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  1. Got $100 tonight, I'll be getting another $50 soon. I wanna go to the local mall on a date and go on a little shopping spree! I didn't expect anything this year, but for a period that's felt extremely un-Christmassy, this is nice. It's actually been quite a depraved time, so it's nice to have these little moments.
  2. I used to play this game in 3rd grade lol. We had a game time and because I loved Sonic I was allowed to play it. It was great when I was a kid tbh. Never knew this was a thing!
  3. Me with a bunny snapchat filter and a Super Mario tank top I bought on Black Friday!
  4. I'm going to be attending my first wedding since 2009 next month. It's casual, not formal like the last one. I'm excited to be reintegrating myself into my family again. UYM22oq.jpg

    1. FriendBot


      That's awesome news!

  5. Being stealth is awesome!9PUqwlJ.jpg

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Stealth is awesome. Now use your abilities at a Gamestop or Walmart and use those abilities to sneak out a copy of Star Fox Zero for me XD. 

  6. Have any of you ever used a flatiron? I had to go without mine for a month and a half and I didn't feel like myself. My hair got tangled, and I live in a humid area so my natural waves got destroyed.

    1. Tara


      I tend to straighten my hair whenever the situation is important to me.  Otherwise, my hair looks like a frizzy mess.  You might try applying argan oil to your hair to see if you can't remove the frizz and also protect your hair from the heat when you're using any kind of iron.

    2. Chic


      I apply heat protective serum liberally prior to every straightening. There usually isn't any frizz when I straighten it, only when I let my natural waves fly free.

    3. Tara


      I used to get frizz regardless because the straightener I was using was really rough on my hair.  But I finally got one that isn't totally cheap and is pretty gentle, despite being a little bit hotter.

    4. Chic


      Which do you use? I own a BabylissPro currently.

    5. Tara


      I'm actually not sure what specific model it is, since there's no markings on it.  It's a Chi brand, I'm pretty sure, though.

    6. Chic


      Chi's not bad, I hear. I'm probably going to get a trim and start deep conditioning soon to recover from my split ends, though they weren't caused by the straightener.

    7. Tara


      I need to get my hair done soon.  It typically costs me like $20 to do that, though, so I can't just drop everything and do it like I wish I could. D'8

    8. Chic


      I'm getting my brows and nails done this week! The last acrylics I got fell off in a week, I was so pissed. They were from a cheap salon, though, so I'm not surprised.

    9. Tara


      Agh!  Lucky! XD  I'll be lucky if I can even one of those done!!!

    10. Chic


      I can't always get them done, but it's quite the special occasion (meeting with my mom after 12 years) so my boyfriend can spare the expense!

    11. Tara


      It's good that someone can do that for you.  It's always nice to look your best on those special occasions! <3

    12. Chic


      Right? I hope you're able to treat yourself to a salon visit soon!

    13. Tara


      Thanks!  Me too <3

  7. I feel as if Paper Mario is going down the same road as Mario Party. The games are generally not that bad except for them botching the most vital gameplay aspect. For MP, that was the individual rather than group gameplay, and for this it's the actual battling. The graphics look amazing, but after 12 years or so I was really hoping they'd finally come out with a proper successor to the first two PM games.
  8. I can't believe I'm meeting my mom for the first time since I was six, possibly as early as next week. She accepts me and all, but I can't help but feel insecure about what I'm going through and I want things to be comfortable for her side of the family.

    1. FriendBot


      Hope things go well with your visit!

    2. Kiah


      I could not imagine going so long without seeing my mom. I really hope things go well when you meet up with her.

  9. Rest In Peace, Komodin. I really wish I had something more substantial or eloquent to say, but I knew him quite little...It saddens me that he passed. I'm so sorry...

  10. Steak n' Shake is my new favorite restaurant. I went on my first classic date with my boyfriend yesterday, and the food there was ridiculously good. I even got to polish off two milkshakes! I've gotta fatten up a bit for my operation, so it works out.

  11. My surgical consult is in exactly a week. I'm so scared! But at least I'll know when the operation will take place.

  12. Quick, favorite Steak n Shake milkshake! Or, favorite milkshake in general.

    1. Klinsy



    2. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren


    3. YoshiUnity


      That new Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip milkshake is fantastic. Otherwise, my go to is Banana.

    4. FriendBot


      Bounce Pad milkshakes are DA BEST!

    5. Ghostly Gogglehead CC14

      Ghostly Gogglehead CC14

      Shamrock Shake!

    6. Kiah


      Cheesecake milkshake from Sonic :P 

  13. You guys were right. Zaxby's is soooo good.

    1. Osmium


      And what is Zaxby's? 

    2. Chic


      It's a fast food joint in the Southeastern U.S that sells chicken products like wings. There's also grilled cheese, onion rings, fries, shakes, celery and salads.

    3. Osmium


      Ah, southeastern U.S.. That must explain why I'm not familiar with it. 

    4. Chic


      I just moved to Atlanta a week ago, so today was my first time going.

    5. Osmium


      What's it like living there? Been there once myself but I was far too young to remember. 

    6. Osmium


      Ah, sounds cool XP. Have a mellow night. 

  14. I don't really need makeup, but I wear it anyway because it's quite fun to put it on and it gives me that extra polished mark of confidence to face the world. I don't go crazy with it either. I don't contour or highlight or do lip liner and brow pencil, I do a simple foundation+eyeliner+mascara+lipstick combo and I think it works well for me! An overdone look would not be cute for me, but some people pull it off very well. VBFM1z4.jpg

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