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  1. I hope GUN doesn't come back, personally. The had a role in Shadow's creation (which really isn't well-explained within the games, but only makes sense when you really look into it- which is a bit of a shame), but ever since then, I think they've just been in the way. Rouge working with GUN hasn't had a massive impact on her imo- it's just mentioned here and there. She's better off being just a treasure hunter. And Shadow joining GUN never went well with his personality. I know he left his Past behind him, I know he made peace with the GUN commander (which is only mentioned very briefly in the final fight in ShTH), but what could he possibly gain from working with them? I think Shadow will appear in Boom, in the long run. There is, after all, a solid fanbase out there. Controversial or not, I think the only way they could not put Shadow into Sonic Boom is if they plan to make him exclusive to the "original" series of games, which they claim they'll keep.
  2. Please, no Hedgehog Maria... xD; I actually quite liked that they got more humans- actually, more Robotniks- involved. I'm very much in favor of them keeping Shadow's background, just not mentioning it much... if at all. You know, to make him more mysterious. Giving him a different background would change the character entirely, and I hope they don't do that. Also, I dread to see where they might go with that. Shadow has an implied connection to Sonic (the stone tablet in the ruins, where Gerald found the Gizoid), but nothing major... in contrast to Metal Sonic. I'm afraid they might just turn Shadow into yet another Sonic clone. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I guess it all depends on how they handle human characters in Sonic Boom. Rouge won't be a difficult one, though. Let's face it, we don't know that much about her to begin with.
  3. I saw Frozen not too long ago. Personally, I thought it was okay. But I'm not sure what all the fuss is about- or maybe I've just heard "Let It Go" one too many times, lol. The animation is beautiful, though.
  4. Yeah, it's additional information. It wasn't in SA2, in ShTH, or in Sonic X (english)... although, in my opinion, it should've been, to explain the reason for Shadow's existence. Also, I guess it annoys me if someone complains about something that wasn't even in the game we're talking about? Don't get me wrong, it had its problems, but... that's not one of them. xD;
  5. I know she has the disease, but that wasn't even in the game. o-o So I thought they must've been talking about something else...
  6. I think this one's worth a mention. Just tried a new coloring style: It's Vaati from Zelda: Minish Cap. Such a cutie~ Also, here's my newest: "You should smile more." Just a little something I whipped up to promote my new group. I like how Maria turned out. x3
  7. That story... well, it hit home. Shadow and the Robotniks had an especially strong impact on me. Shadow's not just a bad guy. He's suffering from an injustice he had to witness, and he's incredibly dedicated about fulfilling the final wish of his best friend. His actions make sense. Maria's scenes are short, but sweet. She is influencing him beyond the grave, a friendship that still mattered to Shadow and that he would eventually sacrifice himself for. The ending scene left me in tears. It was Shadow at his finest. Now, Professor Gerald is one of the biggest mysteries to me. His influence on Shadow is poisonous, but only because he couldn't cope with his loss and his ingenious mind slipped. Before then. he must have been a very different man- a man who would risk his life and dedicate his research to saving his sick granddaughter's life (I do wish her NIDS would've been mentioned as it's one of the reasons for Shadow's existence, and why she never got to visit that planet). But it was his negative actions that most impacted on the life he left behind, namely his creation and his grandson. He quickly became one of my favorite characters. Dr. Eggman is... surprisingly threatening in this game. He's got a plan that he sees through, and this is the only game where he actually, well, "killed" Sonic. You also learn that he was influenced by his grandfather, which is quite interesting. I like that the game stayed true to the characters' background stories. And Sonic got some flaws, something I've been missing until LW came around, as flaws just make him that much more likeable. To sum it up... I think technical difficulties are overrated. To me, it's character personalities that really make the difference, and this game got it spot-on. And the dialogues never bothered me. I was only just learning how to speak English then. : P
  8. Thank you! x3 Tried a bit of a different way of coloring with my newest picture... Been feeling a bit down lately, but I'm feeling a lot better now that I drew this. <3 Shadow and Gerald FTW~
  9. And another one~ (It's my first time drawing NIGHTS, hope it's acceptable. x3;)
  10. I drink alcohol on occasion... I'm a very fussy drinker, though, and I only drink sweet cider. It helps me when I'm in a group of people, and because I'm a light drinker, it doesn't need a lot of alcohol to affect my social skills and make me more outgoing. It can be fun, as long as you're responsible. There's no fun in getting off your face, and getting so drunk you are at risk of passing out or even becoming verbally or physically abusive. People who do that probably need help.
  11. Thanks guys. : )) I'm gonna continue. Because I can't stop. Been doing stuff like this for 7 years, in fact, this is strongly based on my very first fancomic... this one: http://maria-robotnik.deviantart.com/gallery/24038941 I've got some ideas on how to continue from here. But it'll take a while to prepare. Still, with all the attention I got on Deviantart, it'd be too hard to resist.
  12. "Flashback" is now complete. Can't believe it's been 8 months. o,o

  13. Page 94. This is it, guys... the final page. : 3 Hope you enjoyed!
  14. Page 93, one more to go.
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