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  1.  My main men! Crash,  Sonic and Mario. All gonna be available on the Switch and on the go this generation!B)

    Ultimate Platforming Trinity attained. 

    1. Dejimon11


      Best timeline. 

    2. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick
    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Mega Man too, don't forget it
      Now all we need is Crash in Smash and the dream will be complete.

    4. Dejimon11


      And you know what re-release the Pac-Man World goes for the hell of it

    5. Space☆Yeow


      Wait, was Crash N-Sane on Switch confirmed (re: officially announced)?

    6. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick


      Spanish retailer leaked it. 

  2. Bif of a tough call there, as a notable amount of fans, especially those who started off on the series with them. And with that mentality, you really shouldn't be surprised by the numbers who don't even really care about the story due to its poor handling at times, and as a result, some being lost to the point where they feel the series take itself too seriously. Long running series that span across several different consoles over their course, need to at least be better at narratives this overarching and connected as Kingdom Hearts if it wants fans coming back for much more than the gameplay and Disney characters (of which quite a few are disappointed in as well) at this point with how many have been burned out waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. And yet, even a simple remaster likely would've been received better, given the reception. Square were just lazy on this one. Heck, they bothered with DDD, it wouldn't really have been much trouble with the other two.
  3. And yet the general consesus on the execution of 358/2 Days as a movie is still quite mixed for a good reason. There was really nothing stopping or hindering Square that much from tinkering with the gameplay system. Or if they really wanted to make a movie out of it, they should've committed. The movie itself has a bad habit of not accommodating well, for all the scenes that are conveyed via gameplay segments, so at times it literally comes off as one of those "Movie of Cutscenes" you'd see a youtuber upload on youtube of game cutscenes. Those are at least two major ways Square could've satisfied consumers, but they couldn't do either. There honestly was really no point in removing the gameplay. At worst, they could've just implemented an option to play it as it was before just in HD, or as its "movie" version. I'm assuming you're referring to the game's overly long development time, and not the game itself. Honestly, either way, that's not a good reason for them to have skimped out on a proper HD version of the 358/2 Days and Re:Coded respectively. Especially considering how they'd wasted time on things even less deserving already.
  4. Thankfully I'm not comparing it to the Days movie. The point is that both movie renditions sucked and are less fun then their movie counterparts. And that Square should've just remade the games with better systems if they didn't want to simply do an HD re-scaling.
  5. #Wakanda Forever is one of the best trends ever!

  6. I liked it too, but the mission structure and pacing was terrible, even I'll admit. And the skills system needs some serious reworking. Either way though, even I'll agree to preferring the DS version over the HD version.
  7. This. They should've done that from the get-go hands down. Precisely my point! The best thing about Re:Coded was its gameplay. Take that away and we're left with a painfully repetitive and even more boring story.
  8. "Sally what!?" Normally Sonic would've resisted the hug, but her found himself just all the more stunned in shock at Sally allowing Amy to return. Right as he said that though, a sappy bout of music began playing in scene. "A-anyway! Amy! It's only been a few months since the Robot Masters fiasco! Errrr", Sonic tried to think of small talk while he and Amy were locked together in a hug, trying and failing to hold back the kissing. "And will someone turn that music off!? It's not helping....at least my situation", he whispered the last bit so no one could hear. "Was Sticks okay with you going!? I mean, I know even I offered for you guys to join this team but-". Sonic tried to find a way out of this, but to no avail. "Ahhh! Don't worry Rose! We kept him nice safe and pampered for you!", Tron Bonne interjected. "Oh that's just nice! Don't you have an Ultimate Nurse to ask out while you're at it!?", Sonic retorted. "You first blue boy!", Tron Bonne snapped back. Hsien-Ko meanwhile was silently just enjoying everything as she'd been the one to turn on a nearby boom box to set up the mood. "They do make good couples both, don't they Mei-Ling?", she said jokingly to her sister. "Dig the dress eh?" Undyne felt quite well met by a potential fellow warrior. "Not my usual armor or even causal wear, but it's fine tuned well. Threaded and thickened enough to the point where I can kick ass, take a few pokes and still look grand for a dance afterward! As for who I am". Undyne then twirled her spear before posing with several more summoned. "Name's Undyne! Some know me as the Undying!" "Warrior of Water Elementals!", she noted as she summoned a fountain of water. before quickly dissipating it! "One thing's always the same though! I'm a captain of the royal guard! For anyone in need nowadays since my kingdom got moved above ground! Pretty cool huh?" She settled down a bit to inquire some things. "So preator huh? Boyfriend and someone to protect? I'd almost guess you're a royal guardsmen too!", she asked Saber.
  9. Meanwhile, around that time,, a group of heroes was passing through the area. 'Ugh! Valentine's Day!", Sonic said, sticking out his tongue. "Sure you're not just salty since you don't have a date this year?", Hsien-Ko japed. "Pffft! The last thing that goes with my new name is "Lonely"", thank you very much!",Sonic retorted. he wasn't against the idea, far from it. It was just that, he had certain "charmers" to watch out for. Especially when pursuit came in the form of Piko Piko hammer and proclamations of marriage. "Why don't you just ask the Princess Cat of Princess Chimpmunk?", Tron Bonn remarked. She was heading with them to gt supplies for her ship fixing. Though, seeing the sights, she couldn't help but admit, she missed Megaman Volnutt even more solely. And then her mind lingered back to what had happened with Mikan aboard the Gesellschaft earlier and- "No! It was just a sign of respect for each other! Nothing more! Right?", Tron Bonne asked herself. She was frightened by how unsure she was. @DanJ86 "I swear, this day is specifically mean to drive anyone who's single, crazy", Hsien-Ko sighed while Tails nodded in agreement. "Anyway! Sure I took Blaze out to the dance last year, but as you'll recall, things were at least a wave's worth different!", Sonic reminded Tron. "Well, wasn't there a pink hedgehog from that Robot Masters incident?", she said, batting an eyelash mockingly at Sonic. "Please, there's enough colors all around here to remember "My Sweet Passion" herself by", Sonic quipped.
  10. "Lady! You want to look for penguin goons, then you're looking for the prinnies, newcomer!", a familiar fish said as she arrived on the scene. Who else but Undyne? But this time, instead of her usual attire, she was dressed for the occasion as she'd been last year, in her royal dress, from the under keep. "So, Dan, who's your new anime girlfriend?", the fish lady asked casually. Nothing short of her usual brand of japing.
  11. Tron Bonne raised her eyes at that statement. "You do realize we've seen far stranger then them right? Well, at least you aren't actively arbitrarily skeptical like a lot of your peers, I'll give you that, Pigtails", she sighed. Sonic, Tails and Hsien-Ko were meanwhile deep in thought as they started at Chi's inactive body. "So, he was a spy tinkered with from the get-go", Hsien-Ko recalled. Tails nodded in response. "The Eggman/Wily incident must've boosted his sense of heroism. He truly was our friend at that point." "Must've wanted a crack at both Eggmen more than ever!", Sonic mused out loud. "That reminds me....back when LOSE attacked us head on, when me and Chi squared off against Mecha Sally and Eggman, the doc said a few things that triggered Chi...really badly. @NegaMetallix Sonic then gave an offhanded glance. "You think....maybe he had an inkling of it?", the hedgehog thought out loud as the Gesellschaft touched down and the heroes disembarked to be met with a Valentine's Day setting. "Huh red and pink", Sonic noted. Hsien-Ko, Tron Bonne and Tails couldn't help but notice that he was shuddering. Something about those colors reminded him of something. Epilogue 3: From One Cracked Plan Hatches Another Meanwhile, back on the Planet Earth, somewhere in Sonic's home realm, there was an offshore base located on a magma outreach. SOURCE "Well Uncle Eggman!", Eggette said as she watched a camera recording, "It's shame my mad cousin once removed.......however many generations from the future wasn't really an alternate version of yourself! Then he'd have had a NEGA me to keep his head straight!", she said giggling. "Figures!", Eggman said a t the control panel. he was fiddling with the controls all around and about. "Luckily, despite my deranged descendant's maverick tendencies, he always forgets, I come prepared with my run-a-way robots ever since I found out what happened with Gamma! So of course, I had Chi micro-chipped". "So how'd you guess NEGA was going to turn on us, Uncle?", Eggette asked. "Oh, that's simple! For starters, I know him too well! But, ever since I first encountered that defect gizoid since venturing to that ice wasteland, I knew something was wrong!", Eggman recalled. *Which You can see back in the daily life preceding Season 3 Episode 2 right here! "It was the way he responded. I recognized those mannerisms! Even from previous inventions of mine who'd revolted, none, not even Omega showed such a level of backlash to their original functions", Eggman continued. Eggette continued to listen in, intrigued. "And then! Then came the day, not too long after they foiled me or your dear Uncle Grampa's glorious plans and that beatnik fool Bass lost me Mecha Sally!", Eggman said, flashing back again. "He'd done it so much at that point in time, it was almost second nature! And then, suddenly, Quint said it!", Eggman said, beaming, proud of himself. "Phi? OH! You mean that defecting little punk bot E-121 Chi!", Eggman realized. "That's a gizoid, not even my best! If anything he's fun to toy with and-" "Hang on a sec! Skylander problem...but he's the only one there. Eh heh heh heh! Classic gizoid defect! He's getting a bit head strong! And if those readings that Metal Sonic scanned off of him during Bass' little stunt is anything to go by, the gizoid's biting off more than he can chew! Something about him has changed since our little tango before Plan C had to be put into action. And we're going to take advantage of it!", Eggman said, ecstatic at the news. "Alright Quint. Relay the news to Eggman NEGA, that the bird has laid its eggs. And like any good breakfast, we're gonna be having a crack at it and scramble it good while setting it in its place! Even better, with that raccoon girl on ice and Blaze out of her dimension...well NEGA should have a good idea of what to do. Just see what's left of that robot for me to take back control of, GYA HA HA HA HA HA!" "Wow Uncle...cousin NEGA's even less subtle than you", Eggette said. "I try! I try! Anyway! It was a simple manner of monitoring Chi from carefully placed areas. Having Metal Sonic pay a covert visit to reinstall Chi's surveillance tech and voila! Instant TV for what NEGA was planning! And his defeat while thankful is also going to help us! I trust the data we retrieved from Chi's scanners came through?" "Oh you bet it did it and then some Uncle Eggman!", Eggette reported happily. "We got the specific data and brain-wave readings off of them! Not only do we know how those pesky Dirt Landers think, but their range of thought! Oh, and that Bonne lady has quite a knack for tech and interchangeable mechs! Shame that purple pirate lady scared her off from LOSE! She'd have made a great asset to you, legionized of course!" "Excellent! Which reminds me! For our next phase of Project: Dream Cast-away! I trust you've gotten in touch with Trinity in need for...you-know-who and the new brand of legionization we're testing out?", he asked. @Ryannumber1gamer "Oh Yeah! Trinity's been off helping Uncle Grampa wth his own machinations, but I hear she'll be all set sooner or later! Besdes Uncle! For now, you've just got your Valentine's date to focus on for now!", Eggette responded. "That's very and-bWAAAAAHT!?", Eggman fell back in his chair at the sound of that."K-K "AYUP! Uncle! It's Valentine's Day! So better gift to get you than a date?", the prodigal girl said to Eggman, grinning wildly. "You know, you haven't had the best of luck with the ladies in yuor life except for one!" "Oh no..please not her. Why on Mobius' disgustingly green earth would you get her?", Eggman said, sweating bullets, guessing who Eggette had summoned. "Oh did you guess? It's that Galactic Huntress or something...you know! Katella! I heard the only thing stopping her from marrying you was grandma Robotnik! But since you're finally free of her, I let Katella know and"..... As Eggette continued, Eggman's mustache just began to droop further and further. "K-k-k-KATELLA!?" Suddnely, a pool of traumatizing memories, urshed to Eggman's head. Back to his "younger years" with Katella: Yeah, they were certainly WERE NOT pretty! "I still shudder to think what she'd have been like if she thought less of me. Like say, hated me!", Eggman gulped. "Then again", he said to himself, rubbing his chin as he mused a plan as Eggetta continued to ramble on. "I could maybe...just maybe use this to my advantage. She was did have a knack for hunting even the most wildest of mobians. Heh, heh, heh." While Eggman was for the most part, just trying to make light of dark skies coming his way, yet another plan was being hatched by the turn of events. "Mwahahaha! (Much as I may need to grin and bear it!) Niece! This may just be the person I need for the job of tackling certain wildlife that's rooted itself into our business for far too long while the hedgehog was been away!" Maybe if I'm lucky, Albert might also be gracious enough to lend me a hand in constructing a Robtonik duplicate for evading Katella if she's in for the long haul! @Ryannumber1gamer Or at the very least, some knowhow to keep me out of her clutches! The doctor thought to himself, still quite worried. It seems Sonic wasn't the only one with a persistent and pursuing admirer!
  12. Uhhhh, about that. You can't exactly play 358/2 Days unless you have a DS unfortunately. Hey, at least we'd have had playable Donald, Goofy and Organization Members in HD. :U Ehhhh, doesn't help that some scenes aren't handled well, especially since in quite a few cases, they didn't bother to make scenes bridging the gaps between cutscenes. If they'd actually bothered to make an actual "movie" I'd agree, but as it is, it's faulty as fuck. And then there's Re:Coded the movie which is all kinds of "NOPE".
  13. Yeah, but for a newcomer, there's a good reason why it's ordered with CoM coming before 358/2 Days which both come before Kingdom Hearts 2 order wise in the collection. It's for the best conveyance of plot. Besides, considering how a lot of the goals of certain characters by the end of 358/2 Days are tied heavily into stuff that happened near the end of Chains of Memories, it's definitely best to finish that before 358/2 Days.
  14. Actually, @Polkadi, considering how 358/2 Days spoils some things from Chain of Memories you definitely want to handle CoM before that one. Shame that the Ps4 collection version of 358/2 Days is a boring movie instead of the DS game, but I digress.
  15. Eh, considering how the Auron is the same Auron from Final Fantasy X, no we wouldn't really have to. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time Kingdom Hearts has pulled a thin stretch with a leap of logic, so even if that were the theory you're suggesting to be, if anything it'd just be par the course with the writing brain train for the series. Well, I mean if that's your main argument for the Cinderella world not returning in the first place, then I'm not seeing it. :U

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