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    Making things! Things are cool, right? AMVs, mashups, drawings, photography...The Arts in general, really. Also, I'm a techie (Technology is also cool...like things!). Anyways, to those who are of the awesomeness, stay breezy!
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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of range for that kind of song...sorry.
  2. I'd like to submit a track, but the only thing I'm actually good at is singing. No skill with instruments, so if anyone is willing to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it! The track I'd like to perform is The Chosen One from Shadow the Hedgehog. Thanks in advance to whomever decides to assist me!
  3. I feel that Sonic Advance 3 is much too hated, with people calling it the worst out of the three. I personally prefer it over the first, which people deem the greatest of the series. Now, I can see why they'd say that about the first one, but I just feel that things like the variety of the level design in terms of aesthetics, the sense of breaking the sound barrier you get when achieving top speed, the different abilities the character you're playing as gets depending on who you pick as your teammate, chao hunting, the soundtrack (which mind you, is what I believe Battle was directly inspired/pulled themes from), the hilarious banter in the very sparse "cutscenes" you get when encountering a new playable character, unique boss designs... Oh! And speaking of bosses, the mood that sets once you get to the final showdown with Eggman atop the master emerald altar....hoo man! I got chills once that serious, melancholy music started playing. I could go on and on about this little gem of a cartridge game, but I think you get the picture.
  4. If this gets dumped........hoo-boy! Well, time to check off one more reason to mod my xbox, heheh! Man, I remember seeing footage of this years back. Like, pre-2010. I freaked out when I saw this back then, and now I'm getting those feelings all over again! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I think Blaze would be a good fit. Like, the fact that she treats Cream like a little sister makes me think that Cream would have her love for chao transferred over to Blaze just by being around each other. I don't know. I guess I just see Blaze as being sort of motherly towards the chao if she wasn't so busy protecting the Sol Emeralds.
  6. I figured I should start with the one that I'm most proud of, so here it is! The title for this piece is "Beautiful Blaze" because honestly, I think that she's one of the more well designed female characters. And here's my second favorite! Some of you old-skool Archie readers might recognize this pose; if you do, then you get brownie points! Title for this one is "Sonic's #1! (edit)" Corny title is corny. I'll be posting the non-edited versions of these pieces after the next post. And, the last stylized one for tonight! Title is called: "Shy Tails (stylized edit 1)". On to the next ones! I ADORE CHAO. Especially the hero variety. Title is: "My Little Hero"
  7. For a change of topic, does anyone else experience a really bad audio glitch when connecting an iPad 3G/iPod 4G or any iOS device to a tv via digital a/v adapter? For some reason, on both those devices, the audio is substantially slowed down and distorted when I have it playing on my tv. Any ideas why that may be and/or any ideas for a solution? Besides just playing it on the actual device, that is.
  8. Oh, WOW...I've been doing that since I first found out Sonic even existed!! Anyone ever imagine what it would be like if suddenly Sonic ACTUALLY came to exist in this world? Oh, the havok we would bring on the poor fella....stupid humans...I mean think about (forgive me for bringing this up) Sonic X. Take the few real-life concepts that were portrayed in the first couple of seasons (like Eggman himself), then apply it to this world (terrorism), and you've got yourself a pretty scary possibility. It might sound like I'm reading into this WAAAY too much, but think about it. I dunno; what do you guys think?
  9. I'm hoping for two main things: 1) At least half of the extra characters released for PC, and 2) The capability to play it on one's HDTV via HDMI adapter!!!! That feature I haven't tried yet (lack of money for said adapter), so if anyone's tried it for the original ASR please let me know! Must.....play...as Blaze...........they must....Have....BLAZE!!!!!!!!! (fanboy rant, lol)
  10. Hey all, does anyone know if you hook up an iPad/iPod to an apple tv, and mirror it, will it also show ANY game? Or is it like I've heard: you can only display certain games if they allow it? Also, what brand & model/version of game capture devices would you recommend for someone who has a N64, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox & Xbox 360? I'm looking for something reliable that can record in HD (at least 720p) and can be hooked up to all of the consoles that I've mentioned. Thanks in advance.
  11. Welcome to SSMB!

    1. The Ao erizo

      The Ao erizo

      Thanks, bro! Happy to be here! ^_^

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