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  1. Dangit, the stream I have has sound, but no visuals. From what I've seen here though, Kirby Kart? That sounds adorable :>

  2. What's everyone watching? I wanna join, haha

  3. Saw this on a blog. O.o those last 10 seconds, man...

  4. My favorite vocal themes would have to be 'Open Your Heart,' 'Live and Learn,' and 'Endless Possibilities.' I also like 'E.G.G.M.A.N' and have such a soft spot for SA's 'Believe in Myself,' although it's kind of cheesy. The song really reflects Tails' journey into being independent from Sonic and trusting himself. My least favorite... would probably have to be 'Seven Rings in Hand.' SatSR is my favorite soundtrack, but I've never really liked the vocals for that song, and I don't think it helped that the song was repeated so often throughout the game.
  5. I just found out that I got A's in all of my classes this semester. I'm kind of in shock, as I don't feel that I did that well in a few classes, plus I've had no motivation for the last few months. But I'm seriously glad for the break, and the ability to rest before the next semester starts :)

    1. Dr. Crusher
    2. ThereN'Back


      Thanks man! :) it's such a relief to have the time off. How have you been?

    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'm not too bad, thanks for asking.

    4. ThereN'Back
  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday Boondoggle!

  8. Anyone having trouble copying or pasting onto the discussion boards? I never had any trouble with it before, but I tried to paste a quote and it's not comin up for some reason.

    1. Uraraka


      sometimes I have a hard time, you can either click the "paste" button on the edit box, or sometimes I find the paste option only works after 3+ tries or if you right click right next to where you left of typing. Hope that helps :D

    2. Amomynous


      Yeah I get it sometimes, I find it helps in you select some text and paste onto it.

    3. ThereN'Back


      Thanks :] It's being pretty stubborn still, but I'll definitely try it again!

  9. Happy Birthday BountyHunter!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday back2s0ul!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday HunterTSF!! :)

  12. Happy Birthday ModernSonic!! :)

  13. Happy Birthday MeteorSmash!! :)

  14. Happy Birthday Cerium!! ^_^

  15. Happy Birthday CartoonistDude!! :)

  16. Have a great birthday Insane121!!

  17. Have a great birthday Tenko!!

  18. Have a great birthday Blue Blood!!

  19. I love your style I know you had said in your first drawing that you were not focusing on much but the crown, but I thought the girl's expression was really well done. She looked focused, and it made me wonder what she was thinking or feeling. I love the crown too, btw! It reminds me of the headdress Merlina wears from SatBK. Please post more in the future! I'd love to see them [:
  20. Happy Birthday TailsTellsTales :) hope it's a good one!!

  21. Have a great birthday sonicchaos333!!

  22. Have a great birthday ThisMachine!!

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