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  1. "Aki? Who the hell is that?", Undyne asked. "Another playmate that "we" deal with here in this dimension?",Cloud suggested.
  2. Cloud nodded. "Anytime and anyplace. You know it". "I've got all the materia and weaponry I need right here", Cloud said brandishing his buster sword. "Hmm? ANy reason you brought one that looks like I can separate into pieces?", Undyne asked raising an eyebrow as she fastened her armor and got her bearings in order. "You'll see", Cloud said as he pocketed the pieces into a case. Though he looked a bit unsure. "You seem a bit glum. Distaff Cloudy-Kins got you nervous?", Undyne asked jokingly. "She's so....self-righteous, yet supposedly a hero. The fact that she was considered a successor to the role of hero....it just seems wrong", Cloud said. "You think that's bad? Mine's a cold-blooded talker who puts you down mentally before she evens lays a finger on you. I hate those kinds", Undyne growled. "But Furio Tigre......me....I was the one who doomed us all over here", Phoenix said glumly......"But then again, that's why we're gonna show these Bootlegs the true virtue and value of the way that they lost! And save them doing it!", he said with a bold look of determination. "Dare I even ask to where that lift leads in hopes that we don't get jumped while coming out of a bookcase or portrait painting?", Phoenix asked.
  3. "Both jobs deal with death and the deceased, sometime brought back from what I've witnessed", Cloud responded. "I guess a ghost would startle me, like a certain one-winged angel who keeps coming back, but that won't stop me from dealing with any vile spirits". "Man, it's been so long, but we really did to get on far better terms with each other than we used to", Phoenix said, recalling his bickering he'd used to have with Celes, especially during the Killing Games. He was glad those days were behind them, but he also cherished the development the skylanders had kindled between one another. "Huh. so they've got a cage hanging above their main stronghold. Practically in the middle of it mid-air. Limited access and with the ability to constantly monitor whoever's using communications. How devilishly clever", Undyne observed. "It's really sad that getting up there is going to be the least difficult thing", Phoenix groaned.
  4. "Maya....I saw her and me...in a....relationship different from our own", Phoenix said, feeling mighty awkward of the situation. "If we break them out of it, they're gonna remember it all". "That's the least of our concerns. Besides, how do you think Sonic and Tails are gonna react when they revert from being Scourge and Fiona?", Undyne chuckled. "Okay, so how deep into the Academy is this room?', Cloud asked. "Please tell me it doesn't take us past practically every Skylander's room? Knowing our luck", Phoenix pleaded.
  5. "It's not stopping your contributions to the fight if you help in ways that don't risk your life needlessly!", Undyne protested. "We will defeat them. Them being us, Edgeworth. They won the battle, but not the war. Don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise, especially if it's to the point of playing right into their hands. They certainly want a piece of that", Phoenix advised. "So, about contacting the Judge man in the first place?", Cloud asked. "How?" "Edgeworth...about contacting outside...what about Lana Skye?", Phoenix asked again about Edgeworth's multiuniversal superior nervously. "She also helped out back on the final day. *GULP* In times like this, I'd say she could be our ace in the hole....was she also bootlegged and put back in her seat of power to give LOSE more legal influence as well?"
  6. "Let's just say, you may want to gear up and get your tazer ready Toko", Undyne said grinning, "Cause we're going to war with ourselves!" "Physically and legally, it appears", Phoenix quipped. "Somehow, we've got to hold the line, enough for the Judge from Wright and Edgeworth's universe to come back and host a re-opening of the trial that was lost over here", Cloud chimed in. " Yet you're friends with Maya who's also a spirit medium and has the Undead element. Besides, aren't you supposed to be some kind of "reaper" or something?", Cloud inquired. "EDGEWORTH!", Phoenix cried as he, Cloud and Undyne hurried over to help Edgeworth up! "Man, supplies for modern medicine must be lacking down here too!", Undyne oberserved the situation as they helped the prosecutor back up on his feet and to a stationary chair. "Edgeworth, as your friend, I can't really condone you going out there in this condition. It's like when Sephiroth........never mind", Phoenix said catching himself, realizing that such wouldn't have happened in this dimension.
  7. "Heh! Well, at least she didn't get turned into a fire breather. Then we'd have even bigger problems", Undyne chuckled. "Still though, that doesn't mean she won;t pack a wallop, goofy looking or not", Phoenix reminded the two. "Y'know....I kinda miss Rexy", Cloud realized. "Yeah, so do I. Shame she couldn't stay with us, but she cannot deal with cold to save her life", Phoenix recalled. "Maybe if we make a warm enclosure big enough for her, someday", Undyne thought out loud. "But for now, the present! Dealing with these bootlegs!"
  8. "Only one day left.....so even if we left and tried to come back with backup there's no telling on if we'd be able to get things fixed properly in time", Phoenix realized. "And what happened to Lana Skye? Don't tell me she was bootlegged as well and installed back at the Prosecutor's Office back home!" "Well, I hate to admit it. But we're gonna need the element of surprise to get an edge on them for that to happen", Undyne said. "Especially since if I heard my double correctly, she's even rallying Rexy and her dino posse to aid them as well".
  9. "Ugh...And unlike in court, the bootlegs are hard-pressed to put us down. I mean, we even had to restrain NEGA Shantae with a lamp to keep her from slaughtering us!"Phoenix recalled with worry. "At least in court, while some had their outbursts, we could at least settle them back down thanks to courtroom backup. Also, they weren't so much tasked with our elimination as much as just our capture. Now they want our heads", Undyne added. "And we're certain that absolutely none of them can be swayed back by any other way?", Cloud asked. Phoenix shook his head, "Not with them being affected for this long, I assume. Edgeworth, how long has it been since the trial in this dimension?" "You don't expect us to abandon you, do you!?", Undyne began to protest. "Undyne, if we want to have so much as equal matching, we're gonna need backup. And "Home" for us is the place to start", Phoenix said.
  10. "Sounds like the kind of idiocy I'd expect out of that cat-boy. Let alone his "Darky McDark Angst" self", Undyne scoffed. "Makes the mess but can't clean it up in the end". "So, you're saying they could be the ones responsible for the technical difficulty trouble back at the Academy?", Cloud asked. "God, I hope that doesn't mean we're one of their next targets! They don't even know what they're hitting....and it might be great to keep it that way!", Phoenix spoke up.
  11. Hearing Dan recollect his past ventures, brought a smile to Phoenix's face. "Well, I don't see the solution yet, but that's how most of my trials go! There must be some way we can squeeze out of this situation! Any little bit and then the tide will turn!" "He's not wrong", Phoenix agreed with Edgeworth. "It's just a lot finer when it's being used for good!" "So then, I don't suppose they're still hunting you down since they know there's stuff we can use......right?", Phoenix asked Edgeworth hopefully. "Well, if the idea is to replicate how we freed them before, then we best pray that they left enough over from the trial for us to salvage", Phoenix admitted. "One thing to always remember. Evidence is everything. Never come at them with just mental prowess. It all starts with something physical. Something they'll see or hear of. Sometime's it's a special someone. But they have to be there."
  12. http://www.animenewsnetwork.cc/news/2017-10-16/funimation-lists-releases-for-morose-mononokean-ace-attorney-yamada-kun-and-the-seven-witches/.122810

    At long last the English Dub of the Ace Attorney anime approaches.

    Let's see what you've got Funimation.

    1. Shiguy


      Haven't kept up with any of the recent AA stuff. This is gonna based off of the first 3 games?

    2. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Actually the first 2 so far.

  13. The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP

    http://www.animenewsnetwork.cc/news/2017-10-16/funimation-lists-releases-for-morose-mononokean-ace-attorney-yamada-kun-and-the-seven-witches/.122810 At long last, we have received official news of the Ace Attorney anime's english dub, courtesy of Funimation. Featuring both its English and Japanese audio the Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo of Ace Attorney Season 1 will be released on January 23rd of 2018.
  14. "Objection", Phoenix didn't even bother yelling for this one. "We've had a battle of the bands competition and have actually done musical collaborations with the literal deceased spirit and ghost of a rockstar", Phoenix said deadpan. "Not to mention, my assistant is a spirit medium and my serial murderous ex-girlfriend is a ghost too! There isn't enough hallucination gas in the multiverse to make that stuff up!", the lawyer declared.
  15. "Nep...don't you remember? You, uh, were the defendant for that trial after all?", Phoenix asked, a bit worried by Neptune's attention span. "Anyway, for recollection's sake. It wasn't all that easy. Some bootlegs like Kat, NEGA Shantae and Katii @Emperor Robrainiac took a bit more strategy to convince than others. It was a combination of both physical evidence, and mental evidence, genuine to the nth degree! Even in the end, it took stunning the remaining bootlegs with the procedure done by us all and capped off with Joker's defeat when the ultimate truth came out. That and the Turnabout Mode", he capped off. "Hmmm, come to think of it, the first time I met you guys was after you broke out of the Academy when you were stuck in the Killing Games", Undyne recalled. "Yeah, we didn't see you and the elementals after the Ghost Attack on the Academy led by Ember McClain, not even the Valentine's Day Dance. We met agin during the Killing Games when Monokuma took over the HUB after we won the Bootleg Trial", Phoenix spoke up. "This I concur with", Phoenix said. "As far as most people know, we're the heroes who get stuff done. And anyone who didn't come right to us probably would've been locked on, located and bootlegged. Wouldn't be surprised if LOSE had Owl Man, Batman, take over Gotham to let Joker mass produce that crap", Undyne suggested.