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  1. ".....You're welcome ", Tron Bonne said a bit surprised. Thanks from robots and AI were plentiful in her line of work, but thanks from human beings outside her family and regiment were a different story. Tron Bonne nodded back to Toko. " Leave Omega to me! These brats seem to be getting a kick out of suffering too much. So, it's time to start putting a damper on their parade! Okay Omega! I'm gonna need you to hold still!", she said to hulking robot as she got out her tools. "Servbots 3-12! Come over here! Pit stop treatment for E-123! Hang in there big guy! If I could patch you up as quick as I could during the incident with Wily and Eggman, then get a load of this!", Tron whispered to Omega as they prepped him for the upcoming fight, restoring him to a greater level of glory again. "Oh come on Sal! Fame just happened to come with ridding my home South Island, and then some of Robuttnik's terrorny!", Sonic objected. "Anytime Blaze. I just prefer the times we don't have to be each other's airbags", Sonic snarked with a smirk.
  2. "Uh oh! Catch her!", Tron Bonne said over the intercom her hairband. She snapped her fingers which prompted her prized mech to dive and catch Toko in its hands. "Hmm, reminds me of those dotHACK kids and that wacky game world of theirs", Tron Bonne said as Tails set her down, and her mech released Toko from its grasp. "Bit of a rough landing there. Sorry if the mech wasn't the most comfortable assist there", Tron Bonne murmured as she helped Toko balance herself. "By the way, you may want this back", she said, handing the recharged tazer to Toko. "If you can trust me on this, that's going to be an immense help to us in your hands", she capped off.
  3. Accepting the hug, Sonic tucked in and flipped them over so that he absorbed the shock upon impact when they reached the bottom. "Don't worry Blaze. I got ya!", he trained groaned, but persevered through the pain with a wink to Blaze! "Oh boy. Remind me to give you a tune-up after we get done planting that tyke's face into the pavement!", Tron Bonne said to Omega, her eyes blazing in fury up at their adversaries.
  4. Blaze! Sonic uncurled from his ball form and then leaped up to reach Blaze and grab her hand! "Blaze! Hand in there! It's going to be alright!", he said, trying to calm her down. "You know by now. One of us falls, we've got the other to catch them! And these Skylanders are no exception!" "Just don't sugar coat it!", Tron called. Tails was helping her stay in the center, flying with his hovering tails. "I've got my hands a bit full here!", Sonic replied. "I'll see if I can conduct something!", Tails said. He spared the hand he wasn't using to carry Tron to summon his hand cannon and fire disruptor shots at the net.
  5. "I'm really growing to despise that bratty Ultimate Pain of a robotic dork!", Tron sneered as they were tumbling. "He's got a stylish enough look I guess, but geez, his speeches could use a more sane editor", Sonic said. He was rolling in ball form to keep some semblance of order while the cage rolled, bumped and rode through the darkness!
  6. Hmm,  Injustice 2 is on an amazing Black Friday sale,  but I don't know if I should just wait for the inevitable Ultimate edition or something?

    1. Strickerx5


      Oh, where at? Wondering if I can get the PC version for cheap.

      I know the Ultimate Edition is already on PC though.

    2. Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon


      Hold the phone,  there's already an Ultimate edition of Injustice Gods Among Us 2!?

    3. Blacklightning


      EDIT: Nevermind, I'm a derp.

    4. Strickerx5
  7. "It's okay if it doesn't work Sally", Tails said with a reassuring smile. "There's no place If rather be then beside Sonic, you, Knuckles, or any of the gang in the fight for freedom!" "Now that's what I like to hear from a Freedom Fighter!", Sonic complimented, patting Tails on the back. "It wouldn't have worked, would it have?", Tron Bonne asked Toko, Yuta, Makoto and Komaru. Tron Bonne shrugged. "Suit yourself", she replied. Inwardly she was grateful for the sparing of resources that were more limited to her out on the field.
  8. Tron Bonne rolled her eyes. "Oh come on! This isn't some school yard! What kind of two bit bully do you take me for?", she retorted. "It looks like they're helping you realise that a little from others never hurt", Sonic suggested. "Much appreciated", Tron Bonne said. She smoothly let the tazer be dropped into her open and waiting palm. "Hmm, well now! This is a really old model, even for someone from my timeline!", Tron Bonne marveled. To her, this was old enough looking and functioning enough to be an artifact. "But I digress", she said as she took the battery out. "Servbot Number 26!", she called. "On it Ms. TRON!", the servbot in question complied walking up to her and opening up his chest component. Tron Bonne placed the taser battery within and closed the compenent. "Give it a jolt, but nothing beyond a minute. The poor thing can't take too much. You'll want to stand back a bit in case of recoil. Now, engage!", Tron Bonne capped off, clapping her hands twice to signal the procedure to start. The servbot's insides glowed bright and 60 seconds later, he slowed down and popped open his chest component, to reveal the chamber lit with left other sparks coursing into into the battery, which was practically glowing with energy itself! "Safety first", Tron said taking a hold of it with her trademark gloves, which kept her safe from getting shocked. She quickly reinstalled the battery into the tazer. "And now for a test! Servbot Number 2! You're due for a recharge! Let me know how this feels!", Tron said, activating the tazer. "W-wooo! Systems recalibrated and energy flow are coming in nicely Ms. Tron!", the servbot confirmed. "Not too fast, good. Okay then, Toko, or Jack was it?", Tron said, handing the tazer back to the schoolgirl. "It's no proper techno upgrade, but it's got a nice new battery of sorts. And it won't kill you either, well unless you have a habit of excessive tazer shocking even after you use it to access your other half. Take good care with it", she capped off. "See? Let team members help ya out every now and then!", Tails spoke up. "I was thinking that earlier too Ms. Sally!", Tails agreed. He was willing to give it a try if the opportunity arose. @Failinhearts @Ryannumber1gamer "Let's just hope this isn't one of those societies that fears stuff like the kitsune then", Tron remarked. "Cause if so, we're back to the "Demon " drawing board again".
  9.  Happy Merry Birthday! A thankful one at that too this Thanksgiving!

  10. "Ah! Don't let it ruin them for you!", Tron spoke up. "Besides, you could always borrow mine-EEP!". Tron Bonne stopped herself just in the nick of time. "Forget I said anything", she mumbled. "Hmph! How sophisticated of a hero to think like that!", Tron Bonne buffer. Tails shook his head in bewilderment. "What kind of hero relishes using despair in the first place anyway???" "Not the kind we're used to, that's for sure!", Sonic said as he dodged tomatoes that came flying at him. He even ending up catching one in his mouth to show off! Sonic raised his eyebrows at this exchange. Similar to Celestia, it really amazed him how far Toko had come since they'd first met, and now here she was actually confiding in members outside her immediate comfort group for whatever reason! " Who me? Oh ho! It's not a question of maybe, but a question of how soon and how big the upgrade you want!", Tron Bonne boasted. @Failinhearts "Hmm, that hacking gun of yours, it's on a similar function band with that of weapons from my arsenal, especially my Brecon Blaster!", she whispered to the gang so as not to warrant the villains' attention. "So, a little reverse engineering and tinkering, and I can definitely expand its range of ability." She then proceeded to turn her attention to Toko. "As for your tazer, that's child's play to take care", she handwaved.
  11. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    He's not even dead in those ones. Come on man. Try harder.
  12. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    You seem to have forgotten that Generations explains that he found the Time Eater while in space in the aftermath of Colors. Good grief.
  13. No one is more insecure about his own manliness than Gaston

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      I'm especially privy to COOOMPENSATING!!!~

  14. Favourite incarnation of Transformers?

    1. Mightyray


      Animated by far. Though the 1984 movie holds a special place in my heart since it was the first movie I watched with my partner when he was in Oz for the first time. It's so dumb and cheesy, man.

  15. One of the few things 06 got right with the Blue Blur himself:


    Heroic smugness. 

    1. Ferno


      Feels weird seeing him actually kick a robot instead of just talking about it; about how "his foot is gonna kick its butt" with no payoff.

    2. KHCast


      Shit like that better be in the movie lol

    3. Kiah


      This opening scene was amazing. Sonic sure was a cocky somebody here and I loved it 🙂

    4. Blacklightning


      Marza always has their shit together, even when Sega doesn't. Frankly they're legitimately lucky to have them as pals for all their Sonic stuff.

    5. Ferno


      It was actually Blur Studio that did the CGI for '06, along with ShadowTH. Sega's just really good at finding great CG partners to work with in general.