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  1. Not surprised that it would have been number 1 in sales this week. I would be very interested to know what the overall sales across the consoles is. Looks to me like a commercial and critical success, great job by all involved
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. I am very excited for Sonic Mania. Since the reveal last year and seeing every bit of the new stages and the old ones with a different wee twist leaves me very happy. With every reveal, it has made me more and more excited. Getting to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles is something I have waited a long time for (I didn't pick up any of the Sonic Boom games) The staff have looked after this title so well and I can't wait to get my hands on the Collector's Edition when it arrives in a few weeks time. I hope if everything goes to plan, they may be given another title. I would wonder if they would want a crack at a 3D game but that might not be on the table but will wait and see. Just over 3 weeks to go until the Mania is Unleashed!!!!
  4. Ordered mine first thing this morning, ordered the Translucent Blue Version, didn't care too much for the Special Edition. Another nice piece to add to the collection
  5. Maybe the moth was an Original Fan Character?!?!?!? Did you fire an email to them about that? Great Video Review, I agree that while there is a lot of great content, there could have been more (even thought the book is 200+ pages) Would have loved to seen concept art for Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations. Pity that Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic the Fighters weren't there The print of the 3 Sonics is amazing and I love the protective cover as well Overall, if you haven't got a copy, I would recommend picking one up as well
  6. I love that artwork, if they can make a print of that, I would totally buy that as well. Anyways 20 quid for a vinyl and a download of the album as well is pretty good value for money. Something different for the collection I think
  7. The list of games is great as well, just preordered mine from Amazon. Not going to miss this like I missed the NES mini
  8. I'm more intrigued about Sonic Forces rather than going its awesome or terrible. It's a very interesting direction that SEGA and Sonic Team have decided to take. As I commented on The Sonic Show podcast, I feel SEGA and Sonic Team have stuck with the Colours/Generations gameplay style as it was praised by fans and critics. After Lost World received very mixed reviews with the Parkour addition and controls, I'm glad they have stuck with what has worked and was well received by fans and critics. I think after Lost World and Rise of Lyric, they don't want to try something radically different or take a huge risk changing the gameplay style, which is completely understandable (especially after Rise of Lyric) The custom character is an interesting addition. I like the idea of being able to create my own character and play but as people have been commenting on, there is a huge cast of characters they could have used instead. So far the visuals have looked very good, smooth gameplay and looks fun to play so that's a positive. Will be very interesting to see how the overall story pans out. While its nice to see Classic Sonic again, I think it's maybe a little bit misplaced but he may only have a small role in the game but will have to wait and see. Overall, I am looking forward to it with all the intriguing elements we have seen so far. I am approaching this with a bit more optimism than caution. Sonic Lost World looked decent when I played it at Summer of Sonic in 2013 but unfortunately I just didn't enjoy it due to the control issues and it lacked that sense of fun. There are my two cents
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  10. 200th Post!! :-p I have seen the trailer a good few times and just keeps making me smile. So looking forward to this game, might need a day off work on the Tuesday when it comes out. Tempted to pre order the Switch Collector's Edition as well
  11. I am not surprised that Tyson worked on that animation at all, it looked very much like his work from Sonic: Mega Drive. Never the less, OH MY YES YES YES!!!!! Let the countdown begin!!
  12. Next up is Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive/Genesis)
  13. Great article and very balanced. I didn't release that Sonic 06 was rushed due to Microsoft's demand that it be ready for Christmas (unfortunately that sounds familiar!!). Keep up the good work.
  14. I would go for that, the likelihood would probably be slim for it happening but wouldn't mind a copy for my PS4
  15. As reported on the front page - https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/03/new-sonic-25th-anniversary-artwork-at-castle-galleries/
  16. Honestly, the delay doesn't bother me at all, it's only a quarter delay. Having worked in coding, this will more than likely be last round of testing and final cleaning up to make sure everything looks good, so I'm OK with that. The new art work is beautiful, the new boss group looks cool and a vinyl record...yes please and Flying Battery.....FLYING FREAKING BATTERY!!! Loved this zone from Sonic and Knuckles so gets a big thumbs up from me. Looking good Sonic Mania ?
  17. I really enjoyed Sonic Advance 2, was my favourite of the Sonic Advance games. Lots of exploring to do, could be quite challenging at times but loved the level design. Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure were both very good as well. Didn't have much exposure to the Game Gear games so cant really comment on them.
  18. Would anyone have a list of the current artist's (pencils, colours etc)?
  19. I remember the escalators that took you up to the top floor where the majority of the machines were. The Trocadero I think has now closed or only a small part of it is open to the public
  20. I am enjoying Ratchet and Clank since it was on sale for the PS4, it is very very good, very impressed
  21. Happy Anniversary Knuckles, unlike Sonic you don't chuckle and rather flex your muscles!! (I will see myself out )
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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