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  1. I agree with the guy who said attempts at humor in this series usually fails and appeals more towards little kids at best. My fav example of humor is the drunk Sonic in SA. Unintentional, yes. But that always made me laugh more than the writing/voice acting (I haven't played SA, I looked it up on youtube after a forumer told me it was good) whenever I see Sonic collapsing like that. It's toward the end where he beats the boss if someone hasn't seen it.
  2. I'd like to see a real Sonic 4. I'd settle for Sega redoing Episode I in 2's physics and graphics style, as well as combining them into one game with Sonic 3 & Knuckles special stages, red rings in Episode I levels, and a playable episode Metal as the prequel unlocked after beating the few new levels they should add in after Sonic 4 II levels. It would be awesome if they added in elemental shields, Knuckles as a playable character, and modern cutscenes at certain points to create some narrative.
  3. Works well on my ipad 2. Unfortunate that the only patches they released were iPhone 5 support and Facebook support. Where's the Episode Metal fix?
  4. I agree, people are way too buthurt over this. It's a decent game alone, and I found it fun. People probably hate it because it doesn't stand up to the originals in length and doesn't add much to the formula 20 years later. Take away the direct faux link to the originals (4) and people would warn up to it a little. The co op actions really didn't bother me, as much as people have complained. So all in all, not bad, especially as an IOS purchase for me. Episode I on the other hand...
  5. I've been wanting to play this for months, but it always crashes before the star post no matter what I do (restart, delete app, change device, etc). Is there a way to fix this, or de we have to depend on Sega? Most reviews already mention this flaw on the App Store, but Sega seems to turn a blind eye. I actually enjoyed Episode 2.
  6. And did you enjoy it? Mine was Sonic Advance 2. A long Nintendo fan, I picked this up for my GBA because it was cheap, and I loved it. A few years later, I played the Genesis classics and have been hooked ever since.
  7. "I thought Sonic 06 was a masterpiece. Definitely better than the Genesis classics"- Adolph Hitler
  8. Yeah, besides the irony of how Sega fans would've scoffed at this idea 20 years ago, how many more Sonic games does this pertain to? Is Lost World the 1st of the 3 games that will be exclusive to Wii U and 3DS? My bad, new to these boards, this should be in the upcoming section.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Btw I posted this in the wrong topic. I'm a huge sonic fan, but was advised by friends to never play this game unless I had sado masochistic urges.
  10. When I saw this topic I thought of a Super Luigi U style cover where Sonic the Hedgehog is crossed out and replaced with Tales the Fox. Btw, does anyone know why I can't post in the market?
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