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  1. Speaking as someone who likes all the gameplay styles that the series has sported, I'll be quite honest in admitting that Boost gameplay while certainly fun for spectacle could stand to be tinkered with so that it doesn't feel like something that you absolutely need to use just to cross a long hallway! I mean sure, the boost gameplay isn't THAT simple, but you'll notice how in Generations, there's all mainly reward but nowhere near an equivalent of risk to using the Boost unlike in say, the Rush games. And on personal pet peeve, using the boost some much does kinda suck when it takes the air from the themes for so long. At least in Colors, the restraint and usual of the boost was to be used more conservingly, so there it felt like a fun little side effect hearing the music while breaking the sound barrier whereas in Generations, it sadly became the normality. Bottom-line, my biggest hope is that the game, Sonic Forces, as a whole, first tutorial level be damned, balance out boost and the usual of skill more so like in Colors, but without as much reliance on 2d gameplay of course.
  2. "Yeah that was probably just us as we were tackling your inner demon! Now the rest is up to you Princess!", Undyne called over to Celes. "I agree! Ms. Taeko, the time for the time is now! Come to terms for the power of the truth!", Phoenix said in conjunction to Undyne's opener.
  3. "Hey! She's down for the count! Now we just need Taeko to accept the truth....and finally start telling it for all our sakes!", an exasperated Phoenix Wright said. "Oh, please Taeko! Please accept who yourself for who you are! Identity can't be that bad a thing! I should know! I tried running away from who I truly was once....and it didn't end well for me or my family!", Maya called over to the fallen girl! "She's right you know! When I lose sight of myself, that gives Nega Shantae all too well the opportunity to strike!", Shantae added on.
  4. "Punkish fiend! You really are a dull-head!", Undyne yelled at the Link Joker. "We've got Water!", she said conjuring a massive bout of it! "Air and Light!", Phoenix called smirking. "Life, and the power of the Undead!", Maya called building up her channeling energy! "Don't forget our own Magic and Fire!", Shantae said adding all her magical assets to the mix. "It's time to pay your dues you faker! Taeko! Get ready for this!", SOnic the Hegdhehog said as he funneled all their power attacks into a laser guided right at the Link Joker!
  5. "Heh, alright then! Let's show them what we're made of!", Sonic declared speed bursting into the fray! "Attagirl!", Undyne complimented. "Water's my specialty too! Let's break 'em down shall we?", she said as channeled water coursing through another handy spear to shatter the magma! "We've got your back too! Maya let's blaze us a trail!" "Right Nick!" "We'll break the locks trapping us in darkness......RIGHT THERE!"
  6. "Yeesh! Only twice in his life? How exactly do you Sentinels go super!?", a surprised Sonic asked the sentinel. Meanwhile, Undyne, Phoenix, Maya and Shantae were weaving in and out of the attacks. "Heh, come on slowpoke, I'm spear grading your rear end with at least 10 spears a second!", Undyne boasted at the Link Joker. "That's nice Undyne, but we need a weak point to start doing some real damage!", Shantae said hair whipping back a piece!
  7. "NGAAAH! Oh man! We nearly had her! Until she just went ahead and cheated!", Undyne said going on the defensive. "I don't suppose we can reflect those deleter beams back at her, can we?"
  8. "Search me! All I know is that the Danganronpa kids here have dealt with something of that name before. Actually apparently a lot got revived during some crisis with it too! Regardless, Sentinel Sonic! You guys have brought it down before! Any advice?"
  9. "AHA! An opportunity! Let's give her all we've got!", Phoenix yelled! "You go it Nick!" "Sonic blast, is what you asked for, right!?", Sonic said sending a shockwave by spindashing. "Well then, time for the finisher!", SHantae cried as she volleyed fourth a magic ball! "Spears on the house then!", Undyne yelled as she summoned three giant spears and hurled them at the shadow Celes' way!
  10. "Don't think it's over yet! Sonic clear us a path!" "Right then! Follow my lead!", Sonic said manuevering just the right path for the powered-up Phoenix & Maya, Undyne, and Shantae to follow dodging the dark particles ready to take the fight to more direct approach! Undyne kept the fire at bay with her water magic for good measure to ease things on the heroes!
  11. "Nick! Let's help all we can!", Maya said. "Right then! Let's do it!" The duo cried, overclocking into Turnabout mode! "Alright Taeko! Let's turn this caper around! Phoenix said leading Maya through the dark energy mist with gusto! "We'll bring the truth to LIGHT no matter what!" "Right behind ya Mr, Wright!",Shantae said slicing through the dark energy with her pirate sword and hair whip combined!
  12. "Heh, you're bright! But not bright enough if you think we didn't bring a water fighter to the stage, like MEEEEE!", Undyne cried as she summoned a wave of water to counter the fire storm. "That's nice Unyne! Try and keep her at bay for a bit!", Phoenix called from behind Undyne, trying to formulate a plan!
  13. "Soooo, is this the part where we get to knock some long-time-coming sense into Celes without it necessarily being Celes?" "Cause if so, sign me up! Uh, no offense whichever one of you is the real Celestia Ludenburger!", Maya said eagerly. "Well, I guess I can't say I completly object to that notion either!", Shantae relented.
  14. "Oh great! The shadow of a perpetual liar and gambler! I'm oh so certain this won't be an all-time powerful foe!", Phoenix said feeling so done with this shit. "Yeesh! And I thought my inner demons were bad!", Shantae piped up.
  15. "Geez! With those bear puns injected, now you've got me wondering if it's a giant Bear-tier Shadow!"