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  1. Hey, remember that time when Eggman kidnapped Ezio?

  2. I see they're going with the British Juggernaut thing from Last Stand. You know what that means.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      He's the Juggernaut BITCH

  3. Oh my! Quite a bit then! It's been a long time since we got an hour or longer presentation from Nintendo!
  4. So if Shadow is Ryuko's fursona is she also his persona?

  5. Tsk, tsk. Cheaters never prosper.

    1. Zaysho


      That's not even the worst case. The runner-up stole old artwork and UNIQLO forewent any grand prize winnings because two idiots ruined it for everyone else.

    2. NegaMetallix


      That wasn't even the only one, apparently:

      Such a shame...

      EDIT: Zaysho covered it better than I could.

  6. No, your point was clear. It just doesn't make any sense and comes off as petty. You know, actually comparing the two when you get down to it, TSR has more of an actual narrative if we really want to get technical. What you're gushing about is some brief animated scenes with bosses and one opening cutscene. That's it. It's not a knock against CTR's campaign, I still like that. But if your main observation of superiority is over some minute bouts of animation and a hub world then, more power to ya, but that just comes as silly. I mean, we're obviously not really building lore or character interactions in CTR so there's not that much to gush about there.
  7. He does those potshots a lot. No rhyme or reason. You mean like the one big cutscene and few others that don't even have real character interactions since obviously they didn't program the bosses to regard each character specifically? I mean, the game looks dandy, but let's not go all blind praise over one's own personal dislike of another game, please.
  8. Not to mention, actually doing their plots justice. Oh, and maybe not stiffing us on the FF content to boot. :U
  9. Well, admittedly more worlds would automatically make it more preferable to the product we got. Not that it would automatically fix the problems though.
  10. I think it's safe to guess we'll also get new info at E3.
  11. Not really surprising seeing as how the game isn't even out yet officially.
  12. Vaulting off of that. He's also a boss character. Those are never really the first of a series to get into Smash. And he doesn't compare to being nearly as known as other more viable DS reps like Solaire.
  13. Well damn. The man makes a pretty compelling case. There is still the slight chance that the Google theory leak could be true, but it's all the while liable to be false. I'll admit, the biggest red flag for me was Artorias. Well, him and Ryu Habasha.
  14. Whether or not Phoenix Wright gets picked for Smash Ultimate, it does do my heart good to see him consistently rank highest in polls when it comes to Capcom reps for getting into Smash that involve him. That's something no other Capcom rep can claim. Heck, out of 718 characters, he polled at 13th place. Love how even Source Gaming called him "the king of Capcom reps".
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