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    I've been working on a rendition of Doomsday from S3K for a while, it sounds fairly similar to the original but I've put a...more metal-esque spin on it, although I have limitations on my programming/production as I'm backpacking Australia at the moment haha. I'll put a sample up soon, and I'd like to submit a full version for consideration for the album by the end of the month, if that's alright?
  2. I'm travelling Australia at the moment, and I'm a UK resident, so no way I can get there. It's a huge shame, I'd love to get in on at least one of the 25th Anniv. events. I'll be watching closely to see how the event goes though!
  3. I take it Zelda Picross is just Zelda picross puzzles...are there any special features within it? Is it worth the 1000 points?
  4. I reckon we'll get some new material...you know, basic info/starters/cover legendaries up soon. I'm a firm believer in CoroCoro leaks However, it wouldn't surprise me if your theory of the film trailer is correct, I'm certain that they had a special trailer for X/Y in film just before it, and it was where Trevenant was first shown, albeit unofficially. Speaking of CoroCoro...less than a week til it leaks?
  5. A wonderful, brilliant movie. I love the whole...self-referential/4th wall breaking kinda thing that some films have, and this film just blew me away. Except whats-his-face from Game of Thrones being too bland as a villain, but part of me suspects that it was intentional to piss take the 'serious villian' trope in films.
  6. The Pokémon X/Y OSTs. Fantastic writing, even if its not the best in the entire series. I really like the 'Friends' sets of songs, the variations of tone and instrumentation. Perfect.
  7. They didn't state whether the amiibo would affect it any differently yet...maybe the Pokémon ones will unlock special things at first, where as the others just give you money or customisation items instead?
  8. Yeah, I'd wager money on Z, or sequels (ZX/ZY?). Kalos was so Kanto heavy anyway, but I'm sure there'll be more references.
  9. I'd love to see 'Reach For The Stars' remixed...and I'm always up for 'Can You Feel The Sunshine'! It'd also be interesting to hear a version of Speed Highway. Super fast, super upbeat, it'd suit the running challenges well I reckon.
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