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  1. "Huh, I can't believe I'm already starting to miss Godot in regards to coffee", Phoenix said. "Hey ummm, Roxas! You may want to be careful. Seems the teddy bear's got a knack for sinking ships around these parts", Kay warned,"And that's assuming he's not gonna try and turn Shantae yandere for you!" "Oh come on Kay! I'd never do that! Totally........."
  2. "Why, I remember doing stuff like that, back in the underground. It seems perhaps great stage minds think alike!" "Mettaton, let's uh, stay focused on the fact that he's trying to kill us, and I pray that you're better than that!", Kay said. "Urrr, well, if it's any consolation, I only tried to kill the small child named Frisk to save humanity from the monsters underground at the time", Mettaton admitted. "But the kid proved he was tougher than I thought. Tough enough to make it past even Asgore and the horrors that came afterward too. Needless to say, I'm not really the killer kind of robot these days. It'd waste far too many potential fans anyway!" "Okaaaaay. Well, I guess I can take solace in the fact you two seem to have made up to the point of being friends", Kay said trying to rationalize what she'd just heard. "So, I guess we can trust you........."Please Mr. Wright! Don't be wrong with your judgement on these guys! Kay thought to herself. "What the!? Where is he!? I just got out of bed with him-" "Too much information, Shantae!" "Although yeah, I could've sworn he was just with us. Where is he?", Phoenix pondered.
  3. "Oh no! Don't tell me you gave Gummy even more salary cuts back then!", Kay said horrified. "Says the guy who didn't believe in spirit channeling despite even witnessing it, until the incident at Hazukara Temple", Phoenix snarked. "But yeah Edgeworth, I won't deny that many have come to my aid. Heck even you came around for us, hard headed as you were back then during the Steel Samurai incident. And I still can't thank you enough for helping me out when Maya was kidnapped", Phoenix said. "Heh, and I'll admit, it was nice having you on my defense team during the big one back in 2019!" "Well isn't that just dandy?", Shantae said deadpan. My, my. A host with a sense of bending the rules for an interesting show! Y'know Mr. Monokuma, if we ever make nice, I insist on exchanging show bizz notes!",Mettaton spoke up enthusiastically.
  4. "Really on the nose with that forbidden action Edgeworth!", Kay warned. "Eh, to be fair Kay, he's kinda learned it out of humble-ness from losing to yours truly on my second trial, and learning how to actually see BS for what is by the time of my third trial", Phoenix boasted. "Oh! By second trial, do you mean the infamous "OTHER SIDE!?" incident involving Ms. Mia Fey I've heard about?" Kay said, pursuing this new tidbit of info. "Wait! You mean that actually happened??" Shantae spoke up. "What kinda crazy law system has prosecutors leading the case who don't even properly check their evidence !?" "Let alone that of a receipt", Sonic said. "It sounds like a killer time for ratings with the court there!", Mettaton piped up. "Although I must admit, a blunder like that sounds worthy of "Ace Idiot". "Well guys, I guess to be fair, it kinda took a while for me to find out about, even it was before Miles", Phoenix said. "Then again, I did kinda have the excuse of pressure being put on me, it being only my second case as a rookie, going up against a veteran prosecutor, not getting nearly as much time with the evidence and a certain someone nearly having me jailed, *ahem*"Phoenix capped off looking in Edgeworth's direction.
  5. *Sigh* "Well, I can't use my mystical lie detector aka the Magatama", Phoenix admitted. "So it looks like I'll be playing this old school!Every move I make in the trust of another will have to be a natural guess and carefully/strongly placed. Just like old times eh, Miles?""After all, it's not like I had the magatama to know if I could trust the defendant on my fourth case eh?" "Mr, Wright! Please go easy on him for our sakes", Shantae pleaded. "Ugh, I'm not feeling THAT nostalgic Edgeworth", Kay pouted.
  6. "Oh my god! Is that forbidden action what I think it is!?", Phoenix couldn't help grinning a bit at this. "Nooo! Mr. Edgeworth! You're too young to die!", Kay wailed. "Besides, I don't how we'd dignify a tombstone saying "He couldn't let Phoenix Wright go un-lectured", Sonic said deadpan. "Well this is where I'd say "good luck and you're gonna need it darling", if I were the one hosting",Mettaton added as he awoke too.
  7. "How awful!", Shantae said on the verge of tears. "Hold it guys!"Phoenix interjected. "But Mr. Wright, have you noticed that we're-", Mettaton began to say. "In the darkest of times?", Phoenix asked with a confident grin. "But Mr. Wright! Even our home-" "Is going to get better!", Phoenix finished off. "WHAT!?" "Look guys, whether it's real or not, I know that we'll find a way to turn the situation around. We haven't let this Academy and the multiverse down yet and I'm certainly not about to let that streak go!", Phoenix said proudly. "Like a certain prodigy of mine said guys, we'll be FINE!" *SNIFF* "You know what, I'm thinking and I've decided to fuel all my hope towards you being right, Mr. Wright! Heh heh", Shantae said, bucking up a bit. "Urgh! That teddy bear almost had me!", Sonic said. "But what kinda fool would I be to think an adventure would be fun if it were an easy win!" "Hmmm, I suppose the show's not done until supreme cancellation, you're right darling! We musn't give up on our Hopes and Dreams after all!" Mettaton said recovering from his funk. "Well, it'd be a great heist to eventually steal victory from our captors! Alright, I'll give it all I've got after some sweet shut-eye!", Kay said on the bounce-back! *Sniff* "I'll be fine Roxas, @Ryannumber1gamer Shantae assured as she woke up", I've gotta keep hope high for the sake of my home, and everyone else's."
  8. "Hmph! Anything for my fans darling. I can't let them lose hope!" "Th-there's no way you'd..........", but sadly even Mettaton was growing doubtful of the situation. "That's right and neither can we!", Phoenix declared. "You got that right, Mr. Wright", Kay perked up.
  9. "Oh my god! Jack Sparrow! He tried to warn us about Risky and L.O.S.E. I-we should've listened to him!", Shantae began sobbing into Roxas' chest. "UMPH! No, They can't go down like-", Sonic began to flinch a bit at the scene. "Oh please darlings calm down. I'm certain the bear truly doesn't have anything over any of us for real, moi especially", Mettaton boasted up a challenge.
  10. "T-that can't be true! Since when does Risky ever take orders from the likes of you!?", Shantae said but unfortunately now less sure and confident in the predicament. "We can't lose hope now guys!", Sonic said. "If I could, I'd call Tails and Knuckles, but I'm sure they're holding the fort back at home for us!"
  11. "She's a nun!? I thought she was a bumbling school teacher with that outfit on!", Shantae said caught off guard.
  12. "HAH! As if! You don't even know where I'm from likely!", Shantae challenged. "Can't say I care for the old Underground Limbo home dearie",Mettaton said. "Pfftt, now there's a bluff if ever I've heard one!", Phoenix said. "Yeah! Now way you'd break through our world's barriers of the law!", Kay jibed. "Tsk, puulease! You don't exactly strike me as old great and powerful. Shocking, sure, but nah, no way you could take out our worlds in a flash, especially considering how long it took you guys to set this plan in motion", Sonic said smirking.
  13. "I've met a lot of people like that in my line of work",Phoenix said. "And you should know that it's never ended well for them when they try to escape their crimes against me". "Wow! I think you just got made by the Fighting Phoenix himself! Better watch out!", Kay couldn't help but dig her heels in. "Oh dear. It seems someone certainly lost the memo not to let the amateurs run the show, " Mettaton japed. "I'll admit all they need is a third for a 3 Stooges act!", Sonic quipped.
  14. "Ummm, as hard as that is to buy, you really don't expect us to skate around the fact that you may have committed murder do you!?", Phoenix was starting to get fed up. "Ugh, you sound no better than the woman who killed........never mind", Kay trailed off not wanting to go down THAT road again just yet.
  15. "Wait a minute! Celes, is he saying you've actually lost the game due to...ahem..." "murder, back-stabbing, and the like", Shantae finished off with suspicion. "Hmmmm, I trust Danny, but I even Mr. Wright doesn't seem all too trusting of you this time!", Kay noted. @Princess