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  1. I could see them working as Sonic Special Stages, or doing a better yet, just more fast-paced sections of the game, akin to 06's mach speed sections (just not sucky). Or bite-sized sections that correlate to the story.
  2. He mentioned that there would be boost style sections connected by the open world.
  3. My guess is that the 4K output would come from the docked mode, and the handheld mode while regularly powerful itself, would not.
  4. If this Switch Pro can output in 4K seamlessly, that is one hell of an upgrade, almost the equivalent to a generation jump.
  5. Let's be honest. It's norm for companies to go about revealing stuff as planned, with or without leaks.
  6. Since they appear to be going the Nintendo Durect route with these Sonic Central videos, assuming they're frequent enough, they're probably looking to go for more of a drop feed method, slowly building up each major game project bit by bit.
  7. Sonic Colors is, and always will be a good game, regardless of what came after.

    1. Winston


      Sonic Colors was a smart idea at the time. They played it safe with the story and had Eggman be the central villain. I think Unleashed has a better world and grander feel than Colors does, but I know why Colors did what it did. It's just a shame that what followed really ruined what Colors did as it never really progressed past it and the Wisps just got worse over time. They were good in Colors for the most part because they didn't take away too much from the core Sonic gameplay. It's still personally one of my favorite Sonic games. 

    2. T-Min


      A lot of Colors' decisions made sense at the time, and honestly, I'm still pretty forgiving of its story compared to the other 2010s games. After years of apocalyptic god-monster plots, a simple and light story about Sonic and Tails just exchanging banter and conquering Eggman's latest scheme was really refreshing. Hindsight bias makes people forget how well-received the Colors writers were at first.

      I'm not as hot on the gameplay and level design as I was at the time, but it's really not Colors' fault that SEGA learned the wrong lessons from it. As far as the early "meta era" goes, Generations is the game I'll still swear by.

  8. If they have slowed Sonic down somewhat, and are keeping the boost formula regulated to certain sections, then I could see this being a more meatier experience, like say, Adventure 1. The reason that Sonic games lately have been struggling with their content is due to the boost formula being prevalent. It's a formula that required them to make unbelievably long to service Sonic's breakneck speed, which took up a lot of dev time. With more restrained speed, the devs shouldn't be as strapped having to make levels as long and thus have more time to pack more content in.
  9. Very interesting. Wonder why the screenshots are only of the player character in wisp form though.
  10. I have no qualms with the Switch and PS4 getting this game. I want it to look good, but it doesn't need to be some graphics showcase tech demo. Let it look good, sure, but also focus on making sure it plays good.
  11. Honestly, we don't even really know what Sonic Team currently is, to the point where Statements like these^ mean practically nothing, given how Forces was advertised as being from the team that brought us Sonic Colors. They're likely capable, but we'll have to see if this is what they actually chose to do. Just make sure to hype responsibly all the way.
  12. If they can optimize the ports properly, giving the time and care they need, then we should be fine.
  13. We're pretty much in the phase where companies start spreading out info to get people in motion for E3. It's actually been a thing for quite some time to the point where "pre-E3" shows could show up as early as late May.
  14. The weirdest thing from that leak is the implication that Roger was still going to voice Sonic. Makes me wonder if the falling out with SEGA might've messed things up with that if Roger didn't end up (thankfully) coming back in the end.

    1. Strickerx5


      I mean, it might have just been recycled voice clips (they do that a lot). Unless I missed the part where full dialogue was a thing.

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


      The leak specifically mentions "new voice acting by Roger".

    3. Zaysho


      Usually for prototyping purposes I think they gather stock audio. Drummond's voice is used in Rush's E3 demo while the final game used Griffith, for example.

    4. Strickerx5


      Could also be what Zay said and simply be unused clips from him in other titles. Though, I also thought that the English VA work is usually still one of the last things to happen. Odd.

    5. Zaysho


      It usually is, I think. I don't think Sonic is done much differently in that regard. I figure any audio this person supposedly heard in this focus test demo was taken from previous games. I guess I worded it a little awkwardly saying "gathering stock audio" when I mean to say they took it from other games.

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