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  1. Verge already disconfirmed Regarding Number 3, according to him.
  2. KH3 Remind DLC. AKA, What Should've Been In THE Game To Begin With DLC.

    1. Soniman


      I swear if I had a dollar everytime someone said this about DLC lol 

    2. Ryannumber1Santa


      Because it’s kind of true, it should’ve been in the game to begin with, it screams of how FF15 had those random bits where you would see where the character episodes were supposed to slot in, but without the DLC, it was just weird as hell absences.

    3. Wraith


      Now that it's here I can't complain. Jist excited to jump in 

    4. Ryannumber1Santa


      I just want them to make the characters playable outside of the DLC. 

    5. Nix


      I just need a PC version plz SE and Disney I don't have a PS4 at the moment

    6. Adamabba


      im pretty excited for it. it looks like it may have more relevant story content in it than the actual base game lol

  3. At this rate it could be a character, or a character. Or a rep. Or heck, could be the lucky lads next too. In which case, please let it be Some people are speculating that it could be as well. And of course, there's always the possibility that it's a character.
  4. Oh, I have some bad news in that regard. Vergeben recently enacted a massive bloodbath of disconfirmations. Here is all the folk that FP5 is NOT: Which leaves us asking just who the hell that fighter is at this point.
  5. The Fallout 76 train is back in the news station and- yeah, I'm pretty sure that's illegal. 

  6. Well son of a gun. It looks like you're right on the money with that!
  7. Let's just say, offline folk who don't play online may not have as much incentive as us. Again, they are needlessly left at a disadvantage. Which is really one of the reasons why there's been a loss of players. What hidden bonuses??? They're all in plain sight. Besides, the max you can get is 65%, not 70%, since the stickers don't actually give the extra 5% that they advertise. They don't. You know what would fix issues? Fixing the game's problems. Making it so that the super engine isn't such a stupid hindrance. Giving us host migration. Fixing the innumerable glitches, invisible walls, invisible beakers, the broken physics on ALL jumps, better online, more fairness to the offline community. The list goes on. Yes, all this content is nice, but it hasn't addressed the biggest issues. Heck, sometimes even when they try to address the bigger ones, it's backfired before too. Like with SBMM, and the item variation becoming something of a bother with balance. They still do. Would you like the short list or the long list on why that's the case? XD Pictured below is this ugly ass datamined model of one ugly baby. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/382361414548848641/642467325366239252/pyjama_baby_coco_model.png Given in url form to spare your eyes.
  8. Debatable, considering the skill level needed to grind effectively with ring rally mode. If they really wanted to help offline folk out with grinding, they'd give them better than just 2x the amount of already meager coin amounts they get and have it be week-round. Anyway, Due to this visual glitch, in actuality, stickers still don't give nitro bonus. I've tested it out myself.
  9. Yes, but they, along with most were purged from the datamine back then. The news is that they have been added back at this time, which suggests we're getting them along with YaYa and "Fasty", whose apparently now being called Hasty in the datamine. Speaking of which, here to make things semi-official is BetaM's final dig for Season 6:
  10. Well now. Quite an interesting development has arisen. A lot of people are thinking this means we're getting Rilla Roo, Yaya Panda, "Fasty", Chick and Stew.
  11. And preferably the Adventure 2 version.
  12. It just wouldn't be Pasadena if she wasn't staring Crash's way. That does get me thinking though, this game officially has Crash's girlfriend, and the the girl who constantly makes a pass at him now in the same game.
  13. Can't say for sure if they'll all be ringmaster outfits. Megumi's already looks different enough.
  14. This also came: Despite Pasadena initially being presented as the lead GP character, turns out Koala Kong is the Nitro Bar character. And that the track is called Koala Carnival and all that jazz
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