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  1. "One to talk Dick. You are certainly one to talk", Batman retorted. "Ummm, not for nothing Mr. Wayne, but didn't he learn pretty much a lot of his things and adapt them from you in the first place?", Phoenix Wright pointed. "Yeah! I mean you are to him like what the Steel Samurai and the Pink Princess were to their wards!", Phoenix's long-time friend and assistant, Maya Fey spoke up, showing up beside him! "ACK! WOAH!", Phoenix and Maya said caught off guard as they walked in on the sight! "OH......MY......GOOOOOD! Nick! It's the Steel Samurai's descendant! All grown up too! You must be......The MECHA SAMURAI!" "Oh! Ohhhh! I've waited so long for this moment! Let me show you what I can do! Just let me get out my broom and-" *THWACK* "YEOW!" "MAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What have I told you about doing that around ME?! It never ends well!" "Whoopsie! Uh, Sorry Nick!", Maya said sheepishly. Maya Fey - Ace Attorney series - Main Character Theme: Elements: Undead & Magic Battle Class: Brawler (Default) Category: Swap Force (Appearance, attitude, weapons at the ready, and abilities are prone to change based on the spirit she channels.) <Like her sister Mia for instance. BiO: Maya Fey is a spirit medium, capable of channeling the dead and taking on their appearances. The younger sister of Phoenix Wright’s mentor, Mia Fey, and daughter of Misty Fey. She first meets Phoenix when she is implicated in the murder of her sister. Phoenix fights to clear her name, and once she was declared innocent, she decided to become his assistant. Maya Fey has....interesting luck. That is to say, she often finds herself in trouble with the law and with fate, that Phoenix often has to bail her out of, not that she hasn't come to his rescue at times as well! She often finds herself accused of crimes, many of which, these each add to her long list of traumas. Despite the deaths of loved ones such as her sister and her mother, the former Master of the Kurain Channeling Branch and Technique, Maya does her best to keep up a cheerful and positive attitude and has since the death of her mother, accepted her role as the new Master, finally mastering it during her and Wright's escapades in the Kingdom of Khura'in! Following an encounter involving Morrigan in the events of Project X Zone 2, Phoenix and Maya have picked up quite a few abilities (extra in Maya's case) that give themselves a chance in fights: Maya's normal form has enhanced strength, allowing her barrel, slip and slide through her opponents. She can also use her psychic abilities to form a barrier that can shield against attacks. Her most deadliest attack is her "Steel Samurai Maya Smelting" technique. Maya's most iconic ability though, is her natural-born spirit channeling, which gives her the form, body structure, face, body outright, identity, persona and abilities of those that she channels. Perhaps she can use that to an advantage in more ways than just info? To battle! Tagging along with Phoenix Wright on his lawyer business as usual, Maya soon found herself roped up into the many goings-on at the Academy! While Phoenix Wright is the reluctant de-facto leader of their regiment, Maya is the co-leader.....believe it or not. Hanging around Phoenix and training has helped hone her senses, physically and logically. That still doesn't stop her from goofing around a lot still. She's also not quite one for the glory, so she is prone to sometimes let the second-in-commands of their regiment take the reins of leadership, especially when her self-doubt and guilt complexes kick in. Still! When the time absolutely demands for it, Maya Fey will rise above it all to win the day and bring the bad guys down!
  2. So when's the part when people start claiming he's a liar even on this?
  3. "Understatement of the century", Batman muttered. Batman - Supporting Character Class: Ninja Elements: Dark & Tech Category: Sensei Theme: Bio: As a child, billionaire Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents Thomas and Martha were shot and killed by a petty mugger named Joe Chill. Upon witnessing their deaths, the young Wayne took an oath of vengeance against crime so that no one else would have to suffer the tragedy that he had. Wayne spent years venturing the world, learning many forms of combat and training himself to physical and intellectual perfection. Upon his return to Gotham, Wayne delved into crime-fighting, with disastrous results. As the injured young man sat alone in his study dwelling upon his dilemma and the fact that criminals are a "cowardly, superstitious lot", he figured that the best way to get to them was through sheer terror. At that moment, as if a sign from God, a huge bat flew in through his study window. This bat provided Bruce with the inspiration he had been searching for. He donned a costume complete with a long, black cape and a cowl with huge, pointed ears and became the creature the criminals of Gotham would now know and fear: The Dark Knight... Batman. Batman first came across the Skylanders in search of Nightwing who had gona missing and presumed dead. It happened to be during the Infamous Bootleg Trial with their main opposition being the Joker. The Batman temporarily joined the Skylanders, but after Nightwing was found, not too long afterward, he left to go off in search of Nightwing's kidnapped beloved, Starfire. It seems that he and Wonder Woman may be onto something, but it looks like he'll have to swallow his pride and rejoin the "Mayored, Dick? So that explains where you were that long period of time. Hmph. Sounds like we have much to catch up on", Batman said raising an eyebrow. "And don't worry Bruce. You two will have plenty of time to do that out there in the wilderness", Wonder Woman teased. "...............If there's an emergency back home-" "Now Bruce! The Bat family is well large enough to handle Gotham while you're away. And I suppose Clark could lend a hand just in case!" Batman rolled his eyes at the remark. "Give it some time Mr. Wright. I'm sure you'll adapt. In the mean time, bundle least until the girl scout arrives to make it easy", he scuffed and grumbled. "G-g-geez! Ever since that "Ororo" person got mentioned, has Mr. Wayne seemed a bit....cold for lack of a better term?", Phoenix asked Nightwing. "Come to think of it, I do feel like I've heard that name before......Uh Mr. Grayson, any particular idea on why your mentor here is acting all prideful and huffy all of a sudden?", the lawyer asked the crime fighter.
  4. Pleased to meet ya in that regard! Enjoy your ride here at the SSMB!
  5. "Oh wow! You're man-made, I see! Whoever she is, she must be a genius! Hmmmmm. You seem to be separated from her!" "Hmmmmm. Well.....for whatever the reason you've been brought here, let me tell you!" "I'm quite the expert when it comes to robotics! I can even maybe help you out with repairs or even......" "Some upgrades!", she said as she twirled around into her work outfit! "Oh! Ms. Tron! Are you suggesting she stay with us!?", the servbots said excitedly. "That'd be most wonderful! I can't wait to see what she can do! We'll show each other our best!", the servbots went on and on as they walked out onto the cold surface! Servbots Tron Bonne - MegaMan Legends Series - Main Character Category: Supercharger Elements: Air & Tech Class: Brawler Theme: Bio: Tron is stubborn, feisty, self-confident and determined, mocking her opponents openly whether she's winning or not. She is very temperamental, as during some moments she is calm and happy, and during others she can explode into a rage and yell without any warning. Tron appears to have a small fear of dogs. Throughout the series, she begins to develop a crush on Mega Man Volnutt. Because of her inexperience in the ways of love, she doesn't understand her feelings towards him, and even though they are enemies, she has gone to great lengths to try convincing him to join her. Due to this, she has a rivalry of sorts with Roll Caskett as a fellow genius mechanic, dynamic pilot and as Mega Man's love interest. Only 14 years old, she is a genius mechanic that handles the design and construction of the Bonne's machines, including their airship, the Gesellschaft. She is also an able pilot, usually the one piloting fighting machines like the Gustaff, Feldynaught, and Jagd Krabbe. Tron created the 41 Servbots that assist the Bonne family in various tasks, like helping Tron build and maintain her machines. She can be very harsh with the Servbots, sometimes even punishing them in a painful way, but despite this, Tron is usually tender and affectionate towards them, like a mother.
  6. "BRRRRRR! Um guys! Is there a tutorial here for how to keep warm!? I-I-I don't really like getting colds!",Phoenix Wright said as he stepped outside in a winter coat he'd gotten from his suitcase! Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Main Character Elements: Air, Light Battle Class: Sorcerer Category: Sensei Themes: Bio: Phoenix Wright, the Ace Attorney is the eponymous lawyer who's risen from the ranks of rookie to Ace in forms of legal battles and even those out on the field! Back in his childhood, When Phoenix was 9, he was accused of stealing Edgeworth's lunch money. The teacher thought it would be fair to have a "trial." Though there was no proof involved, Phoenix was declared to have stolen the money. The class claimed that, where Phoenix was too sick to participate in gym that day, he stole the money while he was alone in the classroom. After the class continued to tease and bully Phoenix, Edgeworth stood up for him and stated that with no evidence to prove Phoenix guilty, the blame could not be pinned on him. This event would be on of a few that inspired Phoenix to become a lawyer. Phoenix Wright has risen through the ranks of Attorney-ship and has taken on case after case, most of them being murder, but often coming out on top, pulling his ever classic turnabouts! He's defeated his own friend/rival Edgeworth, Franziska Von Karma, and her foreboding father Manfred Von Karma! The very man who set Edgeworth up to be a ruthless prosecutor! Phoenix was originally visiting the Skylanders' Hub for a business venture involving new clients of his from across the multiverse, but a clever collaboration between the likes of his friend-now-headmaster Miles Edgeworth, and client Captain Jack Sparrow, he and his assistant Maya found themselves drafted into the Skylanders! Where they will go from here on the new base, now that they have more freedom regarding it, who knows!? One thing's for sure! Nicky here is gonna have to see how well he can lead his team, through thick and thin. Albilities-wise, Phoenix Wright gets a complete overhaul in his abilities as now his OBJECTIONS, HOLD ITS, and TAKE THATS, any word shouted loud enough to procure an OBJECTION-style bubble that can physically damage! "Evidence" he collects can now shoot energy beams unable to be absorbed and hit like a truck! The magatama's chains being broken as he uncovers secrets now hurts those who try too hard to hide it as they break. Nick's finger points and shouts also have air power to them, making them all gale forces to reckon with! He can even generate beams of light for the truth and deadly projectiles out of evidence! But when the chips are really done is when he can access his Turnabout Mode! An aura driven mode where his finger points are turned into AURA FINGER POINTS of doom, his regular attacks are heightened into pursuit attacks, and he can access his greatest move: "Ace Attorney" wherein he can outright obliterate an enemy or wave of enemies , pinning them as the true criminals in true turnabout fashion!
  7. "Miss Tron! Perhaps we should go a bit easy on her!?", Servbot #32 said! "Oh no! She's not equipped with the overdrive speed function of you guys to follow through on questions at such high a rate of fire and response.......which I'll admit, I myself made, so I should've known better!" "Uh, Ms. Orisa was it? You can halt with the questions for now!" ".....Terribly sorry about that", Tron said apologizing sheepishly. "BA BUUUU!", Tron's gigantic robotic baby brother came over to help Orisa get her bearings in order.
  8. "Ohh! Ms. Tron! Look! A fellow robot!", the 41 servbots said as they clamored by Tron Bonne and went up to greet Orisa. " GOODNESS!", Tron Bonne yelped trying to hold back her fangasm. "Omigoshomigosh! You look amazing! Tell me! What's your build! How much RPM does your gun generate and...", Tron Bonne went on to bombard the robot with questions galore!
  9. 5WrZ2II.jpg

    Who is the mysterious heroic duo? And what business do they have with the SSMB Heroes Academy? Find out in Season 3!

    1. A cool hedgehog engine

      A cool hedgehog engine

      That looks like batman and storm.

  10. "Heh! No kidding on that Nicole! It's so chill here that I think I may have to invite Mario for some practice for the next Winter Olympics!", Sonic said excited. "Uhhhhh, guys.......just how cold are we talking here!?", Shantae spoke up notably worried. "AH Roxas!", she noticed she was hugging her boyfriend rather quite tightly! @Ryannumber1gamer "It's funny.....if I recall correctly, it was uh, a place that Byakuya had purchased...something to do with CP wasn't it?"
  11. "That's.....right! Bruce, you wanted to break the good news to him?", Wonder Woman said shaking her ehad from her own headache. "Yes Dick. Around the time we received the distress signal for your final fight with the master mind, me, Diana and the league were just getting the lock-on of the location...where we think and I'm all but certain where they be keeping....her. Starfire." "The only problem is that the pandemonium from the final battle, halted our investigation........though it's not all bad now is it Bruce?", Wonder Woman said smirking. "Ahem! We believe we still have the means to locate them! The mansion I left Mr. Wright, which I hear Ms. Tron teleported to safety is still viable to conduct the investigation-" "from wherever you'll be staying while I correspond from out on the field!", Wonder Woman cut the caped crusader off. ".........Diana, please-" "Not buts, Mr. Wayne! We both know you were worried sick about your ward! And it was agreed you'd join the Skylanders back up if we found anything! Besides! I'd already called in someone to help you out here! An...Ororo, I believe her name was", Wonder Woman said. "Oh boy.....her". "What's this? The Dark Knight doesn't play well with others?", Maya asked teasingly. "Err, hate to break it to ya Nicole", SOnic said picking up the handheld seeing what it said on the screen, "but it happened for whatever reason! Still though! Hard to believe it's been this long since Sally was....well, y'know", Sonic trailed off.
  12. Excalibur Sonic suddenly came from his blackout with a pounding headache only to find himself hugging...... @Polkadi "NICOLE!? Ummmm, hang on! Why were we hugging again?", the hedgehog asked quite confused.
  13. "Edgeworth.....", Phoenix right proceeded to walk up and accept the handshake. "When me and Maya first came to this Academy just on lawyer business, I thought it's by misfortune that you got is in here. I was wrong. It was a blessing in disguise!" "Through your leadership as headmaster, we accomplished great feats! It's been wonderful! Solving mysteries of the multiverse, duking it out in court! And we rose above it all!" "And I should remember! I've still got that good luck charm you gave me from back then!", Phoenix said showing it. "No matter what happens! I promise! I won't forget! Everytime I almost veered off the path, you were there to bring me back on!" "Sally......don't fret! We were sneak attacked by the bad guys! No matter what happens...I'm certain we'll find a way to fight back whatever destiny has in mind for us! No matter what new world we enter! I'm sure....we'll rock it's socks off!", he said, hugged her back and winking! "Dick", Batman said to Nightwing, "If this ends ugly...I just want you to know...I always was proud of you. Whenever I was hard on you, it was to do what I thought was the best path for you! To toughen you, for every thing life would throw at you! You've done that and more! You've helped keep the hope alive with these people....." "And for that, I'm truly......glad you've made it!", he said cracking a smile.
  14. "Sals! I think it's......a genesis wave!" "It takes the power of the chaos emeralds, but it's a force that can rewrite a timeline! From the smallest to the largest of changes....and worse! No one will remember the timeline that came before!"
  15. "URAAAAGH! NO! NO! NOOOOOO! Come too see it go down in flames like this! CURSE YOU! IF I ever make it out of this-GCAK!"