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  1. JC DaMolato

    Saints Row IV (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

    I saw the Saints Row lV Gameplay Demo, and it looks like an amazing game. sure it looks sci-fi but it looks to be the funnest one yet. What are your thoughts on this game?
  2. Aaron is a beast lol. I hope the third game is part of the main series. I'm hoping, but probably not.
  3. JC DaMolato

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (360/PS3/Vita)

    Hopefully it's on a new engine. Or if Bandai used the tag team engine and perfect it to make the battles more....chaotic and smooth, I'd be fine with that.
  4. JC DaMolato

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

    Oops typo. I meant There wasn't enough sonic characters in the game lol.
  5. JC DaMolato

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

    Agreed. I also want more characters from the Sonic series. In SSBB, I felt that their was enough sonic characters in the game. Nintendo should code some Sonic characters. They need more love.
  6. I thought the xbox one was going to be great. But Microsoft fucked up bad. I know they changed their DRM, but still I wanted to invest my money into buying a gaming PC Instead. The only thing I'll need to upgrade is hardware, and I like the games on PC. I might have to save up for a Wii U too. You know, since Sonic Lost Worlds and a new Super Smash Bros. was announced.
  7. JC DaMolato

    Biggest surprises from E3

    What suprised me the most was the announcement for the new Mirrors Edge game. Oh my god, So hyped up for that game. I also liked how the reveal said, " Coming.. When its ready." They are taking time on this so it can be the best game possible. I'm glad for that because I don't want one of my favorite series to be rushed.
  8. JC DaMolato

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    What I want to know, is why are the wisps in the universe of sonic lost world? I mean I'm perfectly fine with it, but it doesn't make sense to me.
  9. JC DaMolato

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (360/PS3/Vita)

    I think bandai has been working on this for about 2 years, so it might be a good game. I don't want it to be like ultimate tenkaichi though. I just imagined a fairy tail game with the ultimate ninja storm engine. I would soooo buy this.

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