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    Let's bring it back to the "Vintage Slim"
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  1. I watched chapter 1 and 2 on MondoMedia.
  2. Let's bring it back to the "Vintage Slim"

  3. This is awesome! Could you check out my drawings?
  4. This is cool! keep up the good work!
  5. Logic

    Logic's Old Art

    Did a quick sketch: In color:
  6. Logic

    Logic's Old Art

    I can't draw Tails good. Here's more:
  7. Logic

    Logic's Old Art

    I knew somebody was going to say that. (Besides my brother)
  8. Logic

    Logic's Old Art

    I'll put up more when I see the rest Found some of my old drawings:
  9. This is so horrible.... But this is not the final
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