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  1. "Sword At Online" AKA "How I Learned to be Great At Everything With No Self Awareness Whatsoever".


  2. Hyperbolism and unfunny jokes won't get you far, old chum.
  3. "Your majesty...Simba, with all due respect, and speaking as a father myself, I'd say you did the right thing! It takes true bravery to take the true priories of family!" "Daddy's right Simba!", Trucy said bounding up next to her father. "I believe you're not one to just hand over the throne! And we'll be happy to aid you in rightfully reclaiming it!" "They're all right Simba! Resurrected nemsis or not, there's no way you'd just let him get away with it! And we'll see him step down one or another, just old times, eh?", Sora said. "Yeah! We'll show that big bully Scar a thing or two!", Maya said excited. "hmmm, I don't suppose it's as heavily guarded is it, your majesty?", Frisk asked apprehensive.
  4. "Ah don't worry about Katii! She doesn't bite! She's just a real big fan it seems!", Sora vouched for Kat. "So, I don't mean to break up the reunion, but are things getting a bit out of hand here??"
  5. "Simba! Long time no see..."your majesty"!", Sora said in a greeting manner as he kept hyenas at bay with his keyblade in mouth, dashing in and out to strike. "Oooooh! Sora! You never told us you were friends with this much royalty! Ummph!", Maya said as she tripped still trying to get the hang of walking on all fours. *SIGH* "Maya, I told you to take it easy!", Phoenix scolded. As he roared an OBJECTION to push back a bunch of the braying hyenas. "Ahem! Pleased to meet you, your majesty! My name is Phoenix Wright: Ace Att- errr I guess Ace Lion Attorney at the moment...." "I'm Maya Fey!", the spirit medium lion spoke up, picking herself up. "And I'm Trucy, the big blue's daughter!", Trucy said still being held down from pouncing out of control on things by her father. "Ummm hello your majesty! I'm Frisk! Uhh, don't mind Homura please. She's just often a bit grumpy is all!", Frisk said as he vaulted over a hyena, tricking it into crashing into a hole.
  6. Now they just need to include the Wright characters for le roster.
  7. Well, I did say that they're rare anyway these days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If one might spark even a chance of such, it depends on how great assuming there even was a notable amount so much that it got their attention.
  8. Guess the best hope is the nowadays rare, global localization tier of change when it comes overseas.
  9. "Well, as for what lions here can actually do Kat, you'd be surprised at how damaging their roars can be even without fire breath!", Sora reassured Katii. "Ooh! You here that Nick!?", Maya said excited, "If your yelling "OBJECTION!" did as much much damage as it did before, just imagine what you can do roaring it mightily!" "Ooh! Wanna try it out Daddy?" "Only if absolutley necessary Trucy! I don't want to risk deafening the group for nothing!", Phoenix said.
  10. "Alright you two! We get it already! Cool it with the yuk yuks there!", Phoenix growled at them. "Assuming they can help it, that is!", Trucy piped up.
  11. "Hey! I usually wear clothes in my usual form, but you don't see me complaining!", Maya the lion said as she was frolicking about the scenery. "She's got ya there Nicole!", Frisk piped up.
  12. "Oh! Yeaaaah! That takes some getting used to! Personally I recommend using your mouth tucked tight over the the blade handle or using your tail! Though the latter's surprisingly the harder one to do!", Sora advised. "Y'know, we actually have a lot of these kinds of animals back home! You're welcome to visit if you wish!", Phoenix said while keeping track of Maya and Trucy. "I know right!? Being a lion is so cool! Even if Nick gets to hog the adult forms!", Maya said. "Y'know Katii! Back home, lions is literally really bigger and more powerful cats. So uh, I'm guessing you're feeling really in tune with your new form!", Trucy complimented. "Ummm, if it's any consolation Ms. Nicole. We've already seen what lynxes look like out in the wild baring it!", Frisk said, trying to console Nicole.
  13. "Hey well look at the bright side Mr. Edgeworth! At least you didn't turn into a Rowlett!", Sora said trotting up to them in his lion form. "Uhhh, speaking of Pokemon....." "Frisk! You're an Eevee!?", Phoenix said shocked. "Gee Mr. Wright! How come you get to be a full grown lion! I mean I know you're tall, but..." "Wait a minute! I'm what!? And Maya! Trucy! Stop getting so wound up there!", Phoenix said. "Huh, I'm surprised I didn't become a bird, given the know what never mind. I'll take what I can get!"
  14. @Cheawn "It like I said earlier Kirby, why would they point us in the direction of the next Disney World we need to go to when the very same guy who gave us the card, said not to trifle!", Phoenix said.
  15. "Well, don't hold your collective breath on that one, champs!", Maya spoke up. "Oh.....I see.....", Sora said getting the message. "Dude really was a creep after all, ugh that's a shame. Still, don't let his failure to change get you down guys!", Sora said doing his best to raise the morale of the group at present. "You said it Edgeworth! It's almost like there's more than just one plane within whatever scheme these creeps have cooked up for us. Foul play is the least of all dangers it seems!", Phoenix agreed.