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  1. Ugh, its 6:29 AM and I still haven't gotten into bed. Curse my morbid curiousity!

  2. To be fair, and bluntly honest, this isn't even the first thing they've made spot-lighting Lost World since its release. This move of theirs' is harmless at worst.
  3. Oh crimped is this late but I'm sure SOMEONE will find it useful. Still a bit on the obvious side though with this first tidbit.
  4. I wonder what the first fan-fic ever made was.

    1. -Robin-


      The Epic of Gilgamesh technically is.

  5. Let it go J.K.Rowling. Let it go.

    1. goku262002


      She did, its her fans that won't let her go.

  6. Literally pokemon battling for someone's hand in marriage. It's now a reality.

    1. TCB



  7. Somewhere out there, there's a fanfic writer who's story is unfortunately coming true. What's next, settling who gets the kids in a divorce via Super Smash Bros Brawl!?
  8. Unknown to their parents, baby-sitting a lot of the kids is made all the mad easier when they're addicted to shows like MLP.

  9. Nowadays, I usually know when to skip over people who use the "Wii U is underpowered" BS excuse.

    1. Sami


      you could

      you know

      do some research and see that it is

    2. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      As a matter of fact, I have done research. Hence why I call BS.

    3. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      it is tho

      sure, not as significantly as certain parties lead you to believe, but it's definitely a noticeable gap when you get right down to it

    4. Gligar13


      "Additionally, the PPC750 line is the only range of PowerPC processors that implement Paired Singles, an (outdated) SIMD implementation that was introduced with the Gekko on the GameCube and which is not compatible with modern PowerPC SIMD, such as AltiVec."

      The WiiU's CPU lacks features even the 360 CPU has.

  10. Nowadays, I usuall know to skip over people who use the "Wii U is underpowered" BS excuse.

  11. True, and I'm not completely against exclusivity myself, so long as it makes sense (which Square is severely lacking at the moment, but that's for another thread).
  12. So, has an official ost of this game been released yet?
  13. Reaction: SEGA buys Sony to avenge the Dreamcast.

    1. Victoes
    2. buba


      I bet Sega sure knows a shitload about the television and digital camera market.

    3. Conando


      Sony doesn't even know anything about the television and camera market anymore.

  14. Well after that 3rd exclusive, it might be in SEGA's best interest to just stay the fuck away from exclusivity, 'lest it be absolutely necessary, from now on when it comes to the console games.
  15. I got the story of Kingdom Hearts 1 just fine. And then I had the misfortune of plunging right into Kingdom Hearts 2 afterwards....having NOT played Chain of Memories. I swear my confusion pummeled my mind until I got my hands on CoM! Since then, Kingdom Heart's story has been, less than kind to those trying to put it together. I do think that Birth By Sleep was all the same, an unnecessary addition, my bias against prequels in general, aside. I'd say it's more the games' timeline being all over the place, what with prequels, sequels, spin-offs and midquels be released here and there on several various consoles and hand-helds needed to get the full story, mixed in with the occasional over-complicated plot shtick too.
  16. According to the later posts, she apparently was the one who declared they battle via pokemon over her.
  17. Meh, perhaps I shouldn;t be too worried. KH3 will probably be on the Wii U by the time Square gets around to finally finishing the game anyway.

  18. *Whew* God today's batch of arguments were endurance heavy!

    1. SuperLink


      remember it's ok to not bother with arguments if you don't want to :P

  19. Something's caught my attention concerning pokemon so get a load of this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/696959-pokemon-x/68472423 Ooh boy. SO, apparently hands in marriage are transferable now.
  20. A rather interesting remix of "Pink Elephants On Parade" http://youtu.be/eSQzCBKWqxw Not bad, Lee Presson.
  21. *Sigh* I'm going to miss the story mode in the next Smash Bros game. -_-

    1. Fletch


      Glad to know I'm not the only one who will miss it. I always did like the story in Brawl. It was just fun to see all the characters in the game interacting with each other, and my goodness, some of those scenes in the story were beast.

      ...I really like the scene when Ike did that Aether. (Then again, Ike is my favorite protagonist so far in all the FE games I played ^o^)

  22. Am I the only one who's going to actually miss the story mode?
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