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  1. I think Decaf counts. Thats what I drink and I still find some nice kinds of coffee to try. Theres a lot of varieties of decaf lattes if you look in the right places. I found out that many coffee places has secret menus. Ive never tried anything from a secret menu but I hear its good. Some of the places include coffee bean, starbucks, and disneyland. I rarely go to disney land but my family is obsessed with the place so I always find out odd information about it. There is something called zebra hot chocolate on the menu which can also come in a mocha. Its dark and white chocolate mixed together. Apparently disneyland is getting rid of some of its coffee places to put starbucks in the parks. I hear there is one in California adventure already. But people are getting mad that the old coffee shops including its secret menus is going to be gone. But who knows, maybe people will make such a fuss about it that they will keep the secret menu. Ive never been to walt disney world, but I am sure that place is full of coffee secret menus. So for those coffee folk deciding to go visit Mickey Mouse the secret menus should be kept in mind. So if you want to see if your favorite coffee place has a secret menu just search for it on the internet.
  2. To me Sonic Heroes was ok. Its not my favorite but its neither is it my least favorite. I liked that you could play as some of the lesser used characters, like the chaotix. Sure the game had issues, all games do on some degree or another. But I would not call Heroes as much of a failure as 06. Mostly because of this: The levels in heroes were rememberable to me. Each one was unique and fun to play. In fact casinopolis is my favorite level because everything was made of bright neon lights, even the palm trees. Even though the game has some glitches, the level designs themselves were nice. It was a lot of fun to play and I go back to that level from time to time. Whereas with 06 none of those levels stuck with me. There is not one level that I feel like revisiting because I dont remember any of them. I honestly cant say whether I like 06 or not because it was not unique enough to stick in my mind. It was kind of a blur of blah. Although I do appreciate the music of 06 a little more than the music of Sonic Heroes. But I like all sonic music so that is not saying much.
  3. Not much happens around my town. Its a bit of a sleepy hollow (forgive the pun). But there is one thing folks take seriously in my town. And that is fall craft fairs. I know craft fairs sound lame but these aren't. Theres a lot of cool crafts like dragon necklace charms and knit hedgehog stuffed animals . Not to mention good food from local vendors. People even wear their halloween costumes to the craft fairs. But some of the older women can get a bit scary at the craft fairs, like hungry wolves pouncing on prey. I try to steer clear from them. Im going to have my favorite food caramel apples! Whoo Hoo! What kind of halloween treats do you guys like having?
  4. Fall is my favorite season, and I think coffee is a part of why I like fall so much. Its when the good flavors start to come out at places. Some flavors that I wish were out year round. But I guess the fact that they are temporary makes people want them. Plus holiday drinks always makes the season less stressful. Whenever my sisters drag me to black friday shopping (oh the horrors) we end that stressful time by going to get some coffee. Were so different that coffee and disney are some of the few things we agree on .
  5. Those two are very good tracks. I also like the aquatic base music and radical train. Its definitely a soundtrack worth checking out.
  6. Man thats scary. I have also heard that people have been into highly caffeinated coffee an have been getting sick from it. Apparently its the in thing right now. Till people drink too much of it and go to the hospital. Personally I don't have much caffeine anymore. Maybe on special occasions I have a coca cola but other than that I try to stay away from the stuff. You can still have good coffee thats decaf.
  7. Its hard for me to say. All Sonic Music is good to me, Sega has me pretty well subliminaled on that front. I like both versions in their own way. Although, I do wonder why they felt the need to make a separate album in the first place? People did not pay as much attention to video game music those days as they do today, so why was there a need to make something different? Its not like sonic is shouting out expletives or anything. In some ways the soundtracks don't have a lot that are different between them. I mean the beats sound different but the melodies are almost the same. But I'm not complaining, the more sonic music the merrier.
  8. This might be my favorite topic . Seriously . I love coffee. As seen in my first chip comic (check out my profile to see it.). Theres just something nice about going to a cafe and smelling the beans brewing. Sadly I cant have a lot of caffeine since it keeps me up at night so I only drink decaf. My favorite drink is the iced decaf hazelnut latte from Coffee Bean. It has a nice smooth taste and is not too sweet. I recently found out about a great place called Bad Ass Coffee. Its a chain of coffee shops that began in hawaii but now are opening up around the rest of the US. I know the name is odd but they make some darn good coffee. Plus its a lot cheaper than other places. What I like about Bad Ass is that they have many unique flavors to try out like coconut, or maple coffee. Plus several more flavors. Their tropical tea is good too. And get this, they already have their Holiday drinks out !!!! WHoo Hooo! So if there is a bad ass near you (the cafe, not a jerk) then it is worth checking out.
  9. Thank you for the compliment . A lot of the people on here have been coming out with cool halloween art. Its fun to get into the spirit together. Even though the twinkle park song has a creepy tone to it, I have always loved that song. I would play that level a lot. You are 100% correct Sir. I know Sonic Rush is not a fan favorite but this song and wrapped in black are really good.
  10. Finally another Nights fan! I agree with you 100 percent. I have only dabbled in Nights, but its a good game that deserves more attention. Plus the music for it has a nice sound. I was so happy when the albums came out on iTunes. Plus the fan album "Nights Into Lucid Dreams" is AMAZING. You should check it out. Its hard being a Nights fan, since games for the series are so few and far in-between. But there is a very devoted fan base out there waiting for the day when Sega will give Nights another try.
  11. Here is a second segment of creepy sonic music to get us in the Halloween spirit. Last time I talked about Mystic Mansion and Pumpkin hill( Knuckles music career, scary). But there are plenty of other scary songs from Sonic to add to your halloween playlist. So get in the halloween spirit creepers and ghouls. Its time to sit back with some spooky tunes while you ponder what Sonic character you will dress up as this year. Speaking of creepers, Mephiles is the king of them. There is a lot of music dedicated to this shadow-like ghoul. Probably the most bad guy music for a villain on one Sonic album. Even more music than Eggman had on the 06 soundtrack. And boy, does the music live up to this creepy fiends name. It has everything needed for a creepy song. Ominous piano, bells, and scary techno sounds. Plus it can send shivers up your spine. This will be a good song to play to get rid of those horrid kids that come over to take your candy. No one shall come between me and my M & M's! NO ONE! BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Need a song to jam to while you search a haunted house on halloween? Well search no further than the "Haunted Ship" track from Sonic Rush Adventure. Its a peppy tune that has some spooky sounds in the background. Its a bit subdued but has a nice beat overall. Its more trick or treater friendly if you actually do want to give out candy.
  12. As one who played Shadow I would not recommend it to others. Your better off just watching the final scene (the true ending) on Youtube so you learn about shadows past. Only if you are interested though. The music is nice though. It kind of has a hard rock feel to it. Im ashamed to admit that there are a couple classic games I have yet to play. But I have listened to all the music for it. Listening to music for games I have not played is bad. But oh well.
  13. At awkward family reunions when I was little, I would play the first sonic game with some of my rather mean cousins. I caught on rather quick to the game and dare I say it, I was better at it than my cousins. Which made them mad because they are extremely competitive. Woe was the day that my uncle got rid of his sonic game. It really made the reunions easier to bear. That was how I was introduced to Sonic, but I did not really get into it until many years later when I played SA2. That game always has a special place in my heart. I loved the characters and hidden places to find in the game. Plus when I got to the CD and listened to video game music for the first time I was hooked. That was how my love for Sonic and Sonic music began. I still have the CD for SA2 in a special place. Its one of my treasures.
  14. Its not just knuckles, all the characters don't do anything anymore. I miss the other character gameplay something fierce. I loved generations. But having Knuckles and Shadow as cheerleaders just was not realistic to me. First of all they always fight problems head on, they would never lay back quietly. Plus neither of them are very good at the whole happy pep thing. Especially Shadow. Shadow on a good day ->
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