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  1. What if this status update had lyrics? :v

    1. Ferno


      What if this status had lyrics?

      What if we sang along?

      I think it'd be cool if we did this.

      If we turned this into a song.

      I know that this plan just sounds silly.

      But come on and help me out.

      What else are you doing really?

      Let your voice out with a shout~!

      *main chorus starts up*

  2. Now we just have to wait until they make Pokemon Z and give us Super forms.
  3. Well, I certainly have high hopes for the game after everything I've heard, seen and listened to about it. And it would really be amusing to see Sonic, of all franchises, save Nintendo, to say the least.
  4. I see, thanks. Guess I'm going to do the same since I'll only have access to the 3ds version at launch.
  5. Has the storyline been confirmed to be the same between the two versions? Or is it like Colours and Generations in which it's slightly different with either added or removed characters?
  6. You know, I really want to play Lost World on release day. But it kinda feels bad to buy a Wii U with Christmas only 2 months away.

  7. Then Sega and Dimps' offices would be flooded with dictionaries for Sonic 4... Anyways, the game looks really fun and I'm digging the Eagle Wisp, as well as the Drill being able to dolphin jump out of the ground. Too bad I'll probably have to stick to the 3DS version until the Wii U's price drops, that or Christmas, whatever comes first.
  8. Awesome series. I love everything about it, the art style, the music, the dialogue, everything. It's incredibly fun to watch and the first time I saw it really left an impact on me. I even have pair of Kamina shades and a Core Drill necklace I found on a convention and actually went as far as making a Kamina cape for this one costume party my school had so yeah, I'm a pretty big fan.
  9. Hello everyone, I just joined this forum. Pleased to meet you all.

    1. Klinsy
    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Hello, I'm the Doctor. Don't wander off!

    3. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx


      You're one of us now.

    4. GoldenSpikes


      That picture was from Ghost Trick, right? Love that game!

    5. Klinsy
    6. Yoko/葉子
    7. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      PRESIDENT CROW welcomes you.

      Though CROW should probably change his stuff so you don't think he's some crazy crossdresser.

    8. Tara


      Welcome to the jungle. We got fun and games.

    9. GoldenSpikes


      Hah! Great too see everyone is so nice around here. I'm new to forums.

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