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  1. I was surprised that they only have 300 limited editions available worldwide and only 100 in Europe. I got my dates mixed up so I didn't get a chance to get a Limited Edition but odds are I wouldn't have got one anyway with the limited number available. Still ordered the vinyls as they would be nice to add to my collection. Sadly, I think I have seen on Twitter some people have put them on eBay for stupid prices
  2. Did SEGA put huge amounts of money and time into this game? Did they give Sonic Team the tools to make an unreal experience for all of us to enjoy? If the answer to those questions is No, then Sonic Team could have there hands tied in trying to make a game that we all love. The quote in red perfectly describes my feelings for this game and Lost World Also, there also could be a lack of energy, direction and enthusiasm at Sonic Team (which I'd find hard to believe) but if thats the case, that needs to change and fast.
  3. Whilst I've enjoyed both seasons, I think the odds of a 3rd are slim due to it being the only Boom related part of the franchise still going. The only way I can see it getting a 3rd season might be with a online provider such as Hulu or Netflix. The writing in the show has been very good, especially in the 2nd season. They were able to take some aspects of the franchise and poke a bit of fun at it, that made me chuckle. Animation and Voice Acting was also very good as well. Just a pity Cartoon Network treated it the way it did.
  4. I keep thinking this movie will keep getting pushed back and never happen (which might not be a bad idea)
  5. There are 2 games that I have played this year which I have absolutely had a blast with: - As a number of folks have said, this game has just been brilliant. To sum it up in word - Fun. I loved picking it up every time I played it. The levels are great, the soundtrack is amazing and it was nice to play as Tails and Knuckles again. While it's not perfect, it is the most fun Sonic game I have played in years and really hope the team get another crack at a game because they fully deserve it. Well done Christian, Simon and all the team involved. While at stages, I was going to throw the controller at the TV, I just loved the trip back down memory lane. It was great to play Crash again, it didn't feel like the previous efforts which was just dull and boring. This was fun to play, especially 2 and 3 and brought back some awesome memories. Activision and VV did a fantastic job remastering these and I would happily give them another game to expand on what they did here.
  6. Weston Super Sonic 2017

    And here is a quick review of the event: - https://dseay25.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/weston-super-sonic-2017/
  7. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I started playing about 2 hours ago and honestly, it’s ok, not terrible but nothing special. I can understand why it will be getting scores of 4/5/6 out of 10. Some of gameplay elements are just not right and feel a bit off. Full review to come once completed, but so far, I sadly thought it would be an meh game and it’s proving to be correct.
  8. Weston Super Sonic 2017

    Had a really enjoyable day yesterday at WSS. Managed to get chatting to a number of people including the guests and panelists. I'll have a review up on my blog soon and start adding some stuff on my Twitter tomorrow but thanks to the organisers for making this a big success. Looking forward to the next one :-)
  9. Weston Super Sonic 2017

    Heard great things about WSS so really looking forward to coming across to Weston Super Mare for the first time.
  10. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    One word to describe this game - Fun. I really enjoyed playing this game, all the little tributes to past Sonic games and the new stages are just a joy to play. I have put a full review on my blog - https://dseay25.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/by-the-mania-for-the-mania-a-sonic-mania-review/ Congratulations to Christian, SImon and all the Mania team for all their hard work in making this game, I hope you guys get the chance to develop another one at some point in the future
  11. Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    Not surprised that it would have been number 1 in sales this week. I would be very interested to know what the overall sales across the consoles is. Looks to me like a commercial and critical success, great job by all involved
  12. Sonic Mania CE delayed in EU?

    Same for me, I haven't received any emails saying there is a delay for my copy on the PS4 but it has not been dispatched yet either UPDATE: - As per 8:30 this morning, my order is preparing to dispatch and should be arriving tomorrow (fingers crossed)
  13. What YOU think of Sonic Mania

    I am very excited for Sonic Mania. Since the reveal last year and seeing every bit of the new stages and the old ones with a different wee twist leaves me very happy. With every reveal, it has made me more and more excited. Getting to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles is something I have waited a long time for (I didn't pick up any of the Sonic Boom games) The staff have looked after this title so well and I can't wait to get my hands on the Collector's Edition when it arrives in a few weeks time. I hope if everything goes to plan, they may be given another title. I would wonder if they would want a crack at a 3D game but that might not be on the table but will wait and see. Just over 3 weeks to go until the Mania is Unleashed!!!!
  14. Sonic Mania Vinyl - Now Pre-Orderable!

    Ordered mine first thing this morning, ordered the Translucent Blue Version, didn't care too much for the Special Edition. Another nice piece to add to the collection
  15. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    This week has been a bit of a roller coaster. From the original announcement on the Twitch stream, to the Archie cancelation and to IDW picking it up. Honestly, when Aaron spoke on the stream about the future of the comics, that is what I thought would happen. I only recently have got back into the comics and was glad to see it being picked up by IDW. What happens next in regard to staff will be important, I'd like to see Ian and the Archie staff being considered as it would be good to get a solid base and also allow them to bring in new talent as well who can learn from the likes of Tracy, Jennifer, Evan, Tyson etc. As for crossovers, I like the idea of crossovers (yes even with MLP) I won't comment too much on the stories and whether previous characters should or should not be in it, as long as the comic is interesting and fun to read, I will be very happy and onboard. We will probably never know exactly when the decision to cancel with Archie was made, but the only regret I have (apart from leaving the fans in the dark) is where this left the staff during that time. Did they know exactly what was happening, how did the stoppage/cancelation affect their day to day work and day to day lives? Hopefully they had been able to sort out other small pieces of work during this time and now know where they stand. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what IDW have planned with Sonic in the future and grateful to Archie for running the comic for the past 25 years.