing trend to see more and more people who don't want to work, the "can't work, won't work" mentality, which usually means family, or more often than not, the state (supported by the working man's taxes) have to pay for people who choose to sit around, when these taxes should be going towards supporting those who CAN'T work. Unfortunately some "sucker" or "moron" needs to clean toilets, but nowadays people assume they can float through life and simply get paid for doing sweet fuck-all. I do however like the defense of "If you get defensive about this topic you've been conditioned and brain-washed". Shame it doesn't tell you how to make a 24/7 money-generating site; that might actually be useful information. T
  5. Yeah - I still want a Huskie at some point; there again I have a connection with animals - I think it's all the hair! Jealous of the record store - I imagine your life is like being in High Fidelity! I need to get back to DJ'ing!!!

  6. I have noticed the wolves thing - how come? How's the record store going too?

  7. Hello! Haven't spoken in a while, how are you these days (besides thinking about Tim Curry by the looks of things!) You and Casanova an item then?

  8. Cheers dude. I'm looking forward to seeing the other artwork that fellow winners put together - I've only seen Violet's so far. In fact, I feel honoured simply because my art is alongside the art of some of these guys...they're in a league above me still!! T
  9. Heh, no problem dude - I know how much the Princess is loved by the fans. Mollfie - I have tried ebay, and I've seen them in the past...and never bid. Reason being, I'm not actually hunting one for myself! T
  10. Hey up, I'm currently looking for one of the quite rare Sally Acorn bubble bath containers made around the time when SatAM was around. If anyone has one, and is willing to part with it, I'm willing to pay top dollar, or to trade some other stuffs. Cheers! T
  11. Hello stranger!

  12. Hey up! How are you? TSS is is broked ;_;

  13. Well, I'm here now. Please restore me to my pedestal of power...even if it is just an upside-down milk crate for now. Really sucks ass that you're work has been undone Roarey, but hopefully we can rebuild. T
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