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  1. He will be missed by his fans. Can't wait for his last movie to hit the cinema's here
  2. In my opinion we should not intervene regardless of what weapons are used or if UN or red cross personal is attacked.. Not a single country has been able to produce a stable goverment or a peacefull society after their dictator was removed during the arabic spring or western intervention. They will either fall into anarchy and warring factions or the faction we tried to remove will get back to power again (Taliban in afghanistan). It is a pointless waste of rescources and human lives to intervene in the islamic world. Western goverments have trown away many billions of your tax money in a futile attempt to turn Afhanistan and Irak into a stable democratic state and they have failed epicly. More people die there every day due to violence then when their dictators where in power. What makes you think that any intervention in Syria will have any long lasting positive effect? Taking into account that those countries are hugely divided along religious, racial and family/clan lines and have no culture that supports democratic value's oposition groups will just turn against eachother as soon as the west removes Assad. They simply don't want to share the cake. They have no culture that supports democratic values. Not to mention that a good chunck of the anti Assad oposition are radical islamic extemists who hate the west just as much as they hate Assad.
  3. I love how the article says that we're out of rescources for this year but does not support it with facts and figures. Most of our rescources are finite so we would run out at some point in time anyway but defenetly not in our lifetime. When oil/gas/coal prices will rise due to running out of supplies other forms of energy production will become economicly more viable such as solar, wind and water power. We don't need some fear indulging enviromental fascist to convince us to use solar power. We simply wait for the moment solar power will become cheap enough to replace oil. There is no better motivation then that of your wallet
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. Jethro Tull - Aqualung Music from before I was born <3
  6. Heil Sonic.. wait wrong Youth movement I'm still sticking with Sonic fan. According to my ID i'm an adult so youth doesn't really reflect me.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. There is pretty much a "philia" for everything. It is not nearly as uncommon as people think to project sexual feelings onto other things than reallife persons or situations. The internet is full of rule 34 for a reason Needless to say that i've had my certain phases^^
  9. I'm going to put in Sonic R in. There are some really horrible songs in there. Living in the city, Can you feel the sunshine and so one. Only Super Sonic Racing is enjoyable. Especially if you ignore the vocals
  10. So next to the US now China will know everything you do on the internet
  11. Someone else from the Benelux? Yaaaaay

  12. Currently listening to Skyclad - Building a ruin
  13. The whole idea that children should be protected from pornography because it would turn them into sexually deprived rapist is bullshit in my opninion. Sex is part of human nature and it is only natural to get interested in it at some point. That point is usually many years before people are considered adults. Monopolising sex for adults only is just sticking your head in the sand for the truth. Teenagers and even younger children have/develop sexual feelings to. Denying the fact that they have and shelter them from exploring this seems a lot more unhealthy to me. I do think edjucation and talking with "your" children is far more effective for them to develop a healthy sex life then ignoring/forbidding them to explore their own sexuality. Having a filter is in no way a good substitute for proper education and good paranting. It does not address the issue but gives people a false sense of security. We have a filter so my child will never see any porn is delusional. He might see it on his cellphone, at a school computer or at a friends house or finds ways around it. If they want they can do it the good old fashioned way of peeking at magazines at the gass station You do not help anyone by sheltering and ignoring the dangers. Only by exposing people to it and talk about what it really is you arm them to deal with it by understanding that it does not reflect reallife nor a healthy relationship nor will a goverment enforced filter ensure that children ever view porn. If you want it you can easily defeat such filters with little effort.
  14. Well, I do not believe that parents nor the goverment can prevent that children will see porn at some point in their lives. Regardless of what software you use to block sites, there are always ways to work around it like proxy's, newsgroups, bittorrent ectra. It is impossible to prevent people from finding porn on the internet. Once someone gets interested in it, they will find it. Regardless if the britts build their great roman pornblocking wall. The thing is that parents should talk about porn with their children and make them understand that whatever they see there, does not reflect sex in reallife. Also the argument that watching porn turns people into sexual predators is just as much bullshit as that playing videogames is the reason why lunatics to spree killings at schools in the US. I've been watching porn for like 10-15 years and never raped anyone. These days goverments can pass any redicules laws with the arguments of protecting children and fighting terrorism.
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