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  1. "Hmmmm! The heck is that kind of bird!?", Undyne said spotting the bird. Huh. Well whatta ya know! Looks like a flicky! One of South Island's finest birds. Wonder what this guy's doing all the way out here", Sonic exclaimed. "You sure about that Nicole? Wasn't me I was talking about, but there was that one person who you seemed to it it off with at times." "ooo! Well, that'd have to be someone you've knwon for quite some time other than Sonic! I wonder who the fellow or gal could be!" "Hang on! Now even Maya's getting caught up on this deal with love!?", Pheonix thought to himself. "Best steer some things back on course". "So uh, Nicole. Before we delve further into that, what was the uh, curious condition you diagnosed off of Frisk earlier?", the layer asked the Holo-Lynx.
  2. "Heh. Ya never know with love, Nicole. Who knows? Maybe there's someone you actually do love out there. Someone usually near and dear to you. If ya know what I mean". "Where's he going with this?", Phoenix asked suspiciously. . "C'mon Nick! Let's ask her abut whatever Frisk's condition is, so we can at least calm Undyne and the flower guy down", Maya urged.
  3. God. Freaking. Damn it. How lazy can you be!? Seriously, this kickstarter is STILL technically going and the actual physical rewards somehow manage to exceed expectations in how awfully they're handled! Remember this is just a box for a usb that some people paid at least $60 for (more than the actual retail game costed at launch lol). Good grief.
  4. Well pleased to meet ya Alex! On these fine forums we have plenty to talk about and quite a few activities to boot! Welcome.
  5. "Hey! Twas the best we could do on such short notice!", Undyne protested, "She is right, you know. As soon as this new Academy location gets a med bay, we should have Frisk moved there", Batman said. "And yes Nicole, I would like what your analyzation has picked up, if you please". "Hey Frisk! You missed out on the action in the poker room and GAH!? What the!?", Phoenix and Maya were caught off guard by the sight that beheld them. "What's he even talking ab-" "SHHH! Let him have at it, guys", Frisk mouthed to the duo from his bed. "Okay then! Servbot #20! The extractor please?" "YES MS. TRON!", the servbot said, handing her a set of electronic pliers. "Alright then!", Tron said as she extracted the killswitch and then applied some pressure on the empty spot to install a new chip in. "Aaaand done! Alright then! Not only can you scan an opponents attacks from greater distance, you might be able to customize more than just those arm cannons when you do it too!", she said.
  6. "Hmph! Well, you did help look after Sarge! Much as we may have butted heads in the past, I trust you, coupled with Batman without a doubt can help Frisk....or else", Undyne said. *COUGH* "C'mon Undyne, be nice", Frisk painfully groaned. "NICE!? Nice!? Didn't you hear her Frisk!? You've got some condition and-" "You. Be quiet", Batman said looming over the flower who was next to Frisk's hospital bed. "Umph!", Flowey piped down. "Now Nicole, if you don't mind, I need you to patch in and establish a link with yourself and the Bat Computer", Batman said. "And yes, let's hear about this condition while we're at it and make a note of it". "Well see, that component in your head was taking up a lot of RAM, CPU hardrive and memory! So, it leaves room for some advancements, say, enhanced field of vision. A bit more of range of customization from your scanning tech! Think of it, like a limiter removal, but one that doesn't go all the way. More like a mini boost that you'd get to keep".
  7. "Ohhh! I see!", Tron said getting the message. She let her hair down and put on her work outfit. "Okay then! Let me have a look here! "Alright then! I've managed to isolate the kill switch! Servbot #20, if you will, keep that outlined! Now! Do you want a simple removal procedure, tune-up or an upgrade special?"
  8. "You bet that's me! Renowend Sky Pirate, genius robot creator/designer, expert 4th wall breaker, you get the picture!" "So uh, in the upcoming post below, I don't suppose there's something you need aid with, do you?", she asked, sticking her head out to check.
  9. "Somebody say E-Tanks?", Tron Bonne said showing up. "Sounds like something a Megaman who's from my universe' past would need." "Oh, hey! You're that robot of Eggman's aren't you?", she asked.
  10. "Huh, And here I thought the winner was declared after all players put their hands down", Phoenix said as he revealed he had a Royal Flush. "Then again, I guess that money was tainted anyway", Phoenix rationalized. "HA! Looks like you've still got it Nick!", Maya complimented his hand. "Uhhhh, Byakuya?", Phoenix asked unsure. "Wow! It hasn't even been that long since you saw us, I think", Maya said. "You look, quite....different from last time", she said trying to avoid the elephant in the room.
  11. "Well, I'm no Poker player, but I'd bet much dinero that she and then the new kid, Shuichi, have a lot more to share than just the game they come from, if ya know what I mean!", Maya said. "Oh yeah! Cloud mentioned some of what happened with those two while we were in danger of becoming sapphire screwed up are our lives that we can bring that up so nonchalantly, so soon after it happened?", Phoenix questioned. "Anyway, I'll admit, the only romance I haven't seen coming before it happened around the Skylanders Academy was Shantae and Roxas' relationship. One that has a weird combination of court drama, embarrassing photos, a genie girl nearly throttling a keyblade wielder's Nobody....oh and of course the meddlings of Captain Jack Sparrow", he finished groaning. "I do wonder where ol' Jack ran off too after the Season 2 finale ending", Maya said, a bit worried. "Probably still working on Project: Libertailia with Tron, just more so off the books", Phoenix rationalized.
  12. I feel like I'm being prepped for being a professor to teach things at this rate. Kinda cool, Phoenix thought to himself. "Errr, it's a bout of striving or...struggling against difficulties", Phoenix said. "Oh! Yeah! About AE's crush on Kaede! Uh, it kinda got confirmed to be one-sided. On his part. Right to him. During the Killing Games at the Hub of all the times and places, eh heh", Maya said sheepishly. "He seems better and over it nowadays, but do go easy on the kid with stuff like that", Phoenix advised.
  13. "The latter", Maya quickly said. "Latter. And a major point of contention", Phoenix said, calling the next round. "Took him forever to admit it even when we found out", Maya admitted. "That said, it might be best not to confront him with that", Phoenix said.
  14. "Nick! Did you hear that!? We are so getting paid!", Maya whispered to Phoenix in realization. "Uh, well, yeah, now that you mention it, we kinda did get dragged into the Skylanders on lawyer duty...which does make us personnel too!", Phoenix said in a hushed voice. "Of course, we'd need to put the claim under a franchise name-" "How about an extension of the "Wright Anything Agency", your...firm of sorts? Oh! I've got it!", Maya whispered back. "Well, I do suppose I've been needing an official name for business with multiverse parties", Phoenix admitted. "Then I've got it! WAAHOO (Wright Anything Agency of Heroic Obligatory Operations)!", Maya said. "That sounds almost like a team name, Maya", Phoenix said, "Maybe we should wait on-" Raincheck? Just for how long!?, Phoenix thought. "Yeah, about that. I've kinda got a fiancee and a kid back home to help raise and take care of." "And when you get to know that Togami kid. Well, he's quite stingy with his money of you ask me! Not to mention that not nearly ALL those damages were our fault!", Maya said. "Though that's what lawyers are for in this world to prevent, ain't that right Nick!?" "Okay, first Maya, settle down. Second, yes, I suppose that's one of our many lawyerly functions. I'd hate for it to come to a civil suit though, really".
  15. "Hang on a sec there! Ummm, Miss Nurse, I guess! Staff are supposed to get paychecks here!?", Maya said. "Hmmmm, that does remind me, Phoenix said taking out a case file labeled B0-GU5 Incident. "If that's the case, he's skimping out on paying us for our legal fees for the Bootleg Turnabout". "Oh, just in case he's not available, you can also consult Tron Bonne on that", Phoenix told Chi. "Oh yeah! She was breaking the 4th wall since her own videogame well before the crossovers!", Maya said. "Persevere, shall we Nick?", Maya asked exasperated. "Now Maya. Let's give the kid a fair shot. Besides, it looks like he's making a call anyway", Phoenix said, doing the same, confident with his hand. "Besides, you know me, I don't give up on people easily."