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  1. Oh boy Disney. Pissing off Stan Lee's daughter, making more of a mess out of Star Wars,  screwing up their Spidey deal with greed, and now potentially being responsible of cooking the books to make some of their films like Captain Marvel or Aladdin appear to make more money than they actually did.

    It could the makings of big trouble for them. Especially if that last bit turns out to be true and on the inside they're hurting financially.

    1. Marcello


      How are they making "more" of a mess of Star Wars?

    2. AdventChild


      @Marcello Well, basically the flop that is Galaxy's Edge and how it's basically a ghost town at their California park. Not to mention how their is only ONE Star Wars themed ride open and the other closed til end of this year. Also, it's pretty stupid expensive, I mean, $200 for a plastic light saber? C'mon! Speaking of which, recently their SW themed hotel will cost $1000 per night:


    3. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I really hate to be devils advocate and I'm probably not going be able to defend my opinion very well, but speaking as someone who visited on a cast preview of Galaxy's edge, I didn't think it was that bad... I loved it actually.  

      Hell, I don't know where people are getting "Plastic Lightsabers" from. I bought one and I love it. Overpriced? Sure, but it definitely isn't plastic like the cheap toy ones you can get anywhere else in the park. Judge me all you want, but I got it.

      I'm sorry if I'm coming across as annoyed over something so petty, but most of the videos I've seen on Galaxys Edge's almost seems as if they're celebrating it's failiure. I get and understand how Last Jedi burnt people out of Star Wars, but I never understood how people can root for something to fail.

      Though if its any consolation and to show I'm not a complete apologist, I can't defend Disney delaying the opening of "Rise of the Resistance" nor the Hotel being 1000 dollars per night though. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if Disney is paying off their own movies. That would explain the success of the Lion King and other live action remakes despite almost everybody being against them.

    4. Operationgamer17
    5. Speederino


      Disney of all companies is not and probably never will be hurting for money. They could buy up fifteen small countries and still have more money than any of us could fathom.

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      First the decedent of Disney himself lashed out at them, now Stan Lee's (direct) descendant too. Theses protesters are growing every day as Disney itself grows.

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