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  1. Lost World Reviews--- Wii U- VERY SMOOTH and VERY FUN. No problems, no glitches found, was perfectly fine, could've been a bit faster but still an amazing demo. 3DS- Also impressive, but with huge slowdown in areas even without much going on. This is a demo though so hopefully this is fixed.
  2. My Wii U is now vertical. Yay.

    1. Blacklightning


      Jesus, I wouldn't even dream of doing that. Fucking thing feels like it could topple if I blew on it if I stood it upright.

    2. Sarger001


      It looks sexier and will last longer

    3. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      My wii is always vertical. Does it honestly matter though?

  3. Add Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble to the list.
  4. Yay, i'm anorexic. Why does the school have to underfeed me all the damn time? D:

  5. I already chose chespin. BRING ON POCKET MONSTERS EX AND WHY.

    1. NGw00d


      but Fennekin is best starter :V

    2. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      I might pick Froakie. I like Froakie.

  6. Nintendo Network ID- Sarger001 3DS Friend Code- 1032-1314-4326 I have a steam, but I never use it because I don't PC game. Sorry, i'll give you it anyway but don't expect to get anywhere with me on steam- Steam- Sarger001
  7. Now collects dog plushies...

  8. My sig is now docked out for this. Bring on august.
  10. So how quick do you think todays tickets will go?

    1. spinny


      I'm saying 1 second is a possibility now.

    2. Vertekins


      less than 10 seconds

  11. So we have 2 more waves or just 1? I hope 2... Please... If i don't get my tickets, i'm probably going to rage so hard.
  12. Eughh, this is the angry side of me. I'M GETTING THESE TICKETS TOMORROW.

  13. Eugh, all you guys have tickets. This makes me angry. D: No, it doesn't matter, i'll try again and fail on sunday.
  14. Well, i went on the page bang on 7. The tickets were sold out as soon as i hit 7. Waiwut.
  15. Does the persons parent/guardian count as the person who purchased the ticket, or can someone from one group be a parent/guardian of another group? I'm going with 4 other people, so that makes 5 and there's one adult. Due to family constraints there are children in another group. Can the parent in our group count as a guardian in the other group?
  16. Well, i hope this DLC comes to Wii U. But it won't, obviously. Hey, at least you guys GET DLC.
  17. So everyone here has played more than me? Somehow i feel like a bad person. But it's OK, because i'm likely going to play these games sometime in the future, just i don't know when that will happen to be.
  18. My friend has told me that Potatoes should be eaten in a swimming pool. Wut is this.

    1. Gregzilla


      Well, he's not wrong.

  19. And i just got told that i'm not going to be cosplaying as Mighty the Armadillo. I want to now kill myself. KILL ME D: There's always next year. And we have Jun. And we have all you amazing sounding people. I still wanted everyone to see my mighty cosplay.
  20. Colours is cool, but pretty slow. Compared to unleashed, obviously. Yeah, I might be getting a Xbox 360 soon... The only games i'll probably be getting are 06, Unleashed, and Gens. Apart from that, nothing. I already have my Wii U and 3DS for lost worlds.
  21. What would you say the cheapest price for a Xbox 360 be?

    1. Sarger001


      I really want to play Sonic 06 again.

      Possibly get gens.

  22. I'm still searching for a copy of Adventure 2. It's one of the games i would really like to play, and since i'm possibly getting a Saturn soon... 3D: Flickies island. But i don't have a XBOX360 or PS3 (Played Unleashed and 06 at a friends house), so i'll likely never be going Super in 06 or unleashed, unless i pick up Unleashed Wii. I'll probably never be going super in Generations either, which is a shame. I'll probably never even play Generations, which is very upsetting. I'll probably never play the Rush series either. I'll probably never play Advance 2. That and i've only gone super once because I honestly couldn't care less about the special stages/red rings/whatever stuff you have to do because they're a pain. I've only properly gone super in Sonic Adventure DX. And then the whole world gasps at me WAIT I FORGOT I PLAYED BLACK KNIGHT AND OWNED IT! And then gave it away for free.
  23. This is a interesting topic to bring up- Are there any sonic games, 2D or 3D that you haven't played? You can either list the ones you have played if you can't remember all the Sonic Titles or just can't count them all, or the ones you haven't played. I've only played a handful of Sonic titles. Let's see... ALL olympic titles Sonic Chaos (Real Game Gear) Sonic Triple Trouble (Real Game Gear) Sonic Advance Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Adventure DX Sonic '06 Sonic Colours Wii Sonic Colours DS Sonic Rush Sonic 1 (Genesis) Sonic 3 Sonic and knuckles Sonic CD Sonic Drift Sonic 1 (Game gear) Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic Heroes Sonic Unleashed (Phone) Sonic Unleashed (XBOX 360) (1 or 2 levels?) Sonic And Sega All stars racing (DS) Sonic and all stars racing transformed (Wii U) Sonic and Sega all stars racing (DS) Sonic and the Black Knight I think i've only played them. It's a very small number of games actually but i'm proud of what i've played and i can't wait to see your list
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