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  1. "Well, let's see. They range from fun, to adventurous, to time loop mayhem (thankfully just once), to dangerous, sometimes other worldly......." "....and then there are the traumatizing bouts......Advance 2. "'Nuff said!", Sonic said shuddering at the memories. "Unless we take an unexpected visit to Halloween Town, thankfully the answer is NO", Sonic said, not too fond of that old form of his.
  2. "Well then! let me tell you! Chaos emeralds are the real deal when it comes to power sources! Just one, heck even a fake one (funny story about that) can give one the power to warp time and space! Only problem is finding them after they scatter every once in a while..." "....or in this case, get stolen right from under our noses", Sonic groaned. "Best be glad that the seven world rings, six chaos rings, the Knights of the Round Tables' Sacred Swords, and/or the Sol Emeralds aren't at stake either as far as we know!" "Heh! And at least I've still got Excalibur and King Arthur's armor when we're in a pinch!", the hedgehog started to lighten back up. "More importantly though, thanks a ton for the help guys! I'm sure it'll take all the manpower we can to find me, Knux and Nicole's friends, but with your help, I'm sure anything is possible!", Sonic the Hedgehog exclaimed. "We best be careful though! Those aren't the only constants we have to look out for, what with your nemesis Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily on the loose to do lord knows what! And that's not even counting LOSE themselves!", Phoenix reminded the group. "So, we have those, not to mention also, Dahlia Hawthorne as well, likely looking to get back at us. And she's joined LOSE as it is", Maya recollected. "Joker and Quinn included. Especially now that they find you all possibly as fun to play with. Be on your guards", Batman warned. "Risky Boots....and Ridley if she informs him of how I helped foil PIRATEWORLD. He wants it for some intergalactic reason, I'm sure", Tron Bonne groaned. "Oh, not to mention....", Tron Bonne thought back, "Ehhhhh, I'll wait till I actually see what she can do rather than what she says before I classify that Piper gal as a serious threat", Tron Bonne said, "Besides, so long as Risky doesn't tell her, I can still get the jump on her with surprise if she ever comes after us", Tron rationalized. "Hmmmm, and then there's that......Chara girl," Undyne recalled the mysterious Frisk look-a-like. "If I didn't know better guys, I'd say sans was actually spooked by her during the fight with Shirogane! And well...she looks so much like Frisk, I can't help but wonder if she knows him!" @Emperor Robrainiac "She did certainly seem...somewhat.....linked to him in some way. Perhaps they're related?", Phoenix thought out loud. "Either way, she seems to be in league with LOSE and the fact that we haven't heard from Frisk or the girl he was with, Kay Faraday......really worries me", Undyne revealed. "Frisk. Kay. Please be alright", Maya prayed among her worried group. "Huh, Well look at that. The guy who supposedly "doesn't chuckle" is making quips at me", Sonic remarked with snark. "Good to have ya back, Knux". "Well now! Finally someone who doesn't try saying we're nothing but DBZ rip-offs! I think I could grow to like this guy! He reminds me of Silver......if he didn't have such a clumsy entrance!" "Which of course only I remember....for some reason...never did quite why the ending of THAT game left me with the memories", Sonic thought to himself.
  3. The thing that stings the absolute most was the answer to character inclusions or exclusions coming down to characters just being "functions" and nothing more. That's FGC thinking patterns. Caring only about the mechanics and like, nothing else. Can we all agree that that's one of the most dumbest things to say in regards to...y'know....a crossover game? Like seriously, characters do actually help make or break these kind of game's sales.
  4. "Should probably explain. @Dee DudeSee, apparently a while back, Eggman, attacked this Academy called The Hub of the Skylanders! Well, they beat him and locked him up in some prison. Unfortunately a crossover colleague of his, @Ryannumber1gamer Dr. Wily busted him out! They roboticized a friend of mine, Sally Acorn and what's worse, now it seems like they've attacked our home while we were away helping keep the multiverse in tact!", the hedgehog explained.
  5. "All!?" "Shadow, Amy, Rouge, E-123 Omega, the Chaotix, our world's versions of Mighty and Ray, Antoine....even Dulcy the Dragon!? They're all missing!?", Sonic said. @Polkadi "Nicole! You don't suppose this might have something to do with whatever Eggman and Wily were planning when they converted me and Rock, do you?", Sonic asked the holo-lynx.
  6. Suddenly, an armored hand roughly rested on his shoulder. "Don't even think about it", Undyne said glowering down at him. "There's enough chaos going on down here without you making a mess of things!" "Was it the actual, real Tails this time?", Sonic retorted. "Wait a minute....." "Tails has been missing!? And you didn't think to tell me beforehand!?", now it was Sonic's turn to get riled.
  7. "Wait a minute!? What! That can't be right!", Sonic said confused. "Sorry! Force of habit!" "Uh...Mr. The Echidna was it?", Maya spoke up. "T-that can't be possible given the circumstances!" "Yes. About that. By our own recollections, Sonic and his compatriot Tails who left a bit after Mr. The Hedgehog's arrival, were here both well before Nicole during the Killing Games and Sally, just before the PIRATEWORLD incident. On both accounts, Sonic was and the respective members were surprised to see each other......" "So how can such a contradiction be!?", Phoenix asked. "Ugh! I swear to god, if Eggman or someone has tricked Knux into antagonizing me again...", Sonic said, quite annoyed.
  8. "Urk! Nicole! Maybe we should've tried breaking that to him a bit more gently-", Sonic said. "Errr, funny you mention them stealing the Master Emerald. They kinda did the same with the chaos emeralds, last I checked", the hedgehog said. "Oh great. Even in death, Tsumugi haunts us with annoyance", Maya said. "Can we at least take away from this, that we gave the multiverse hope when we defeated her?", Phoenix asked desperately.
  9. "Sorry I couldn't be there to help Sals, Knux. But I had to stay to help Sarge out!", Sonic explained. "Though uh...what's this about hoarding the emeralds? We don't exactly have them in our possession, let alone that of yours truly!", Sonic said. " Another siege to Angel Island!? I uh, don't suppose the master Emerald is at least safe this time is it?", Sonic asked. "I'm kinda trying to figure out what I supposedly did this time", Sonic sarcastically responded.
  10. "Heh, sounds like the knucklehead is looking for.......a Sonic, "me"", Sonic said to Sentinel Sonic with a crafty wink. @Failinhearts "Yeah, because he sure as hell isn't looking for me! I'm actually responsible!", Phoenix said.
  11. "Honesty like such is a virtue. Do not worry young heroine. I can assure you that we both won't be going anywhere soon. Isn't that right, Batman", she asked tauntingly. "Don't Ororo."Batman was not amused. Noticing the look in Ella's eyes. Batman relented though. "*Sigh* Feel free to ask me anything you'd like when you'd like. Just.....make sure to time them well", the caped crusader said. "It's not all bad Nightwing!", Phoenix said. "Yeah! Those sensu beans were pretty amazing with what they allowed us to do when we ate them!", Maya said.
  12. "Uh....are you guys just coming to be guests here?", Phoenix spoke up nervously. "Ah! Let's just say, a while back we kinda met a trio of red, blue and green characters who uh, had quite.....colorful personalities not too dissimilar from yours", Sonic said. "Let's just say it didn't end so well with them", Phoenix said. "Hmmmm, maybe they're here to actually help us out this time?", Maya thought out loud.
  13. "Heh! Not bad. Still though, weapons are only as good as your determination! I'm sure you've got plenty there which I'm confident we'll see be put to good use!", Undyne said demonstrating with her own spears that she willed in and out of existence with her determination. "Ray! You're being more open with your status as a reaper! That's great!", Maya said. "It's really nice when Nick doesn't have to use his Ace Attorney skills to drag the truth out....still sorry for running in on you and the Burning Man!", she said. "You do know we can hear you right?", Undyne, Batman and Storm said, alert as ever. "Who're you three? You guys wouldn't happen to have the same writer as a certain obnoxious trio we ran into back at the Hub would you?", Sonic asked. "Sigh.....yes, I am Batman". "Well there little one, I take it, you have great aspirations and goals for the future", Storm guessed as they rode the elevator down.
  14. "*Sniff* Thanks Orisa!", Tron said as she got out of her Gustaff to accept her hug while the servbots also clamored in. "I'll admit, we didn't exactly meet with the Skylanders on friendly terms. Yeah, we were tricked, but still......", she trailed off. "Well, let's just say my ex-friends from LOSE may be out for vengeance. I've already all but lost Volnutt; far as I know he's stuck on the Moon's Elysium. I don't want anything bad to happen to them too", Tron Bonne said holding back her tears. @Polkadi "Tron.....", Phoenix and Maya watched as Tron was being comforted by Orisa and they overheard her laments. "Y'know Nick. She's not the only one who might have that worry", Maya said worried. "Iris. Trucy. Pearl. Even us and each other, Maya. We've made some terrible enemies in our line of work and now even more since joining the Skylanders", Phoenix said notably worried. "And I brought Dahlia back into play", Maya said feeling guilty. "You were being controlled by Undergrowth though!", Phoenix noted. "But still Nick! Sometimes, I feel I could be more cautionary with my powers......" "..........", the duo were seriously weighing their options. :Pleased to meet you all", Storm said. "ummmm, I suppose so, yes", Storm said a bit caught off guard by Flame's exuberance. "Heh! Not our only one! We got the Batman too!", Undyne said jerking her finger to Batman. "Oh boy", the caped crusader in response to Undyne calling attention to him. "Oh yeah! That reminds me guys!", Sonic said to his team as they followed along. "Didn't Ella say she was dying to meet Batman?", Sonic recalled. "Odd. Do most citizens from Comicopolis look up to heroes and villains from the big comic book companies I wonder?", Cloud mused out loud.
  15. "Wrestling eh? Sounds like a Brawler class! Not bad. So kid, what's your experience?", Undyne asked, towering over Saffron and Ray. "And don't think either of you other guys are getting out of training if Sarge or Anya ask for my help!", Undyne said smirking. "If introductions are in order, than allow me!", Storm said as she swooped down beside the interacting groups. "I am Storm! Co-leader of the X-Men. But you may also call me Ororo Munroe. Undyne has spoken highly of your Delta group."