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  1. I think Sonic CD was supposed to be very similar to Sonic 1. I mean, this is clearly evident in the final game itself (and by this I am not referring to the same sprite-style although this strengthens the fact further). Collision Chaos = Spring Yard TIdal Tempest = Labyrinth Metallic Madness = Scrap Brain Many levels that are very similar to Sonic 1. It seems to be an intentional movement to draw a comparison to Sonic 1. I also don't think Sonic CD was ever planned to fit into the Series chronology. There is a clear timeline with Sonic 1-2-3K. I think it is best to think of Sonic CD as something like Sonic 3D Blast or the Game Gear games, part of the mythology but not part of a chronological narrative. Obviously the marketing of Sonic 4 has revised the role of Sonic CD, and Sonic Adventure's flashback scene before that (which is probably not intended as any more than an easter egg), but I don't get the impression that Sonic CD was originally meant to feed into the other games at all. It seemed to want to be its own thing.
  2. I wish they would put Sonic R on Xbox Arcade

    1. Mr Useful

      Mr Useful

      As long as they update the models and maps to look like less shit. I'd rather have Generations Models instead of the ones we got.

    2. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      Well I really only want Sonic R as it is.

  3. Well the reason the recent games have hardly any levels is because of the focus on boost, which requires levels to be incredibly expansive, and the amount of time it takes to make top quality graphics. The Adventure games had a large number of levels because it wasn't the same as this. When I said that removing the Chao Garden would add one level I was referring to SA2. If the developers were to remove a hypothetical Chao garden from a modern-boost sort of game then I don't think anything would replace it other than certain levels being slightly prettier or slightly more polished. I agree that pet sim is nothing like a Sonic game but I would argue that the soul of it (cutsey pets that need looking after) are more in line with Sonic than a sombre storyline about a robot that has to kill himself to free all mechanised animals. That's just me though. The Adventure games shouldn't repeat past mistakes, I agree with that. However, many people love the Chao gardens (including non-Sonic fans and journalists) and they are synonymous with the Sonic Adventure spirit. Perhaps it's the most time consuming, but I would hedge to bet that anyone who would willingly go for all A Ranks is such a fanatic of Sonic Adventure 2 that they would probably like the Chao Garden. Besides, the Chao gardens wouldn't need to be required for unlocks next time around.
  4. I can understand people not liking the Chao garden but, let's be honest, I very much doubt the Chao are a massive strain on development time or resources. They are probably very easy to make in comparison with the high-speed Sonic-esque levels. For that reason, I cannot agree with your point here. Removing the Chao garden would free up development time for about, let's say, one level? Hardly seems like a strain on resources. Neither did E 102 Gamma but he proved popular. I would say the Chao fit in way more with the Sonic formula than Gamma's shooting does despite the fact, you are right, they are out of place. But seeing as this is Sonic Adventure both the shooting and the Chao arguably fit in with a third installment. That's a problem with the Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 completion system, not the Chao garden itself. And lets be honest, if you are crazy (or fanatical) enough to get all A Rankings to unlock Green Hill Zone I don't think the Chao garden is your biggest obstacle by any means.
  5. Just been playing SA2. It's really not that bad, especially not as bad as people make out.

    1. Stritix


      It's pretty good.

    2. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      I agree, it's not as bad as people make out.

      It's worse.

    3. pppp


      Play Mad Space and then we'll talk

    4. sonfan1984


      I only enjoy the Sonic/Shadow parts. The shooting and hunting stages are crap.

  6. Welcome to the forums, BTW.

  7. I know this massive Zelda fangirl at University. It's pretty hilarious. She drinks from a homemade Zelda cup.

  8. I love America :D

    1. Patticus
    2. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      Americans are so damn hot!

    3. Winston


      I love Patticus, yet he won't come to my house.

    4. Gregzilla


      It has its problems but it's still a pretty damn nice place to live.

    5. Enderwoman
    6. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      Not as hot as Latino's~

    7. Patticus


      Where is your house?

    8. Winston


      it's in Fairfield

    9. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      we meet again.

    10. Milo




      is there something you want to tell us

    11. Patticus


      Fairfield is a log way when you lack transportation and there are no intercity trains or buses

    12. Patticus
    13. Winston


      just run there.

  9. It's Gako but thaks! Oh it's fine to have theories, but one has to be careful not to look too much into things.
  10. A Sonic racing game is an interesting idea actually. To be honest, it's kind of stunning that they have never mastered it. I mean Sega All Stars is fantastic but it's not a Sonic racer strictly speaking: it's a Sega driving game. A good version of Sonic R would be a good idea. Much better controls, more characters and much better designed stages (and more of them obviously). I always thought Sonic R had a lot of untapped potential. Especially with the oddball characters like Tails Doll and Mecha Knuckles.
  11. Playing the demo of SA2 reminds me how horrendous the physics in this game are. They are honestly no better than Sonic 4. Holy fuck nostalgia is powerful.

    1. Enderwoman
    2. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      The spindash also has a 1 second delay before starting. The fuuu

    3. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      Well, if you spindash down the-loo-de loop before the famous wall-run in City Escape while leaving the analogue stick alone Sonic rolls up the loop then just falls back down halfway up. It's hilarious.

    4. Enderwoman


      Thats more of it just being scripted automation than physics.

    5. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      I'm pretty sure Sonic falls on loops if you don't touch the analogue stick sometimes as well.

    6. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      It happens on every ramp too. I spindash up the stairs after you get off the board and Sonic stops dead short in exactly the same way as Sonic 4.

    7. Enderwoman


      I tried this and it is true, but I wouldn't say they're Sonic 4 bad. At least Sonic can join momentum by rolling down slopes. This is also more of an issue of Sonic automatically going out of his ball form after a bit.

    8. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      Ok, I was probably being a bit zealous :P . It's probably on the same level as Episode 2's physics. They are clearly not as good as Adventure 1's rolling physics since I compared the two just now.

    9. Enderwoman


      Episode 2 has rolling physics? I thought they just tricked you into thinking that with cleverly placing some inclines at the beginning of some levels...

    10. Ultra Gako

      Ultra Gako

      Well I mean it only has them when you hold right, in the same way you have to hold up in Adventure 2 :P

  12. I don't want to ruin the party or anything, but, if I never read the Sonic Comic series (since it was a plot element there) I would never have even noticed that Sonic's eyes changed green. I also didn't even notice that the other characters had an eye colour change or that Sonic had his modern design in the Sonic 4 trailer. I really never understood the obsession with the eye colour? Is it an artistic point or whatnot?
  13. I have this really crazy theory! Sonic Team deliberately made Shadow the 'Anti-Sonic' as both a plot point and gameplay point. I'm pretty sure they didn't have anything else in mind when they designed him
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