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  1. POWREE's doing the art, it's coming out 2 days after my birthday, it couldn't get any better for me XD
  2. Here's the preview pages (I'm pretty sure their the first 5 pages, they came from 2 different websites for both classic and X...) Oh, and the issues finally coming out this week. Sorry for this coming late, it did come on Friday, but i had no internet over the weekend.
  3. Time for the solicit and covers for MM #40! The PULSE-POUNDING CONCLUSION to the latest crossover MEGA-event from Archie comics is here! "DAWN OF X" Part Four: The time-traveling adventure reaches its explosive finale as the mystery of Mega Man’s confrontation with the rogue Wily robot is revealed! X and the Maverick Hunters have their final showdown with the mechanical monsters! And Xander Payne’s fate comes to a startling conclusion! Don’t miss this crossover between iconic eras, with a SHOCKER-ENDING that will blow your mind! Featuring all-new cover art from Mega-artist supreme PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and a time-spanning variant cover by Colin Lawler! I can barely name any of the enemies on the cover XD Mostly only the robot masters XD
  4. Oh, well that was perfect timing XD I think the Short Circuits is hilarious XD Also, what game is that big robot from? Mega man 3? I have never completed MM3....
  5. #37 has been delayed until the 28th... I was really excited to read it on Thursday Anyway, I'm guessing no subscribers have it yet?
  6. I find it hard to believe the best Mega Man artist is leaving the comics... He drew my favourite issue (#12) and some of the best covers! And of course, we can't forget he drew every single robot master...
  7. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Also, Paul Kaminski posted this on his Twitter:
  8. Sorry for the triple post... but anyway, MM #39's solicit and covers have come MEGA MAN #39: (W) Ian Flynn (A) Jamal Peppers & Various (CA) Patrick Spaz Spaziante The epic Dawn of X crossover reaches its penultimate chapter, and things are heating up in both Past and Future! 'A Hint of Things to Come', Part Three: Mega Man, Pharaoh Man and Bright Man-trapped and at the mercy of a long lost Wily Weapon! Can Dr. Light find a way to stop it, or is this the end of Mega Man's story? And what will robot-hating Xander do in a future filled with reploids? Featuring all-new cover art from the legendary Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante and a 32-Bit-style cut scene variant from mega-artist Ryan Jampole! I'm hoping Mega man, Pharaoh man and Bright man being trapped means the originals can take the spotlight again, I would love something like #12 again, and anyway, who else would save them?
  9. I've read #36 as it's now on Comixology I'm trying to get some pics, but their not showing for some reason... I'll do spoilers in the morning, or someone else can do them
  10. I'll post the pics later. Also, it's good to see Bright man finally appear outside of a cameo
  11. So, anyone else celebrating their 1 year anniversary of being a Mega man fan this week? Also, i got my copy of MM #35 off Comixology. Here are my thoughts
  12. Sorry fr the double post, but time for previews! For real this time XD
  13. Preview pages are here! Sadly, some of them aren't showing for me, but Centaur man on Sonic SCANF showed this panel This line definitely gets a 10/10 XD
  14. The comic orders were late this week, and they didn't come until yesterday, sadly, i didn't get the chance to go to the comic shop to pick up SU #61... Oh, and STH #258's out this week
  15. *sigh* It's not coming out this week... stupid 2 week delays!
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