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  1. So how far is everyone's progress on the songs and artworks?
  2. That... is the most correct thing I've read for today... XD
  3. Is there any limit on the length of the track?
  4. I know that thing, I've read that a few dates back when I was still doing illustrating and stuff. Thanks for showing it to me!
  5. Well, I'm just sitting here in my "studio" (I don't have a proper studio, actually. Pardon my joke.) with my butt-hurting writer's block. I haven't been doing any stuffs related to video game music for months now already, so why not do a refresh? Count me in as "interested". Still not 100% about actually joining it though. Just give me a few weeks to scavenge some Sonic soundtracks for me to mess up. And (if anyone cares) hope I get a good track. And probably (as the first post said, 2 max. track per artist) I'll just do one track.
  6. happy birthday!

  7. Okay so I've decided to upload all the tracks I've submitted for TSSMA13 to Dropbox, in case if Jeff haven't downloaded them. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7d8ua6e6p9ue3o8/PJTl6g8ppT Oh yeah, also my remix of Aquarium Park is there too if anyone still cares about the existence of it. I know no one cares but here's the reminder of my tracklist: -Terminal Velocity -Windy Valley -Ska Cha Cha -Rooftop Run I have deleted the songs from SoundCloud now so... yeah...
  8. Hi guys. Been a while I haven't check this thread up. Had a lot of music studying. ANYWAY just a quick question: When will the album be released? I still have some doubts that Jeff haven't gathered all the songs I submitted for TSSMA '13. Just please someone tell me ASAP if he probably did it already. Gotta clear up my SoundCloud space...
  9. Could anyone tell me when the deadline is? Also, on second thought, if someone wants to collaborate with me, I'm always open! Well, maybe as long as the distance to deadline is greater than 14 days.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm here to post my update on my Terminal Velocity remix! Here's the track: https://soundcloud.com/mykono5/terminal-velocity-2 Changelog: -Drums (Harder drums) -Tempo (Originally 175 BPM, changed to 178 BPM) -Intro (Now it's 64-bars) -Bass (Added sub bass and [sadly] electric bass) [Thanks to DJ Ear's comment on the original track!] -Drum break -Lead synth (It has problem on whatever tracks I made using it. Fixed it!) -Bits of fixing on the arrangement Other else are the same as original. p.s. About my Ska Cha Cha remix, I'll keep the Gabber/Speedcore remix for TSSMA. My little brother seems to like it so much! p.s.s. So yeah, my songs are Terminal Velocity, Rooftop Run Daytime, Windy Valley, and Ska Cha Cha p.s.s.s I don't want to talk about Sonic anymore. Like, ever.
  11. I only watched their anime. I don't play it because I'm not interested in RPG games
  12. Battle Network and Star Force aren't in the same timeline as the Classic series. I was gonna add one for a bonus track, but I have never played both series ^^;
  13. For the fans of Mega Man... I present to you, an album by mykono5: REPLOID: BLUE An (Free!) Electronic remix album of games from Mega Man franchise! It contains 16 songs from the series of: ~Classic Mega Man ~Mega Man X ~Mega Man Zero ~Mega Man ZX/ZX Advent ALBUM PAGE + DOWNLOAD LINK: http://mykono5.bandcamp.com/album/reploid-blue Original compositions of the songs © Capcom/Inti Creates Mega Man/Rockman © Capcom/Inti Creates Album artwork by Aru R/NeonKnife48/mykono5
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