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  1. Well, going off of the reception to Star Wars Episode 9's trailer,  it's quite amazing to see the damage that three lackluster films in a row can do to good will.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Last Jedi and Solo are lackluster but are you calling Rogue One that too? It did well didn't it?

    2. Rotting Spider

      Rotting Spider

      I take it reception isn't good?

    3. Nina Cortex Spookhexeon

      Nina Cortex Spookhexeon

      @The Tenth Doctor Rogue One has gone on to be recalled as decent at best by some and drab by others for having underdeveloped characters, a half-baked story, etc.

      @Balding Spider Let's see. A lot are hoping that it'll all just turn out to be Luke Skywalker waking up from a bad dream. Absolutely no one is buying Dark Rey actually being a thing. A lot of talk is how downhill the franchise has been feeling compared to even the prequels. And so on so forth.

    4. Rotting Spider

      Rotting Spider

      @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice First off, I'm glad no one is falling for the Darth Rey stuff. Second I would laugh all the way to the grave if this all turned out to be dream.

    5. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      People have likely been so burned by the prior films that they are ultimately content if the ends where the creators torch the whole franchise forever and run if it meant it "can have peace" at long last. I for one hold on that a ROTS situation falls through with it.

    6. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I am so out of the loop, Palpatine is alive again now or something?

    7. Rotting Spider

      Rotting Spider

      @Ryannumber1gamer He's probably a Sith ghost or something from the old expanded universe that isn't cannon anymore except when Disney says it is.

    8. Solister


      Well, I'm not sure but I'm loving the memes:


      Talking serious now, as seen in my review topic, I think Rogue One is a pretty consistent movie (Not just voted as my favorite from the Sequels (Disney Era) as well my all time favorite). Solo was pretty meh and personally, despite expanding a few ideas, is the most useless in the saga. But going straight to the point (VII-IX), I liked VII but think it was too much The Force A New Hope, for example, it was useless for the development of the trilogy blow up Starkiller Base in the very first movie of the trilogy. The Last Jedi speeches much but tells just a few, even if Luke didn't wanted to train Rey, it would be better she already start training by herself (As it seems to be shown in Episode IX).

      But idk, seems that only now they will do the proper episode VII as if Sidous (And maybe Vader) didn't have died, exploring older planets like Death Star II remnants and maybe Endor and likely almost forgetting Lando Carissian was a thing. tbh, I'm wishing all the best for the movie as a Star Wars fans I want to this beat Rogue One and be my favorite movie of the saga, I'm also avoiding any types of journals about the movie neither going too deep in theories because I think this was what ruined Episode VIII for me (Despite I mainly just took my Episodes VIII bets and renamed it Episode IX bets).

      Still being optimist, I compare to the Prequels, were I was mediocre to good, II was terrible and III was near-perfect, it seems it fits perfectly here.

      Edit: Sorry for the long reply, though.

    9. dbzfan7


      Well as much as I don't like Last Jedi, Rogue one still takes the cake for most boring film ever. When your robot character is more human than your human characters, something is wrong. So much so when I asked my family I went to see it with me who said they liked it, I asked. Tell me the characters names. They couldn't do it. They had no idea. They could name people from all the other 3 trilogies, but no one in this movie outside of Vader, Tarkin, and Leia.

      One of the rare movies where I want to leave so badly while it's playing.

    10. Solister


      Don't talk bad about Rogue One!

      But wow, really? Am I that alone liking Rogue One? I think the movie is, in fact, the pretty oppose. Meanwhile Luke, Leia and Solo needed a trilogy to build their identity, Rogue One made me affect with their characters as much as I had with the "main" ones. Alright, I assume I'm talking this mainly for Jyn and the other ones could be a bit despicable but if the story actually weren't that "intended", I definitely would love to see Jyn and Cassian in another adventure. Yeah, K-2SO could be better but here it does what C-3PO and R2-D2 did in the franchise but in a single droid and with a new face, if so, I think L3-37 from Solo is waaay worse than K-2SO as it's just a copy from this one as it's also a copy from C-3PO and R2-D2.

    11. Rotting Spider

      Rotting Spider

      I liked most of Rogue One. Keyword being most, the CG Tarkin and whatever the hell accent Forest Whitaker was doing was staright up bad.

    12. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Rogue One was darn good in my opinion. Yeah, I don't remember the original characters names apart from Jyn, Cassian, K2SO and Krennic but heck, I actually really liked the last two. I felt for them enough as they all met their fate and really bought the story. It did what it needed.

      Solo had L3-37 (leet speak, really?) so loses a lot of points.

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