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  1. 56 minutes ago, Ryannumber1Santa said:

    A new State of Play has been announced for December 10th at 2pm GMT/9am EST. No next gen info will be present.

    Welp, that's one that I won't be able to watch live.....not that it seems like I'll be missing anything of value if past State of Plays are anything to go by.

  2. On 11/30/2019 at 3:57 AM, Tornado said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    But no Falcom characters...






    On 11/30/2019 at 11:12 AM, Radiant Hero Ike said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    RIP Rean Schwarzer 😔 Although if they chose a Legend of Heroes character it'd probably be Estelle or Joshua anyways, hehe.


    If I may ask what's so big about that company?

    Anyway, Vergeben has also put


    Level 5 and Namco Bandai

    on the chopping board. So fans of those two companies best wait until after this Fighter's pass.

  3. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/78203375?jumpto=27#27

    And so the culling for FP5 continues. You-know-who has confirmed that FP5 will not be a


    Falcom or Ubisoft


    Oh, and in regards to Dante,


    another renowed leaker has confirmed that

    he will NOT be


    the fighter for FP5.

    Thankfully, Capcom as a while hasn't been knocked out of the running. It's the Wright time.

  4. 14 hours ago, Radiant Hero Ike said:

    New Spirits incoming! It's...

    Resident Evil?

    I'm disappointed that they left out Nemesis.


    12 hours ago, dbzfan7 said:

    They do....and eventually let them be permanent, but it's much easier to get them during the event. I missed the Link's awakening event way back and regretted not doing it immediately. I eventually got lucky when it became a normal drop, but it was much faster following events. If you're a spirit collector, don't wait. Just do it right away. It'll up to an hour or two depending on luck.

    I ask mainly because ever since June, I've been wrapped up in other games on the Switch, PC, and PS4 which have taken my attention from Smash, sans the SSMB Game Night event. SO I've been away from the spirit hunting action for quite a while.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Candescence said:

    As for "relegated to a gimmick", Valve don't see it that way. They see VR as the future of gaming. And I'm legitimately inclined to agree.

    "Future of gaming" huh? I'll admit, I find that to be a term used a bit too much. And often ends up describing gimmicky game changes that end up with egg on their face (I'm looking at you Stadia and original XBox One).

    The point is that yes, VR, is nice, but it's never really been good enough to justify bring VR exclusive when essentially,  it's a glorified first person viewpoint. And making the next Half-Lufe installment,  something the franchise's fans have been endlessly waiting for, locked behind not just the purchase of a new console, but also a new expensive peripheral does seem to be the latest in the bevy of tone-deaf moves Valve have made.

    Game doesn't really look enticing enough if you ask me.

  6. It's not even really Half-Life 3.  Therefore, with this being a spinoff,  it's likely not going to address the cliffhanger that fans have been waiting to see resolved.

    It being VR-exclusive cuts out wuite a lot of the fanbase who have been waiting for a new installment. 

    This could very well be one of the most tone deaf moves that Vslve has done. And that's saying something, considering how they've managed Steam.

  7. 8 hours ago, Jango said:

    I feel like this year's last GP will have the "odd characters" like Fasty, YaYa Panda and Rilla Roo

    The roster to the December GP has been leaked to be


    Hasty (yes, that's his name now), YaYa Panda, Rilla Roo, Chick and Stew.


    7 hours ago, Your Vest Friend said:

    They might go ahead with the revisit idea, considering a number of characters were actually seemingly cut for previous GPs. 

    Wouldn't really make that much sense, given how a lot of GP content has already returned in the pit stop.

    8 hours ago, Jango said:

    Aah, more cross-overs would be awesome.

    Speaking of which, there's enough Spyro characters left to fuel at least 2 GPs.

    There's also the Twinsanity cast, be they present or cut characters.

    On that note, other cut characters are on the table as well.

  8. 7 hours ago, Son-icka said:

    Disagree about needing the skill level to grind in Ring Rally though, by which I mean I think you should really be mastering or getting better at the game to earn what you reap. And also after trying some more tracks (unless it’s an error) the game recognises you’ve done 6 laps so long as you’ve passed 3 for some reason anyway.

    Let's just say, offline folk who don't play online may not have as much incentive as us. Again, they are needlessly left at a disadvantage. Which is really one of the reasons why there's been a loss of players.

    7 hours ago, Son-icka said:

    Especially the hidden bonuses. 

    What hidden bonuses??? They're all in plain sight.

    Besides, the max you can get is 65%, not 70%, since the stickers don't actually give the extra 5% that they advertise.

    7 hours ago, Son-icka said:

    It stands that they would lose more than us if they start losing players anyway so they have to do something. But, I don’t think these small alleviation’s fix the main problems.

    They don't.  You know what would fix issues? Fixing the game's problems. Making it so that the super engine isn't such a stupid hindrance. Giving us host migration. Fixing the innumerable glitches, invisible walls, invisible beakers, the broken physics on ALL jumps, better online, more fairness to the offline community. The list goes on.

    Yes, all this content is nice, but it hasn't addressed the biggest issues. Heck, sometimes even when they try to address the bigger ones, it's backfired before too. Like with SBMM, and the item variation becoming something of a bother with balance.

    8 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

    Somebody call Smash Bros. That "everyone is here" tagline? They don't own it anymore.

    They still do. Would you like the short list or the long list on why that's the case? XD


    16 hours ago, Nina Cortex Jovahexeon said:

    Somebody call Smash Bros. That "everyone is here" tagline? They don't own it anymore.

    Pictured below is this ugly ass datamined model of one ugly baby.


    Given in url form to spare your eyes.

  9. 4 hours ago, Son-icka said:

    I think Beenox seem to have understood the horrible grind and burnout somewhat by accommodating for these, which is appreciated if a bit late.

    Debatable,  considering the skill level needed to grind effectively with ring rally mode.

    If they really wanted to help offline folk out with grinding, they'd give them better than just 2x the amount of already meager coin amounts they get and have it be week-round.


    Due to this visual glitch, in actuality, stickers still don't give nitro bonus. I've tested it out myself.

  10. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I'm nearly sure we've known about Rilla and Chuck/Stew for months. In fact, I'm fairly sure they were among the first datamined characters.

    Yes, but they, along with most were purged from the datamine back then.

    The news is that they have been added back at this time, which suggests we're getting them along with YaYa and "Fasty", whose apparently now being called Hasty in the datamine.

    Speaking of which, here to make things semi-official is BetaM's final dig for Season 6:




  11. 14 hours ago, SBR2 said:

    If this leads to the Lopes sibs doing vocal tracks in future games I'm all for it. Honestly get Mariana to do a new version of Believe in Myself. She's got the pipes for it.

    And preferably the Adventure 2 version.

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