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    Thanks for stopping by :) I'm ThereN'Back, and I joined the Sonic Stadium a little over a month ago. I'm currently going through college and I don't post very often, but I enjoy reading through the discussions here. I've been a huge Sonic fan since I was 7 years old. My username is from "The Hobbit," my favorite book. I like writing a lot, and hope to make a career of it.

    Below is a pretty lengthy rant about seven different Sonic games. Read at your own discretion p:

    1. Sonic Adventure (This is my favorite Sonic game, only beating out Sonic Adventure 2 by a slight margin. It was the first Sonic game my brother and I played together. I really love the story, especially in that the same event is being told by the perspective of 6 characters. Artistically, I think that's cool. The dialogue is excellent and cheesy, and Tails is awesome in this game!)

    2. Sonic Adventure 2 (Again, the story is brilliant, and the characterization is really on point. The dialogue is pretty cheesy and memorable, and the 2 player for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is really fun!)

    3. Sonic and the Secret Rings (I really love the Storybook Series. And like Sonic Adventure, this only beat out Sonic and the Black Knight by a small margin. While I do think that SatBK improved on some things over SatSR, I have such a soft spot for this game. I LOVE the story, the levels designs are really creative, and the music is fantastic! The theme for Levitated Ruin, and some of the background tracks, are my favorites).

    4. Sonic and the Black Knight (I liked that there was a larger cast of characters in SatBK than in SatSR, but like SatSR, the dialogue and story are really well done. I would love to see a third Storybook game come out in the future).

    5. Sonic Unleashed (What a beautiful game! The soundtrack and graphics are incredible, especially the orchestra, gah! :) The Werehog levels were a little slow for me, but I really liked the story, and Chip is a cute character).

    6. Sonic Heroes (I think that Sonic Heroes is definitely underrated. The story's kind of light, but it is really fun to play, and I thought the dialogue between the different characters during the levels are cute).

    7. Shadow the Hedgehog (I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the game. I never found the addition of the Black Arms compelling, the weapons didn't seem very useful, and the language and dialogue were pretty forced. The multiple storylines are confusing, though being able to choose a certain path in a game is a cool concept. I like Shadow the Hedgehog, and loved his story in SA2 and in Sonic '06, but I'm not a fan of this game).
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  1. Dangit, the stream I have has sound, but no visuals. From what I've seen here though, Kirby Kart? That sounds adorable :>

  2. What's everyone watching? I wanna join, haha

  3. Saw this on a blog. O.o those last 10 seconds, man...

  4. My favorite vocal themes would have to be 'Open Your Heart,' 'Live and Learn,' and 'Endless Possibilities.' I also like 'E.G.G.M.A.N' and have such a soft spot for SA's 'Believe in Myself,' although it's kind of cheesy. The song really reflects Tails' journey into being independent from Sonic and trusting himself. My least favorite... would probably have to be 'Seven Rings in Hand.' SatSR is my favorite soundtrack, but I've never really liked the vocals for that song, and I don't think it helped that the song was repeated so often throughout the game.
  5. I just found out that I got A's in all of my classes this semester. I'm kind of in shock, as I don't feel that I did that well in a few classes, plus I've had no motivation for the last few months. But I'm seriously glad for the break, and the ability to rest before the next semester starts :)

    1. Dr. Crusher
    2. ThereN'Back


      Thanks man! :) it's such a relief to have the time off. How have you been?

    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'm not too bad, thanks for asking.

    4. ThereN'Back
  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday Boondoggle!

  8. Anyone having trouble copying or pasting onto the discussion boards? I never had any trouble with it before, but I tried to paste a quote and it's not comin up for some reason.

    1. Uraraka


      sometimes I have a hard time, you can either click the "paste" button on the edit box, or sometimes I find the paste option only works after 3+ tries or if you right click right next to where you left of typing. Hope that helps :D

    2. Amomynous


      Yeah I get it sometimes, I find it helps in you select some text and paste onto it.

    3. ThereN'Back


      Thanks :] It's being pretty stubborn still, but I'll definitely try it again!

  9. Happy Birthday BountyHunter!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday back2s0ul!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday HunterTSF!! :)

  12. Happy Birthday ModernSonic!! :)

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