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  1. Never thought I'll love a stupid chicken pervert octopus like I love Koro-sensei

  2. After reading that post about what happened in this movie, I am a lot more eager in seeing that movie.
  3. I had heard about this series. As much as I enjoyed Pokemon, it's good that it does get some serious competition. When it comes here, I wouldn't mind getting the game or to watch the anime.
  4. Sticks looks so adorable in Uekawa's style. It's nice to know how she looks like in that style. She really looks great in that style.
  5. I am actually looking forward to this crossover, especially how certain villains will interact with one another. I am amazed about the number of variant covers, but I like them all.
  6. The Spectacular Spider-Man is my favourite of the Spider-Man animated series. The writing and characters are superb. Pity it never received a third second. Although there might be people that believe it's old and outdated, I still have a soft-spot for Spider-Man: The Animated Series since it actually introduced me to the character. I'm on the fence when it comes to Ultimate Spider-Man, but there are some episodes that I enjoy. Spider-Man the New Animated Series (the 3D/ MTV one) didn't really grab my interest, while Spider-Man Unlimited bored me.
  7. Happy belated birthday, Knuckles. He's actually my favourite Sonic character and he inspired me to buy the Sonic games after I played Sonic 3. While I miss the days before Knuxie got Flanderized, I still enjoy his character. Happy big 20, Rad Red.
  8. It's a pity that the planet didn't get an official name (I dislike it being called Sonic's World). Why not call it something like Gaia, or even Big Planet (to match the Little Planet)?
  9. Yep, that was actually more-or-less what I meant. I remembered seeing people rate games "meant for children" very low, simply because they dislike any games meant for all-ages and have that type of unfair bias, yet they would rate certain franchises very high simply because they like that franchise.
  10. I really need to finish Sonic Rush Adventure, especially collecting the Emeralds. I'd also like to replay Sonic CD with all good futures and Time Stones. I would also like to replay Sonic Riders as well.
  11. My username is a play on my real nickname. I usually go by Steph, so I wanted to use an easy-to-remember nickname that would play on that. I had wanted it to be Stephie, but it looked strange to me. I finally decided to spell it as Steffie and the rest is history.
  12. A good reviewer is someone that points out both the good things and bad things about the product. I personally found that to be very frustrating when someone praised something, yet it actually had huge flaws as well. A good reviewer must try and not allow their bias opinion show and review fairly, no matter how much they despise/ love the franchise, etc. If there were any flaws, the reviewer sould point them out. Even something as simple as hints being extremely vague to guide a player can give the reader insight. Have a good rating system and explain briefly how it works. Maybe even have a small checklist that would help give the overall rating/ score. Hope that helped a bit.
  13. Like many said, how Classic Sonic would always be so happy when he gets a high rank in Generations. Classic Tails is just so adorable in Generations. I just want to hug him. Whenever Chip offered chocolate to someone The fact that Dr. Eggman has a soft spot for chao. Sonic and Tails' brotherly bond. Whether it's in the games, Archie comics or AoSTH, their relationship always brought a smile to my face. When Knuckles teleport Sonic/ Tails to Sky Sanctuary: if you go and check up on him, he would gesture that he's fine and that you must stop Eggman. After collecting the Chaos and Super Emeralds and beat the game as Knux, he would grin at Sonic and give him a thumbs up. Aww.
  14. Playing Sonic Rush Adventure; finally found that underground hideout XD

  15. Oh my, I love the remix of the original dub opening. I also found it interesting that they have an original relationship chart of the XY cast.
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