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  1. Some people hate the movies of Jim Carrey but I love The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and Bruce Almighty. Same for Robin Williams, his stand up is very funny and I enjoyed Flubber, Jumanji and Bicentential Man
  2. Wouldn't mind another Sonic Adventure but I don't think SEGA are going in that direction. Heroes would be a good idea but I wouldn't mind a sequel to Sonic the Fighters or even make a decent stab at Sonic Shuffle except make it way better than the original
  3. I have 7 favourites: - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles - Like most of us, I enjoy these 3 guys because of what they do best, Sonic for his running and being the cool dude that he is, Tails for his loyalty, passion for machinery and overall brains of the operation and Knuckles for his heart and desire for his beliefs that nothing will get in his way. When the 3 are together they work so well nothing can stop them saving the world from disaster. Danger Mouse and Penfold: - Some people may or may not know these 2 but I loved DM and Penfold when I was growing up, the cartoon was pure comedy gold, the animation was simple but effective and everyone could watch it. DM was the brave leader, saving the world from the Baron and his evil schemes, and would do anything to prevent the world from getting into the wrong hands. Penfold while seeming to be the scaredy cat was brave when he needed to be and loyal to DM and offered a helping hand and suggestion no matter how stupid it sounded. Together they ensured evil had no place in the world and ensured the Baron and the others plans failed week in week out. Timon and Pumbaa: - Alot of my life is based on these 2 chaps as they appear in my favourite animated film of all time. I just love how they were paired up together and their motto "Hakuna Matata" still is a phrase I turn to in modern life. Timon acts like the brains and acts like the knowledgable one but even though sometimes he can be selfish he always learns that the friendship he has with Pumbaa is priceless. Pumbaa may act stupid but is very intelligent whilst gullible at some points he always looks out for his best friend Timon and together they live the Hakuna Matata lifestyle and enjoy every minute of it.
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