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  1. "Simply ecstatic to see you too", Batman replied. He followed up Damian's smirk with a...competitive smile of sorts. "Like I said before Damian. This arrangement should only be temporary.....up until we've located-" "Hmph!", Batman remarked, not being one willing to show surprise often. He kept his neutral gaze as he caught the paper. "Well now, speak of the devil", Storm couldn't help but say. Browsing the paper, Batman's eyes shifted in vague recognition. But recognition nonetheless! "Just as I figured. Joker was trying to lead us on a false path. We'd have been led into a wild goose chase...or worse a LOSE entrapment. If this is accurate though....Dick is likely to be more familiar with the party at hand. ........Well done Damian", Batman said, giving a rare compliment. "I trust Gotham is doing well under your watch and Oracle's coordination?", Batman asked, before he left to go give the message to Nightwing. "Funny you should mention that, Kaos, old friend!", Eggman said as a digital hologram of him suddenly materialized on the wall! "Heh, kid wasn't kidding when she said the motobugs were becoming multipurpose! Just make sure to keep the connection all well and good! Orbot! @Partridge in a Dee Tree *Ahem* Now where was I? Oh yes!" Dr. Eggman had also received a copy from Eggette so he was well up to speed on the situation. "Ah bless my niece. She's such.....a useful asset! There's nothing more productive than well oriented youth looking for praise in their idols! Remember that if you're ever looking for an heir for your own soon-to-be throne old chum!", Eggman chuckled. "Heh, I've got big plans myself here and there. Me and Eggette also have a little expedition planned to the side that if lucky enough, will ensure we can close those Skylanders' eyes forever. However, Dr. Wily for this magnificent plan of yours. Oooh! This backup plan deserves the Big One! A rectifying of one of my mistakes! Gentlemen! If all else fails. The logical thing comes next: Mounting a full and efficient takeover of the Blue pincushion's earth! No holds barred! And I'm sure we'd get great mileage out of those new allies too! Mwahahahaha!" "That's right Uncle!", Eggette said, popping in on another transmission stream! "I've been double checking every schematic for flaws and any corners that can't be cut, I've found the means of correcting them! It'll take more than those pitiful Skylanders can throw at us to turn that tide!", she said grinning equally evilly.
  2. "Damien", Batman responded in a stern tone. Storm couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at father and son, exchanging glares. I'm sure Logan would've been able to cut the tension into slices with how thick it is at this rate, she thought to herself. "You appear to be doing well Damien", Batman said, standing up to meet his son in the eyes. "Don't tell me you came just to surprise me for Christmas now did you?". Goddess! I certainly hope that's not what constitutes as a simple exchange of family matters!, Storm thought. Meanwhile, elsewhere, speaking of family matters..... "Bwahahaha! Even better! They serve as a great sitcom!", she chortled. "Whoever said incognito maintenance was for chumps!?" A sudden ringing alert, garnered the girl's attention form her own entertainment of sorts for a bit. "Well speak of the devil", she said as she opened the relay to receive the message. "Reporting and ready...Uncle Eggman!" "Heh ha! Oh Uncle! It was an eggcellent early Xmas present! You giving me surveillance duty over these Sky Chumps in their natural habitats or "daily lives" as you call 'em! Especially those that make a fool out of themselves! All in preparations for whatever you and/or Uncle Grampa Wily have in store next!", said the girl dressed in black wearing a bumper skirt. Eggette Omeletta Robotnik - Villainous Daught-er....Niece! Creator: Alpha Gamboa Theme: Bio: "Anyway! In the meantime, I've also been keeping the company well energized! I've even managed to upgrade your Motobugs too! Any further and they'll be multipurpose!" She said this as she polishing off the last in a line of spiffy looking motobugs. "Really now?", Eggman remarked, impressed. "Hmmm, maybe I should get a patent or at least a copyright on them..something about that name, Wily told me about...eh!" "Sooo, Uncle, in addition to Project Dreams, how's the ol' dark, one-eyed and mysterious @Polkadi holding up?", Eggette asked over the communications link. "About as well as you can imagine. Always finds time to throw in a jab but I trust he'll do his part well when the time comes", Eggman said smirking as he twirled his mustache. "Which brings me to the point of this conversation! Eggette! Dr. Wily has reported the location of the phantom ruby remnants from a rather, recent experiment if you'll recall! I need a relay of a raven haired boy-" "Oh, you mean that Remant of Despair raven head? Ha! Now that explains those recent bout of parlor tricks he pulled!", Eggette said, laughing at the thought. "If I didn't know better, I'd say he has no idea what real damage he could've done! Shame the Skylanders outwitted the productions of the phantom ruby before it sliced and diced them....but it certainly works!", she perked up at the last bit! "Although let me tell you! Kokichi, whatever his name is. That boy's about as melodramatic as the protagonists on those Portuguese soap operas that Orbot @Partridge in a Dee Tree thinks we don't know he watches in his "spare time"", Eggette capped off, prompting laughter from both of the robotniks. "Soooo, we gonna crack a few egg heads and take back what's rightfully ours Uncle?", Eggette asked with a sinister smirk. "All in due time niece. For now, send back your reports to Wily. All the better to hatch a plan with!", Eggman ordered. "You got it Uncle! Sending full on data to Wily........NOW! @Ryannumber1Santa" And with that, the data readings and lock on the phantom ruby's tracked position was transferred to Wily's work station.
  3. Unbeknowest to the duo, they were overheard by another pair of superheroes. "Hmmmmm", Batman grumbled. Normally it would've been for the company sitting across from him at the table, but hearing what Pixels had said, reminded him of quite a few of his prodigies. All young and all who'd had to suffer tragedies far too early in their lives. It all hit a bit too close to home. "Now, now Batman. Don't tell me you're left speechless by those two. From the sounds of it, they look up to you", Storm playfully jabbed as she sipped a mug of warm milk. "Hardly", Batman retorted. "I'll admit though. Sometimes I do wonder if I'd see things more....optimistically. Like Clark and Diana, if I hadn't been drawn to my career nowadays by less pleasant means", he closed his eyes deep in thought of the tragic memory. His parents. Gunned down in an alley. And furthermore, it had been around Christmas time. Storm got the hint and shifted into trying to comfort the Batman. "You know, fate never favors one forever. Ever try being considered a god by your own people. Don't", she informed. "What matters is that the multiverse, and even us. Despite our hardships, we both struggled through it. And I'm sure we can both say we have loved ones who we better not forget on that special day", she winked at him to remind him, of the likes of Dick Grayson, Damian, Wonder Woman. Batman couldn't help but show a slight crack of a smile, being reminded that his life wasn't all loss. "Speaking of which, just how are you planning to surprise Diana, if I may ask?", Storm asked curiously. "Only if you trade secret on what you'll get for T'challa that'll surprise him", Batman remarked.
  4. "I believe in that. I believe in that", Tron repeated, more so to keep herself calm. "URgh! I...think that second dose might not be necessary...at least I hope so with all this glare!", Tron Bonne said. She winced from how light was irritating her eyes. "Could I get a mirror to check and after that, at least something to tone down the glare?? I'll even take a blindfold at this point!", she said, a bit frustrated. She was still hoping, at least she'd see her own eyes again in the mirror. Dave was a little worried but her tried to recall. "We were riding a train in a twisted digital world at the time and I think -" Before he could continue, Daniel interrupts. "I....I think...his name was...Monokuma?" "That's right." Dave adds. "We were fighting drones that resembled that crazy bear while riding a train, I didn't see it happen but one of them must've got him good." "My...my head! ....I...needed to...protect a child? I can't remember...much..." He was recalling what happened before he lost consciousness but was still struggling. "Yeah...I think he was knocked out. That made sense after speaking with the nurse, things felt strange for me too when we were on that train. My presence here is directly connected to his consciousness. If he's out cold, I can't appear..." "Monokuma". Shantae's eyes turned into irises filled with rage-fueled flames for a few seconds, before she calmed down. Last thing she needed was to accidentally injure her "patient" even further. "Hmmm, a bit of memory loss. I've suffered that too...once....from an incident I'm not too proud of", Shantae said. "Ah! This feels like the most swollen area!", she said, feeling a lump upon the area of impact. "I've got just the thing! Stand back a bit aaaaand! TRANSFORM!", Shantae cried as she belly danced to turn into her Druid form! "Hrrrngh! Alright then!", Druid Shantae grunted as she produced... three druid oranges. She dropped the oranges from her bush hair before transforming back. "It takes a lot out of me to produce these, but eat them and well, they should replenish your health and well being!", she said, straining but smiling as she offered the fruits to Daniel. "Your memory loss seems to be from that bump on that head, so those should hopefully cover that as well!", she assured.
  5. I don''t know why, but whenever I'm sick and/or have a fever like I do now (100 degrees territory), I feel really down at times.

    1. JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      Fever likely cultivated due to my lack of rest because I have finals this week and the next.

    2. Mightyray


      Probably your brain telling you it needs rest and is struggling with your body being under the weather if you wanna know why you're feeling down. 

    3. PaulyBFromDaNorthP


      Illness and injury have an unfortunate effect on emotions. During my seven-month injury I was highly contemplating never returning to the ring. You can definitely get past it easy. Go about your business with a good future in mind. When you're back and feeling better, you'll definitely feel much better than you did before the illness.

      Stay positive! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    4. Kiah


      It’s hard to be well emotionally when you aren’t well physically. The two tend to go hand in hand in that way and you end up feeling miserable on both accounts. You are probably stressed out about your finals too and that’s never a good feeling. 

      Get that fever down and try to get some rest and take it easy! Also try to keep your head up and I hope you feel better soon!

  6. "Eye drops!? Y-you're kidding right?", Tron Bonne asked nervously. Then again, self-image agony that could be so easily removed.....yeah that sounds like his shtick, Tron thought to herself. She allowed Mikan to lay her head down and up to allow the eyedrops to flow in. "I-I'll admit! I'm not that good with stuff in my eyes!", the poor carbon girl admitted. Someone would need to keep her eyes open and non-blinking it seemed. "S-sorry if I struggle!", Tron said, stuttering. "Ahem! What I mean to say is that it's in my nature to always take things strongly..y'know!", Tron Bonne then declared, putting back on her usual boastful persona, determined to hide her fear. "Whew! Alright!", she said lying back, "I'm ready". The sooner the better. "You've met him before? Oh, it must've been when he fell down that cliff." Dave recalls. He wasn't around after that event took place. "Heeheehee...that tickles." Daniel just giggles as Shantae examines his head. Dave tells Shantae what he had learned from Mikan. "He suffered a blow to the head in our last mission and has been losing his balance and forgetting stuff. The kind Nurse was sure it was a concussion but she can't cure it. The effects could last from weeks to even months. She told us a skilled magician could speed up the healing process." He looks back at Undyne for a moment and then back at Daniel and Shantae. "Our warrior friend rates your skills highly in that field. C-Could you help him?" He asks sheepishly. "I'll see what I can do!", Shantae said, holding the poor boy's head between her hands.She snapped her fingers and a tiny ball of light illuminated her right index finger while she used her left hand to keep Daniel's chin upright. "Okay, first, follow the light on my finger if you can, Dan", she instructed, moving her finger from left to right. "May I get details on what hit him and the circumstances during the battle? That should make my job a bit easier",she asked Dave.
  7. Honestly Sonic Unleashed is a horrible game

    Unleashed HD is in many ways like Sonic Advance 2 for me. Unfortunately, to varying degrees, they both share an extreme problem. In a game that shills speed and boosting, they also ask that you slow down to find collectables. And they do it BADLY.
  8. And Last Jedi movie seeing...... done. 

  9. In the theaters about to see Last Jedi! Let's do this!

  10. "Right on Omega! I'll let them know...potentially in an austrian accent", Hsien Ko nodded. She got the reference all too well. As the duo parted ways, they didn't notice that they were being monitored. "Oh ho ha ha ha! Divide and conquer!? Pah! I don't see why Uncle feels the need to do that to this pitiful Skylanders!" A petite, yet oddly haired figure sat, sitting at her desk on a submarine well below the icy depths surrounding Skylander Aademy! She had a few monitors spying on the Skylanders from strategic locations. "Bwahahaha! Even better! They serve as a great sitcom!", she chortled. "Whoever said incognito maintenance was for chumps!?" A sudden ringing alert, garnered the girl's attention form her own entertainment of sorts for a bit. "Well speak of the devil", she said as she opened the relay to receive the message. "Heh, heh YEAH!", Undyne said excited! She practically leaped out of bed and almost gave Mikan a crushing bear hug. But she stopped herself. She figured, it was best to show etiquette, especially for someone as nice and determined as Mikan, who Undyne owed her successful recovery to. So instead, she opted to give a Mikan a gentle hug instead. Noticing her armor hanging next to her bed in its full body case, she grinned as she proceeded to put it on. "I assume it's magic he uses, considering what a care for logic he seems to have outside his own twisted kind, yep", Tron Bonne replied. She found it odd to be on the other side of the operation, of course she wasn't a robot in this case. "He got mad at me immaturely and the next thing I know, I'm blue in the eyes and weeping like an unsold X Box One on Christmas day", Tron Bonne recalled. "Though knowing him, he'd probably like that, now wouldn't he? That mad monitor", she groaned, trying to roll her eyes. "You two seem like you could use some help", Undyne said, in the middle of getting her gear back on! "Hey Tsumiki! I'll help these boys find my teammate, if In know her well, she shouldn't be too hard to track! I owe you a bunch! You need any help around, just let this badass fish know!", Undyne said, winking her eye as she helped the two out. Shantae meanwhile, was watching from afar, trying her best to keep to keep warm. Normally she'd be fine, but artic temperatures always had a knack of getting to her! "Hmmm, Roxas..", she said sadly seeing her boyfriend muse to himself. "He's been through so much,,I really need to make sure I'm there for him when he needs help! Of course, I've also got t find the perfect gift for him this Christmas. I wonder if I should ask Storm for advice. After all, she's marri-" "*WHISTLE* "Thar she glows! Hey Love EYES!", Undyne shouted to the half-genie. "Oh boy....she's finally out of med bay", Shantae said, groaning but happy to see Undyne back up on her feet. However, she also noticed Dan and Dave trailing along with her. "Uh oh! What happened to you, Daniel?", she asked, rushing to the boy, worried, examining his head.
  11. In less than 2 hours from now, I'll be in theaters to see the Last Jedi and see what all the hubbub is about.

  12. "Whew! Hey! Mikan!", Undyne said perkily! It seemed fate and Mikan's medical skills had shine greatly on the fish warrior woman! She flexed her muscles, thankfully feeling no pain. "You know how you said I needed a few weeks, maybe a month or so until I was cleared for duty? Well, it certainly feels like a month since the last time we talked! And man, those medications you gave me really did the trick.....as did the bed rest", she sheepishly admitted. Of course, right as it seemed one was about to be cleared another looked to be being checked. "H-hey uh, that's great Undyne", Tron Bonne laughed nervously. "S-so, You think she can do s-something for my eyes!?", she asked on the verge of crying as Bomberman helped her in. Her eyes were still "on the fritz" blue screen of death mode with the white text playing before her eyes. "Woah! Bonne!? What the heck hell happened to you!?", Undyne asked, startled. "Long story, LOG sucks", Tron Bonne muttered. "Sh-Shantae!", Tron Bonne suddenly said in realization and desperation! "She used to be a great medical support as several skylanders, former headmaster Edgeworth can attest to, and she is a half-genie! M-maybe she can help?" Poor Bonne. It seemed her affliction was also bolstering her rare bouts of humility and humbleness.
  13. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    Maybe not this game, given the timing, but they better well do so when Marvel vs Capcom 4 comes about hopefully.
  14. Sonic, Tails and company marveled at the new sights and the sounds. "Huh! Well would you look at that Tails! The place actually mixes things up!", the blue hedgehog observed. "Yeah! Shame that they missed out on Halloween and Thanksgiving though!", Tails added. "Eh, I guess that last mission kinda went over Thanksgiving!", Sonic said with a shrug. "Well, I guess it's a Christmas mircale time anyway for ol' Blue Bomber! Guy needs the same kinda break we got recently!" The two then felt a tapping on their respective shoulders. Of course, Tron Bonne also found herself smoked by the blast of lightning! "*COugh*", she violentely coughed. "W-wait a minute!? What's with all the funny glances guys?", she asked. She couldn't help but notice Tails inching up to her nervously. "Umm, Tron...according to your eyes...Tron Bonne.exe is a failure in functioning properly. Suggest putting her in her place to reboot-", the twin tailed fox began to say. "Ahem!", Tron Bonne said, shutting her eyes having heard enough. "While a laugh is all good and fine, surely a good TV host wouldn't want fans of ol' "Tron Bonne.exe" to be left upset with this effect to her person!", she said through gritted teeth, trying her best to salvage her pride. If the Casket family back home are watching this, I'm going to jailbreak that monitor if it's the last thing I do and have him do.... The long list of options poured into Tron's mind as she awaited cure for what ailed her. "Hey you two! I still need to get rid of.....", she lowered her voice, "This", and showed them her eyes which were still afflicted. "On the one hand, at least it shows that LOG isn't immune to broken pride! Hopefully it means we're getting closer to besting him!", she said hopefully. "Uhhh, I guess I could run a data analysis", Tails said awkwardly. "But uh, maybe we should get you to the medical bay first to see what the new nurse has to say", Tails said as the two helped Tron find her way properly to the location. Her vision was a bit blurred by the print screen. *WHAM*! "Does this answer your question White Bomber?", Tron Bonne asked annoyed at Bomberman as he'd ended up colliding with her in front of the entrance to the medical bay. The collision knocked her shades off that she'd been using to cover her eyes. And they were flashing now too! "Well, on the plus side, you kept the Prinny in his place, so I will refrain from punishing you...in fact, you might be due for a reward", Tron rationalized. "D-did he knock some compassion into Tron's head or something!?", Tails asked. Undyne meanwhile was starting to stir from all the sounds going on and about. "Mrmrmrgh? *YAAAWN* man, has it been a month or something?", she asked to no one in particular as she opened her eyes.