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  1. I heard that someone had hacked the game to get lots of Red Rings, which would be really useful, but a reliable way to farm Red Rings would be nice. All I can is just keep grinding through the maps. You get 5 or 10 Red Rings each time you complete a map, so it's not too bad.
  2. I'm pretty sure this just means you'll still have that item in your inventory, not that you can use it over and over again in the same run.
  3. SEEEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAA! >:( It boggles the mind why they thought that a character who is nearly as fast as Sonic should be a Power Type whereas someone who is much slower but has a massive hammer should be a Speed Type. Also, consider yourself lucky that you even land on the character eggs. ;^;
  4. One thing that has always worked for me is dying in the Top Speed section (though obviously not on purpose) and then taking the free video revive, which revives me with the usual Wisp/Magnet/Shield combo but also gives me 100 rings too, which is great until I get to the boss or next checkpoint. I'm really desperate to get Blaze. Rush was the game that got me into the series and Blaze is probably my favourite character. Also Speed Type master race.
  5. *kicks over the gravestone*

  6. I think I'm liking the newniverse better so far. Also, we could just assume that this story takes place closer to Adventure than CD; Amy has already changed her look and Sonic just hasn't hit his growth spurt yet, which I now just assume is why he is taller in the modern canon because I can live with Classic Sonic having Green Eyes.
  7. If it's Classic with green eyes then that'd be alright however, given the fact that Amy's sporting her modern design in the WANTED! poster, I think that's unlikely.
  8. Crossover? A Mega Man X/Sonic crossover would be cool, but so soon after Worlds Collide? I'm thinking this may be a Mega Man X/Mega Man crossover...
  9. I think this was all Jenna's idea.
  10. Yeah, it will certainly bolster the community of the site and will hoefully attract more people. Come on, you guys know you want to sign up!
  11. Time to lag my way through Milky Way Wishes on a Super Star Ultra Rom. Or I could play the inferior graphics version... EDIT: Aand I have the Steam rerelease of CD!
  12. Does anyone know if the Day of the Doctor OST has been released yet? I need to listen...
  13. Oh, yes...That would be awesome...Oh the feels.
  14. Yeah, I figured it'd have been RTZ Sonic was running through.
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