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  1. And the refreshing of the ticket page has started! Good luck everyone
  2. I'm liking the look of the 3DS game and I will definitely be picking up a copy. Like most people have said I would be nice to have some cutscenes rather than stills to voices. Lugi's Mansion could do cut scenes, Resident Evil could do cut scenes why can't Sonic?
  3. Hi everyone Hopefully will be attending Summer of Sonic this year. Been a Sonic fan since Sonic 2 when I got it free with my MegaDrive (which I still own and is still hooked up to my TV). Got any tips for a first time attempt to get tickets? If I manage to get a ticket for the event I plan to do some filming for my documentary I am making. The documentary is called 1UP: The Rise of Retro Video Games and its investigating the rise in popularity of retro video games over the last few years. I would like to get some quick interviews with people at Summer of Sonic so if anyone is up for it let me know. My film has a Facebook page and it's facebook.com/1upmovie so if you would like to support the film please give it a like and check out the trailer! Thanks everyone Dan
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