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  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed as both the game and tv series are shaping up to be pretty good.
  2. Thats a great deal, i would get an hour for £12 in my local bowling centre and getting the lanes done is like pulling teeth sometimes. I bowl on regular basis and have represented Northern Ireland in many tournaments both at Junior and Adult level. I do have a 300 game to my name as well and is just something i really enjoy doing every week. I play a little bit of Ice Hockey and Football every week but my first love has always been bowling . Hopefully getting my new shirts in the next few weeks - one blue, one red and one orange (wonder why!?!? )
  3. Love it, looks good and i hope the banter is as good as that for the series then this will be very enjoyable. :-)
  4. I am approaching all of this with optimism and caution at the same time, Knuckles' look is weird being so MASSIVE but i kinda like it. Sonic with Blue Arms? No, just No. Tails and Amy look i expected them to look. I think it will be fine, the game looks pretty good and i think the show and film will be fine as well. So i am being optimistic at this point and look forward to this but I am a little concerned about how this might turn out. But for now, good job :-)
  5. I think the visuals look great, and playable characters again :-), now all we need is good (non twitchy) gameplay and a great story and it will be fantastic. Approaching with optimism and caution at the same time
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 06 due to its very bad controls but I don't think I am the only one on this one!!!!
  7. We don't see the two of them interacting much without Sonic being involved but I enjoy when they come together and they can produce some funny and serious stuff together.
  8. Mmmmmm not sure about a live action Chip and Dale film but you never know, it might work and be good. I enjoyed the Rescue Rangers when I was younger so I would hope it wouldn't ruin a great show I haven't seen either Smurfs or Alvin films but they never appealed to me but if kids are enjoying them then they are doing something right as it is their main target audience.
  9. I enjoyed this series but definitely not as good as AoSTH or SatAM
  10. I think I was as well but it was that long ago I can't remember
  11. My Favourites include: - We Can City Escape Live and Learn Believe in Myself Free Endless Possibility Sonic Heroes Open Your Heart Reach for the Stars I Am All of Me
  12. It must be the recent iPhone version, i have so many copies of it because i love that game so much!!
  13. I have an iPhone 5 which after a year is still as good as when i got it
  14. I am going to try to be optimistic about this project. I think if the animation is good and has a good plot then it could work really well. Having the VA's from the games will work very well but what the Studio have planned for these adventures we shall see but I am excited to see Sonic back on the TV again and the possibility of a film as well is very exciting as well
  15. To me, The Simpsons isn't as funny as it used to be, but having been going for so long and trying to keep everything fresh is always going to be a challenge. Family Guy and American Dad are beginning to find that out now having been going for 5/10 years. I really enjoyed the film and maybe another one would be a great idea but we shall see.
  16. I like Sonic the character both in the old and modern styles. He appeals to me as the cool guy, prepared to risk it all to help his friends, he can make rash decisions (as seen in Lost World) and can be cocky but his heart is always in the right place and most importantly, he always brings a smile to my face :-)
  17. This has been a debate amongst us fans for a while as most of us know. Personally, I would like to see playable characters such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy to be included in some games, e.g. Tails in Lost World or Colours would have been very good but some games would be better with Sonic on his own such as Unleashed, Black Knight and Secret Rings. I enjoyed Sonic Heroes so I would be in favour of another game like that but I know I am one of the few that liked that game
  18. Mum and Dad got £100 for them to go to a West End Theatre of their choice, my brother and sister in law got £75 to spend at a local hotel, my nephew who is only a few months old got a picture frame for his pictures (as he was getting loads of clothes and toys) and my aunt got subsriptions to some local cookery magazines
  19. Very lucky this year as I got a Macbook Pro which will come in handy for work :-)
  20. I got into Sonic due to a friend of mine playing lots of games such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, but enjoyed classics such as the original and Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive before that
  21. I enjoyed the series and am going to miss it, big thanks to the staff who created it
  22. Ignorance or not, it shows that there is still generosity and kindness out there in the world. Well done to the company, small price to pay for lots of good publicity
  23. To me Christmas is a time to be with the family, friends, share and receive gifts, eat loads, drink loads and generally be happy. Usually starts in the start of December with various office parties and friends parties before the big day itself
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