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  1. There are so many good V.A's from both the games and the TV shows, I thought to be fair I would split it into Games and TV: - Sonic - T.V - Jaleel White Games - Roger Craig Smith Honorable Mentions - Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond Tails - T.V - Colleen O'Shaughnessey Games - Corey Bringas Honorable Mentions - Kate Higgins and Christopher Welch Knuckles - (I couldn't pick!! :-p) T.V and Games - Travis Willingham and Dan Green Dr Eggman - TV - Long John Baldry Games - Mike Pollock Honorable Mentions - Deem Bristow and Jim Cummings
  2. Gameplay footage looks awesome. I wonder how Crash will look in the remastered editions of his first 3 games because i really like his design in Skylanders.
  3. I would love to play Knuckles Chaotix just to see how it played. I dont really have any interest in any of the Boom game
  4. What a superb event, loved every minute of it. Should have a more detailed view of the event on my blog by the weekend. Loads of photos on Twitter as well of all the goodies. Big thanks to all the crew, organisers, guests and all the lovely people I met on Saturday Update - Here is my blog post of the day - https://dseay25.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/summer-of-sonic-2016/
  5. I really enjoyed the story in #283 and the cover art some much, I added it to my comic wall, some more will be added in the coming weeks and hope to get my Mega Drive comic signed by Tyson at Summer of Sonic in a few weeks to put into my frames on my table in the house. Oh the excitement is building
  6. Delighted that Mega Drive has sold out, now then, off to my local comic shop to pre order the variant :-)
  7. I listening to a few tracks, made a few posts on Twitter, read a few posts as well about it. Think I will be celebrating more at Summer of Sonic in a few weeks time :-)
  8. It is disappointing result as it is a leap into the unknown. The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be a key issue in the coming weeks and no surprise that calls for a border poll have been thought of, I certainly wouldn't be in favour of Irish Unity at this moment in time. Scotland will certain go for another Referendum on Independence. My biggest worry is the economy, will big companies decide to pull out of the U.K because it is no longer an E.U member or will they stick with them and see what happens. Young people voted overwhelmingly to remain and again worries me as what does the future hold for us An interesting side story is developing where some small parties in Holland and France want a Referendum in their own country on EU Membership. But for now, it will be business as usual in the majority of things but what is to come is something I do have my doubts over
  9. I am relatively new to Lego Dimensions but I will probably buy the figure just to have at my desk in work
  10. Wow, that looks great. Thats my new desktop background sorted.
  11. That is a superb amount of money raised for the event, really looking forward to it.
  12. Hard to believe all 52 episodes have been shown. But I very much enjoyed the series, the writing and voice acting made the series extremely enjoyable. The target audience certainly liked the show and we have a 2nd season to look forward to. More of the same please and well done to all involved and keep up the great work.
  13. By the looks of it, it has been a very big success, according to the following article: - http://toyworldmag.co.uk/licensing-news/danger-mouse-is-the-biggest-new-hit-of-the-year-for-kids/
  14. I thought Eggman taking over Sonic's Twitter page, was absolutely brilliant and loved the interaction between the fans and Roger!!!
  15. Having watched the trailer, I think the animation looks really really good. Getting a little teaser of Alexander and Kevin voicing DM and Penfold was really nice as well. I don't really like the theme song, its a bit cheesy and will take some time to get to used to. I will be tuning in to see what its like. I know some people will be like, its not the original and I don't like it at all thats it being brought back, but I am willing to give it a shot. Approaching with cautious optimism
  16. Ohhhhhh the temptation https://www.ubertee.com/product/bandicoot-time. I loved Crash Bandicoot when i was growing up but i started losing interest after The Wrath of Cortex, i didn't have a PS2/3 or an Xbox so I didn't pick anything up after that. Personal favourites were Crash 3 and CTR. Hope that he makes a comeback but I doubt it will be anytime soon
  17. So after 30 episodes I am still enjoying the series. The animation style is very good, the scripts are solid from each episode (some funnier than others) and the voice actors are really making the characters. My only con is Sticks doesn't really do anything for me and the episodes that have focused on her and her personality I haven't enjoyed as much as the rest. But overall, I am hoping Cartoon Network do pick it up for a second series as i think it deserves another few eps after the first run has been completed.
  18. Did anyone notice that the frame rate looks a little quicker, and at least on my TV, the quality was excellent even for non HD TV Channel
  19. It will be interesting to see what TV channels pick up the show in each country, I would suspect Cartoon Network would have first preference in countries it has presence as it is being shown on the US CN Channel. Maybe at the Comic Con, they may announce the first episode air date in the US, we shall wait and see
  20. 1 word to describe that game - Unbelievable Couldn't believe what I was seeing, the Germans just took them apart, a big wake up call for Brazilian football
  21. Another area I would love to visit is Canada somewhere like Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver would be very beautiful, plus a chance to catch a ice hockey game!! :-)
  22. One of the best games at the World Cup, I was gutted for the USA last night, gave everything in the tank and played for the shirt, I love teams like that. Tim Howard and the Defence should be praised for their efforts. If that free kick which Dempsey almost scored from had gone in, it would have been one of the most memorable goals at a World Cup. I wonder how many of the English pundits must have been thinking Why Can't England Play Like That?
  23. This World Cup has been really entertaining, delighted for Costa Rica tonight getting through on penalties. Wonder what odds you would have had for them to get this far!? The Dutch got lucky, didn't play well at all but ground out the result, the penalty is debatable, there is contact but Robben made a meal of it. As for Brazil, they will need to be a lot better to beat the Colombian's. Good luck to the US against Belgium, will be a tough game but will be supporting them all the way
  24. As a fan of the show I am delighted to see DM return to our screens, overall my childhood is coming back in the next 2 years, Sonic getting a film, The Lion King's new series and now DM returning, this is awesome. Please let David Jason play DM please!!!!!!!!!
  25. I think my timing was perfect!!! Haha, I am loving this, the animation looks fantastic and i think the writing is very, very gd. Now the hard part, waiting for it to come out in the UK!!!
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