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  1. Wishing you a great birthday, fellow birthday celebrator Krockhead! =)

  2. I'm a lazy fucker, so I'll just directly quote what I said on another site. I don't understand the negativity. My only beef is that I personally won't enjoy playing it much, as MMOs have never been my cup of tea. But it's a fucking gorgeous game with a seemingly nice Beanland score to accompany it. Not to mention, it's an entire game of pirates by Rare. A RARE PIRATES GAME. That's fucking awesome. Even if I won't enjoy the gameplay much, this is nothing but good news, and I'll gladly enjoy the game's periphery aspects. Then again, it's a Rare game under the Microsoft banner. Of course it'll attract negativity. We'll never be free. Also, why's everyone making the Assassin's Creed comparision? That game didn't invent pirates, y'know. Besides, pirates are Rare's thing! It's about time they bit the bullet and made an entire game of pirates.
  3. #Rarenaissance, motherfuckers.
  4. If curiosity gets the best of you and you get the urge to watch Adult Party Cartoon, just watch Ren Seeks Help. That episode is the one saving grace of the series, mostly because of Mr. Horse has some of his best moments in that episode. Mr. Horse's screentime in Ren Seeks Help is second only to Rubber Nipple Salesmen.
  5. That doesn't necessarily mean it's not a new DKC. Remember, Returns and (presumably) Tropical Freeze ran on the Metroid Prime engine. It's very possible that Retro thought they could do more on an engine that wasn't ten years old. It's no secret where my loyalties lie. I really want Retro to make another DKC game, and I'd be even happier if they made a Diddy Kong Racing sequel. Whatever they make, it's given me a big reason to pay close attention to Nintendo's E3.
  6. They were obviously trying to appease the crowd that only knows Conker for the Great Mighty Poo. Unfortunately, that crowd is the majority of video game fans.
  7. http://www.dkvine.com/kongversation/?episode=310 Sorry for the double post, but if any of you were interested, the big show is here, and it's pretty great. Anyone interested in Ukulele or Rare should give this a listen. The big news is that, much like the shared Rare universe, Playtonic is making its side characters with the possibility of them getting their own spin-off games in mind. Chris also touches upon some uncharted territory of Dream(Banjo-Kazooie's original form), discusses old development tactics, takes a playful shot at Nuts & Bolts, the origins of Playtonic, his own Scottish origins, and does the Daniel Carrington voice.
  8. Like Donkey Kong? Like Rare? Are you fucking pumped for Playtonic's upcoming game? Even if you answered no to one or all of those questions, I hope you'll stick with me. The Kongversation is a kongconversational podcast about the greater Donkey Kong Universe run by DK Vine's own Emmy-winning founders, Hyle "Slush" Russell and Chad "Charles Chadwick" McCanna. If you're like the majority of the human population, you probably have to clue what the hell the DKU is. It's actually quite simply, the DKU covers Rare's Donkey Kong and its various spin-offs, like Banjo and Conker. See, even if you're not a big fan of Rare, the Kongversation is, to put it elegantly, fucking hilarious. Truthfully, there's a large portion of nearly every episode where Hyle and Chad(and sometimes Joe, Matt, Alastair, Jeff, and very rarely Cameron) aren't even on topic. To many, these tangents are the the heart of the show. The Beatles, The X-Files, various incarnations of The Tonight Show, various sitcoms, and American politicians of yesteryear are the typical tangential topics. If you are a fan of Rare, then boy, are you in for a treat. The Kongversation is the best active Donkey Kong-themed conversational podcast you'll find, although I consider the best overall (vaguely)DK-themed cast to be The Vine Audio Programme, which is also done by the folks at DK Vine and has been inactive for the better part of three years. Why am I posting this now? Well, mysterious section of my inner-psyche that keeps asking questions that conveniently set up the active portion of my brain for the next thing I want to talk about, tomorrow is a big day for the podcast. Remember when I mentioned Playtonic? I'm glad you do, because legendary Rare veteran and current Playtonic wizard Chris Sutherland is going to be the guest of honor on tomorrow's show. There's a damn good bet that some juicy information about Project Ukulele will be given during the podcast, not to mention other fun facts of Rareware past! If that juicy information isn't something you fancy, you'll be happy to find discussion of Tropical Freeze's Juicy Jungle in various other episodes. Joking aside, the show is bound to be fucking sweet. Interested? Here's the link to the show's page on DK Vine. http://www.dkvine.com/kongversation/ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kongversation/id596913467 And YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxAEHq1DimcR2w4Ce55FG4E4DgjW-XQlg WARNING: PROFANITY GALORE
  9. Seething this near the top of Computer Games got me excited that there might be an update. Fuck you guys.
  10. She's not an alt, guys. She has her own portion of the site and had a trailer partially dedicated to her. They're not going through the trouble to do that for an alt. Granted, I'm biased because I hate the idea of characters having alts that are completely different characters, but I'm still 100% positive she has her own slot. Why is it so hard to believe that she's just a clone?
  11. Bumper was never mentioned in Conker. In the Live and Reloaded manual, Conker mentioned that one of his buddies from DKR is now in jail, and Leigh Loveday revealed in Scribes that he was referring to Bumper. But this also means that they never retconned Conker's happy-go-lucky days, as he acknowledges the events and looks back at them in the manual. So to tie this into the actual topic, if Nintendo were to go crazy and actually buy back some DKR characters, I think Bumper would be fair game. No one outside of the hardcore fanbase reads/remembers Scribes anyway. However, they wouldn't even try to get Tiptup back with his ties to Banjo. If Nintendo wanted any DKR characters back, it would probably just be Wizpig, Taj, TT, and one or two racers. Characters like Drumstick and Pipsy are the less remembered ones, so Timber and/or Bumper might be the ones they want. Whoever they hypothetically go after, Microsoft would probably put a higher price tag on them than their actual worth. Then again, if I were to spend ten million dollars on anything, it would definitely be the Drumstick intellectual property.
  12. I've sort of said all I needed to say about this elsewhere on the net, but I'll repeat myself here. As you may be able to imagine by the majority of my (very few)posts being about Rare rather than Sonic, I fucking love Diddy Kong Racing. I've also longed for a sequel. It's weird how the world just doesn't want a sequel to happen. Both Diddy Kong Pilot and Donkey Kong Racing got canned; Pilot's replacement was a very disappointing downgrade, and Donkey Kong Racing's replacement went through development hell and got cancelled. The last time a rumor of a Monster-developed DKR sequel popped up, it was in a vague 4Chan post. This one actually has plenty of merit to it. It's well written and elaborated, for one, but on top of that, almost everything fits together quite nicely. Trying to create a unique game mechanic that differentiates itself from other games is a very Nintendo thing to do. Both Monster and especially Tanabe have shown to be big fans of the Donkey Kong series, so making that mechanic fit the characters and the world make a lot of sense. The only flaw with this is the fact that I cannot see Nintendo caring enough to go out of their way and even attempt to gain the rights to the extended Diddy Kong Racing cast from Microsoft. I would love for them to prove me wrong, though. Conker actually touches the surface on that in a monologue from the Live and Reloaded manual. If you're curious who the one DKR character in prison is, it's Bumper. The reason? Public masturbation.
  13. WE'RE MOVIN' ON UP! (movin' on up) TO THE EAST SIIIIDE!

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I thought they said to the sky

  14. There's a huge lack of Perfect Strangers going on here.

  15. Here's just one instance of Rare clarifying that they own the DKR cast. This was right after DKRDS was released. Here's the part you care about: As far as I'm aware - after asking around - all the major DKR characters who aren't Kongs or Kremlings still belong to Rare. Which would make Diddy, Dixie, Tiny and Krunch the 'licensed' ones in this case. And that means we can still do the M-rated Bumper prequel story! Thank you Jesus! The games published by THQ bombed. The ports of the DKC trilogy and DKR did quite well.
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