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  1. Another downside to this sad story is the Daily Mail was atempting to blame it on the game. With what the Daily Fail is like in its crusade against video games I am waiting for them to outright try and ban it.
  2. I'm Dann, joined last week after the second wave of SoS13 tickets went out. Been playing Sonic since I was 5 on the Mega Drive back in '91 the only time I've been frustrated with the series to the point of rage quitting and throwing the disk out the window is Sonic 06. To me the games are main canon and Sonic the Comic and the Archie run are set in alternate realities. I'm from Hull ( no I don't know Hogfather ). I BMX in my spare time between college and looking for work. I see this Sonic Team/ Nintendo team up the final signing of the peace treaty fall out from the original Console Wars of the 90's. That's it for now as I can't think of anything else as I'm having a brain fart. Oh I'm on PSN as DannCook same on Nintendo Network (WiiU, 3ds and Miiverse)
  3. When I was 5 I had an incident that meant I wasn't allowed to do much or have much of a childhood so my parents got me a Mega Drive with Sonic 1 and it was the only game I had for a while ( till Sonic 2 came around). I played the living day lights out of that game and became a life long Sonic fan and because of him when I was healed and able to go out again I just wanted to run or ride my bike really fast so you could say it gave me a need for speed lol.
  4. Thought I had missed the new series of Sherlock then... But it was just series 2 repeated

  5. After bad other handheld ports of Sonic games I'm glad the tax man ones are coming out for iOS and android. I take my iPad with me a lot as well as my 3ds and I'd rather play sonic on the iPad ( minus generations 3ds of course lol ). I also am waiting for ANY news on a Sonic 3&K to be remastered.
  6. I'm loving the cross over, the little rivalry between Megaman and Sonic when traveling the Skull Egg Zone and encountering natural objects from each others worlds was genius. Also e Sonic OVA reference from Clone Mega Man.. lmao
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