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  1. In one way i am delighted that Sonic is getting a film but then live action, like The Smurfs or The Chipmunks.........oh dear. Ah Well i think i am still excited after seeing it being confirmed by the tweets and FB posts
  2. Having watched a lot of Premier League football, i will be interested to see how this World Cup plays out. I think it could be a number of teams that could win it - Brazil, Spain, Germany and Holland are my picks to win it. England, I think will get out of their group but falter at last 16 or quarter final stage
  3. Having seen a lot of posts, I will be approaching this with caution, I think if they iron out the bugs it might actually be pretty gd but will have to wait and see. I have seen the vids and screenshots and I have seen a few posts from reviewers but from the previews so far are most people generally positive (NOM UK Mag seemed to love it) or going down the lines of "this is going to be horrible"
  4. This is actually tricker than I first thought and this probably down to the gaming world having a vast array of interests, Sonic has to appeal to a number of gamers whether that be young gamers, teenagers to older folks who have followed him since his creation in 1991 for him and the franchise to become a little more successful. I think SEGA has to use the following method- Keep It Simple, I hate to use Mario as an example but on this occasion I feel I must, his last number of games have been critical successes because they have stuck to the principle of keeping the gameplay simple and making the controls as easy to use, not attempting to change too much and introducing new ideas which keep the game fresh to gamers that have played his previous titles such as the Cat Suit in Super Mario 3D World, Going into Space in Super Mario Galaxy or FLUDD in Super Mario Sunshine. Sonic Boom is interesting me for a number of different reasons, I think the direction is a bold move by SEGA, from the trailers the gameplay will be interesting but the new direction gives the opportunity to market the brand such as Toys, Stationary, etc. The cartoon is something I am personally looking forward to because I love my animation to bits, again this has big potential to be successful and the fact that Cartoon Network has agreed to take it on a very big sign of progress and I hope this will go across the board in terms of them showing it in the UK and other regions. Sonic has lots of potential to be a force in gaming again, whether that be in his current guise or in Sonic Boom, SEGA just have to in my opinion keep things simple. Just my 2 cents
  5. Do we have an approx start and end time, i might consider going on the way back from my Florida holidays if i get the train from Newark into Penn and back before my flight back to Belfast
  6. Having attended last years Summer of Sonic, I fully understand the huge amount of hard work, time and dedication it takes to plan an event of this size. The team did an amazing job and deserve a lot of credit for the work they do. Having read Svend's statement I remain confident that this event will be back in the future but the team deserve a chance to take a break, recharge and start again. You guys have earned your break so enjoy it!!
  7. If i had a preference, I prefer the 2D style of game play, making your way from A to B and destroying bad guys along the way with some speed thrown in for good measure. There has been times in the 3D series where I have got side tracked or lost along the way. Make no mistake i have enjoyed some of the 3D games like the Adventure Series and Heroes but I loved Colours and Generations as it mixed both 3D and 2D in very well. I think it is nice to have a bit of diversity in a series, look at Mario, he has been to Galaxies, Different Islands but the core has remained the same, solid platforming with something different thrown in to keep us interested For now, I will be interested in what direction Sonic Boom will take us, if it is a success and I am hoping it will be, then it could be a turning point. I approached Lost World with similar caution, whilst I enjoyed it, sometimes the gameplay drove me up the wall (literally) and can understand why it divided opinion. Lastly, a great post by Indigo Rush again, always measured in stating his opinion on the topic of our favourite blue hedgehog
  8. I really enjoyed Sonic Heroes, I know people didn't like the controls but i liked the gameplay, story and the stages. Introduced me to Team Chaotix for the first time as well.
  9. I am hoping that we will see another short trailer for the series at E3 in a few weeks as we should be getting more info on the game, may as well slip in another quick trailer as well. Can't wait for this series
  10. Not really liking this, looks like a lot of folks don't like the new look of the turtles or are middle of the road. It might do well at the box office but tbh I don't see it doing well at all, I won't be seeing it
  11. I liked Generations and Lost World but I think I would give it to Sonic Adventure 2 with the new style of gameplay for me playing as hero and villain for the first time and the final story, I just loved it
  12. All the Pound shops must be going nuts!!! Will get some getting use to
  13. I didn't really see Sonic Underground unless i was up at 6 or 7 o clock in the morning in the UK, i think it was on Channel 4 and now I know the reason why!!!!
  14. I love these topics, it brings back some many memories of my childhood sat in front of the TV on a Saturday morning 1 show I loved was this: - Others include SWAT Cats, Heathcliff, Timon and Pumbaa, Danger Mouse, AoSTH, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground, Animaniacs, Rugrats, Pokemon, Pinky and the Brian, Freakazoid, and loads others that I can remember including ones already posted I LOVE NOSTALGIA!!!!
  15. Would love to see Bryan win the title by beating Triple H first then Orton and Batista in the main event. YES YES YES!!!
  16. My thoughts summed up by Diogenes, I enjoy animation from all genres whether that by Family Guy, American Dad, Disney and Pixar Films, Hanna Barbara Cartoons and Cartoon Cartoons. I also enjoy of course playing and watching Sonic and I am approaching my 30's, Do I care what people think of me for watching and playing Sonic, No, because I enjoy it and thats all that matters You should never be afraid to be who you are and to be honest I don't really care too much what people think of me. Simply put I like being me for what I enjoy doing in life. Live life to the fullest because you never know when it is going to come to an end
  17. If you could change the aspect of any of the characters (e.g. appearance, voice, attitude towards others, etc), who would you choose and what aspect would you change?
  18. It was nice for a change to break 700, had quite a few 600+ series over the last few weeks but was nice to get that this week, am really excited about my shirts and fingers crossed can be selected for the World Championship in the UAE in December
  19. I think most people have hit it on the head, Russell Howard's Good News, Family Guy, American Dad - reasons to keep the channel on the air. Think its a step in the wrong direction
  20. Had a great league match last night, shot 701 for my 3 games so was very pleased with my performance and had good fun with my opponent. As promised attached are my new shirts which were ordered today
  21. I would say Tails, I would love to chat to him about gadgets and machinery he has built, his adventures and just get to know him. It would be cool to get a ride in the Tornado as well Wouldn't mind chatting to Sonic, Knuckles or Vector but Tails would be my first preference
  22. Irish David


    I do drink at the weekend occasionally but I know my limits and stick to them, this is the big problem in the UK as people don't know there limits and go mad thus ending up very drunk. Once they educate younger kids about knowing their limits, then the number of people ending up in hospital for having too much should go down. No need to punish the majority of people with minimum pricing for the minority who don't know how to handle it
  23. I am currently listening to lots and lots of different music from rock to pop to dance etc, as I have been getting more involved in Sonic I have been listening to a lot of Crush 40 and Soundtracks to the games. My favourite bands include Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Keane, Scissor Sisters and Maroon 5. Going a little off topic, I am getting a bit bored of the Singing shows such as The X-Factor because currently the last number of winners haven't been really successful on the scene, some of the other bands on the show. i enjoy the Talent shows as it allows different acts like Dance Groups, Comedians etc get a platform to showcase their skills
  24. First off, great post by Indigo Rush, showing off the history of our favourite two tailed fox. It summed up the changes over the years to Tails character and his relationship with Sonic growing over the years. I have been enjoying his relationship with Sonic over the past few games )Colours, Generations, Lost World) and will be interested to see how his relationship is with the characters in Sonic Boom (both the game and the series). As you can tell I am a big fan of the character due to he would remind me a lot of myself, can be shy, is a loyal friend, loves his gadgets and is willing to stand up for his friends and be counted when he needs to
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